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April 8, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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April 8, 1938

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PAGE TWO THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE APRIL 8, Thought Of The Week "Anti-Seitic centers in America are a stench in the nostrils of any man who is either a Christian or an American. It ought not to be necessary to argue this point. Anti-Semitism violates every article of the American creed--it is anti-Christian, anti-democratic, obscurantist and superstitious. It is associated with all of the baser impulses which it is the business of civilization to check or transform. It evokes or expresses hate, greed, and cruelty. In fact, it is so specific and irrational a passion as to constitute a sort of moral disease." --DR. RALPH PERRY, Philosophy Professor, Harvard University. APRIL 8 ;on ( M, Vou&apos;d have )uder man tttle fur br Last week, c } hookup he It-born son l, curly-hai | Leonard itic aria. .__.____.'hen he he, Plain Talk! Combined with THE JEWISH CHRONICLE A Weekly Newspaper for the Jewish People of the Pacific Northwest 1616 8th Avenue, Seattle Phone MAin 2715 HERMAN A. HOROWITZ ........................ Editor and Publisher NATItm KREMS ....................................... Associate Editor SIDNEY W. WEnnER .................................. Business Manager OFFICIAL PUOTO(maPImR ......... Waiters Studio, 4th and Pike Building A weekly paper devoted to the interests of tile Jewish people of Washington, ld.aho, Montana, British Columbia and Alaska. Entered as Second class matter September 5, 1924, at the Post Office at Seattle, Washington, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Single Copies, 5 Cents. $2.00 per Year 38 VOL. XV. Friday, April 8, 1938 No. 6 WANTED, A LEADER HE April issue of Judge Magazine contains an editorial which proposes that some one great Jew come forward to lead world Jewry in a militant fight against anti-Semitism Written b , , y the .magazine s pubhsher, Harry Newman, who, despite his name, ]s an Irishman, the editorial declares that Jews "need some great figure to step from the ranks of business, or the law, or finance," to lead their "legions in attack." Mr. Newman asserts that the time has come for Jews to fight. "Too long," he claims, have they left explanations to their rabbis, but this will not do "since the world accepts their state- ments as part of their job." Mr. Newman suggests as candidates for Jewish leadership Justice Brandeis, Governor Lehman, Secretary of the Treasury Morgenthau and Bernard M. Baruch. He urges them to proclaim their withdrawal from public life and business to lead their people against their enemies. He also calls upon such noted newspaper publishers as Arthur Hays Sulzberger, J. David Stern, Paul Block and Moses itl)] travail of the world seems for the moment to have sub- sided. This is to say, llitler is quiescent while he digests Austria, and the doom of civilization has been l)ut off to another day. The pain of the Jews of Austria which was so acute for a week, has become chronic; those who took suicide have been buried. France has been reminded of his Christian upbringing and (at this writing) hasn't murdered even one child on the streets of Barcelona since four days ago. So one who is obliged to live in this world may take a breathing spell, l)erhaps mlti[ to- morrow. I may turn now to look at my tree in Palestine. Thank goodness, trees, at least, still are the same in a horril)ly changing AI. Segal world; the ancient tree on my lawn is giving out buds as in all the sl)ring- Annenberg to "roll your mighty presses into the teeth of your . petty attackers." Mr. Newman calls on the Jews to fight. "You don't need armies and navies," he says. "You need only a fighting leader to mass behind him the great intelligence and ability you already possess, to make a mass attack. Fame beyond the power of man to measure waits for such a leader." And if such a leader is found, Mr. Newman predicts that within 30 days Hitler will be made "the most ridiculous man alive" and in six months he will be removed from the leadership of the German people by the Germans themselves. Although Mr. Newman's proposal is not as simple as it sounds and its ensuing complications are apparent to Jews, it will find'a welcome echo in many Jewish circles. The need for vigorous leadership grows daily more impera- tive. Many of the old stalwarts are gone or have lost their magnetism. New faces such as those proposed by Mr. Newman might galvanize Jewish forces, but whether the militant action should or could be led by one man is doubtful. The names suggested by Mr. Newman virtually eliminate themselves. Brandeis is past 80. Morgenthau hasn't the pres- tige or the dynamic energy needed. Lehman would probably shy at such. a task. And Baruch has rarely been identified with things Jewish. If all four of these could be drafted it might lead to some- thing, although we doubt whether even they could achieve what Mr. Newman predicts. It would be all to the good if some of our distinguished Jews who hold themselves aloof from the Jewish community could be brought back to lead in the struggle against anti-Semitism. Maybe Mr. Newman's editorial will be a goad. But the probability is that the fight will continue to be waged by a slowly uniting Jewish community with the increasing aid and coop.eration of the Christian world--particularly with Labor and hberal elements whose fight is also against Fascism and dictators. times before; as if to give notice that anyhow the ways of God (this loving- kindness, this wisdom, this mercy) are everlasting. This is a bit of comfort I never had a tree in l'alestine until the other week. Palestine was very f'u' away, like my youth and like st:u's and moon and other l)oetry; but now I have Otis tree I wrote ,l Purim play for the local ltadassah and for that they rewarded me far beyond, the mediocre of the l)lay: They gave me this tree. Th<)ugh I have just acquired it, I know this tree from a hmg time .tg<). It is tile seed of a tree I l)lantcd when time was still rather youug. I re- member the occasion which was more than 2,000 years ago; I was a youth in l'alestine. I was even then troubled about beiuga Jew. I was a meek fellow (as I ahvays was before and since) and the arrogant were having their DEMOCRACY SPEAKS EMOCRACY has spoken! That is the import of the invitation extended by the United States Government to 29 countries embracing a large part of the civilized world to join in a .great international effort to rescue the victims of Nazi oppression m Germany and Austria by offering them a haven of refuge. The unnrecedented action by our uovernment, which took the form of ]dentmal notes to nine countries in Europe and 20 in Latin-America, is more than simply an humanitarian gesture. It is virtually an official statement of policy tantamount to a rebuke to Nazism's persecution of racial, religious and political minorities. In taking the lead in this movement, the United States has once more emphasized that the welfare of humanity rests with democracy and that where democracy prevails there the basic instincts of human decency remain intact. Democracy has spoken! By a strange coincidence, the world's greatest democracy invited the nations of the world to cooperate in an international effort to rescue the victims of Nazi oppression in Austri and Germany at the very moment that the Rockefeller Foundation made public a report in which stress was laid on the fact that the free pursuit of learning and scientific research was being stifled in countries where democracy has been destroyed. The report mentioned no country by name but its meaning was plain! "Objective scholarship is possible only where thought is free--and freedom can exist only where there are no 'keep out' signs against the inquisitive and questioning mind," the report declared. Disinterested research, the report said, "withers under the efforts of governments to impose uniform ideologies and to cir- cumscribe in the interests of a dominant regime the area of liberty. Particularly in the broad range of subjects covered by the social sciences, and in the humanities as well, the world has recently witnessed in several countries the progressive disinteg- ration of creative scholarship." In short, the barriers of race and political persuasion im- posed by the authoritarian regimes hamper the advancement of knowledge. Coming from so conservative a body as the great Rocke- feller Foundation, which operates in almost every country in the world, this report takes on far-reaching significance. way in tile world. My humble countrym,m had just been crucified and I w'ts saying, "It seems the meek really don't inherit the earth, as he said; they inherit only l)ersecution and the sepulchre." I thought how much better it was to be a Roman th-m a ,Jew. Romans were l)rivileged people, they had swords and were strong, "rod the earth hc'tved when their battalions marched by; such was the might of their feet. I had felt their feet one day. They were marching by my field and one of my sheep ran in their way and I ran after it in front of the battalion. Then the captain struck me with the tlat of his sword. "Tile Jews are always in the way," he said I fell under their feet and they walked Oil Inc. Oh, I thought .m i l'ty on the road under their feet, how powerful are the Rein,ms whose feet are like mountaius so heavy. They seem like everlasting feet, feet like heavy stones that never perish. Feet like these must stand forever in the worhl. Oh, my Lord God, King of the Universe, have mercy on Thy child who is like dust under these feet It seemed as if their feet were a million, for there seemed m) end of them. So I rejoiced when the last foot of the Romans had trampled me and I lay there very thankful: O Lord God, King of the Universe, who is so good to a .Jew and hearcst his SUl)plieations! In good time Thou makct 9.n. end even of a million feet that trample me. They might have been two million, but in Thy mercy Thou givest only a million feet. Now as I was Iflanting the tree in my field (this is to say the old, old tree which was the ancestor of tile new tre wtfich I have just acquired) I remembered all this. I asked myself what was the good of i/lanting this tree in a world which was st) uncertain? ,$, @ @ ,$, I was planting the tree for the arro- gant to inherit; they were inheriting everything. My kinsman who was crucified was quite wrong to say that the meek inherit the etrth. I heard him that time saying it from the mount. But I planted the tree. $ $ $ I expect some day to go to my tree which Hadassah has given me in Palestine. I shall go to a grove where I will not know one tree from the other, but I shall choose one that is tall and beautiful. "Tiffs must be my tree" . . . and I shall sit under it. Oh, my tree, I shall say, I remem- ber your forefather when I planted him. My bones were still aching then because of the million Roman feet which had traml)led my body. I thought it was no use to plant the tree since the arrogant inherit the earth. Was it good to plant a tree for the arrogant who inherit everything? Oh, my tree, I must not laugh with pride but only sadly as one laughs at the unhappy end of all folly. For the feet of the Romans who traml)led me now give only distant echoes from the abysses of history. I hear theIn seftly sometime when a wind blows. Then they were like heavy, imperishal)le stones when they trampled me, like tl million stones traml)ling me; but they have become something iml)alpal)le iu the wind; a dream that has passed. I may not gh)at on account of this, since in gloating is the sin of pride. The capia!llS :rnd h,:: 'kngs (,'p,rt, and only you and I are left from the day the legion trampled me with a million feel. I thanked God that he gave them only a million fet. I, the Jew, who h'M no sword and shield (except God) have live(l and you have lived, my tree. You and I who were weak. My Idnsman seems right: The meek inherit the earth. Arrogance bcoms the dust that the wind blows. Oh, my tree, but we should ner of a $ ict with tit Impany, the aggregatic 'is SOIl ha, By Alfred " ''lgers, eomp tion's most not longer be of tim meek. Yt:' a sil:;; t tree . . . da'n in New I shall doze and dream un ... Ju my wifi tree In the sunlight The drea. _ i(t I moved tell me things to come: I am brave man (in this dream)' " Sin(e he have come to tile ch'meeuory, :, , ' ubut sin ul Mr. Hitler, I say, I rememv, ' g" i l,ime the million feet of tile .I z' lie hat trampled my body and I sale; "These feet are like tile rocks i last forever. Yet their steps [! H used to be like thunder) ar:! av, faint echoes I catch in the wip hear them now faint echoestO Pi( wind. Do you not you hear! Mr. lIitler? (Con "Only I am 14t from that tiql - " p at; kind only I and my tree W,e have! , ' en hcK_sl)i t We have inherited the eartht., bllalJ We (! lhtler; we were of the weak, ink,, e F dews in and I; but arrogance is in thst '- ' SUre, I| which the boy kicks up as he w,, il '" "  I I;Iu8 COl Mr Ititler gaves a eomo . . '  ur Jewish "Shoot the crazy Jew." .Ollr ellelnie "You can't kill me, Mr. It]L will be in I shall be with my tree even r ' a' Soko]sky thousand years. The tree : ;. ' lrY Ortho(hr that are meek and know ony, authority of God." !t such is thodoxy , I shouhl make a sl)eech to I{! very proud sah th'mking them for lny tree it moment of comparative peace ik worhl. The agony of the 9 Ch Jews has sul)side(i to soft so L  the Nazis have washed their t__ ' T aml no longer can see on (.he#lgll 1 blood of the suicides. Peace. 1 ;NEW So now I nmy make a st)ce YOlq ' , tholi gratitude for my tree in lal ' cs, p I Have A Bone To Pick! Of course, I would like to see that they apply their talent to more ser- ious writings, but America is still a free country and everyone has a right to do with his talent as it plea- ses him best. Strange as it seems, our Jewish columnists are very conservative. (I don't mean our own columnist Alfred Segal who writes each week in The Jewish Transcript). It is really very difficult to understand the rea- son why men like Walter Lil)pmann and David Lawrence should be such conservatives. They are both bril- liant writers and prominent in the American newspaper worhl. But such is the case. These two men, Lippmann and Lawrence, are both syndicated writ- ers. Their articles are published in a large number of newspapers in the United States. Very seldom will these two men say a good word for our present administration. They always have to say something against it. This is the most remarkable thing about their writing. This is perhaps the condition iu which we Jews find ourselves. We go from one extreme to another. Some of us may become too radical, or some will become too conserwt- By BEN AUGUST During the past 25 years, quite a number of Anglo-Jewish writers have developed in this country. Of course, writing is a profession just as any other profession. There are good and bad writers. There are story, book, news, article and column writers. Some receive . large sum of money for their writings and a large number struggle for an exist- ()nee. There are many journalism schools throughout the United States. "Jour- nalists" are being manufactured in the thousands and are thrown ell the "market" to shift for themselves. A good number of our Jewish youths are no exception; the result of such a condition is that many of our jour- nalistic graduates become peddlers, or they become good for nothing, because they posess the so-called "superiority complex". They have a bona fide diploma of journalism and they honestly believe that they are something in this worhl of commer- cial writing. Of course, those befuddled young men cannot be bhtmed, .they have worked hard to get a diph)ma, but they didn't know that the journal- fslic market is limited and only a very few, the most capable, are lucky enough to find somewhere a place to deveh)p their talent and in the same time make a livelihood. Journalism is a very peculiar profession. A lawyer m' a doctor for  an example, when he is through with his schooling and training opens an office, puts out a shingle and waits for customers, but a journalist cannot do such a thing, lie has to find a position somewhere to show his talent. Not everyone is lucky to get suc, h a posi- tion. I have met many disappointed JEWISH CALENDAR 5698 1933 1st Day Passover ............ April 16 Rosh Hodesh, Iyar ............ May 2 Lag B'Omer ................. May 19 Rosh Hodesh, Sivan ......... May 31 Ist Day Shabuoth ............ June 5 Resh Hodesh, Tammuz ...... June 30 Fast of Tammuz .............. July 16 Rosh Hodesh, Ab ............. July 29 Fast of Ab ................. August 6 Rosh Hodesh, Ellul ........ August 28 *Observed following day. young men, so-called graduated journalists, lamenting and cursing their fate and not knowing what to do for a living. Let it be said here that the average newspal)er writer doesn't get a high salary. Open any newspaper, look over the pages filled with writing material, how many names of writers will you find there? Very few. Most writers are just I)lain hands, links in the long chain of making It newspaper, They are unknown to the world and their readers. The average writer plays a very little role in the making of a newspaper. Journalism as it is being practiced today, isn't by any means a very honorable profesion. Most of the news, editm'ial and timely articles writers write "to oMer." Very sel- dom have they "tit opprotunity to express their own opinions. Even the very highly paid colmmfists don't always express their own opinion. So journalism isn't in fact such a wonderful In'ofession, that any young man should be crazy about it. We have a number of 1)rilliant American Jewish writers. I have in mind such columnists as WMter LipI)mann, David Lawrence, Isaac Don Levin, Walter Winchell, Louis Sobol and George Sokolsky. Some of our Jewish columnists are "gossip-mongers," they have noth- ing to do with politics. The most funny part of it is that they receive a fal)uhnm sum of money for such "stuff." It seems that the American reading public likes it and they are willing to pay for it, so they get it with a full me'inure. I have no quarrel with our gossip- mongers. I am not interested in their funny stuff, it doesn't al)peal to my sense of burner, so I haven't much to say about those writers. I,adies of ltadassah: Thankl!!st !,stLt!)[ 1 my ia'ec. It is a wondeful t, re} ound in (h whispers l)hilosophy by whi Id liberties, Jew may ]augh even at liea signed a Through its I)ranches the winds ds Week de carrying dust of all the oppre n of Austri Trees and me surviving the The manife ance of all the swordsl But wetblic by Dr be humble and ask ourselveSlucational s what ways may we deserve to .Conference on living? Certainly, we ar0ho pointed worth this immortality just tas not an a, good real estate traders rence, whic: (Copyright, 1938.) 'ith a progn renan relati( Ut the indi | Protestau ws who sig rank G tive. It seems that some of us ebrew not find a middle-road. This i}NEw YOlq a healthy condition. avin, belie Now we have one Imrticular w to receiv ish columnist in this country, w Union George Sokolsky of New York,wa Well-k of the most outstanding reaetia# and S( - 'eek at the writers of ttus country, or Ior . a -, le studle matter of any other country. 1: " d ,. ige in 1913 a thousand per cent reacuonary |t .... a o ,#f.. Y tellow 1 In The Jewmh Transcript ot u, . ' " .mversity 18, there was a news item a,f , Writer Sokolsky. That news i! several l/o prompted me to write this artl Sokolsky warns all the Jews of tac. _ k ,al erica to keep away from liberals __ progressives, because the Amcri! I1 N. y. people will think that we are ALBANy, Communists. Of course, Sok01or reasons has a right to think that way. a. apPointm But is he right? This is an0 l service p( question to bc answered. :lass in citie Sokolsky is the black sheep a# aSSed by b out" Jewish columnists. There i o rk legislat other like him. He is an influe!nly Govern writer, he writes for the New to hccome lr ]Ierald-Tribune, a very censer! tire newspaper, he is a lecturer  radiospeaker. IIe could have lew Kilh a very powerful man, 1)ut lie aerman the wrong way. [ BERLIN ( Sokolsky bates everything theatence of progressive, lie is a fanatic. |harges of would join any movement to tirnst Boeh( liberalism and democracy. Ind killed h a shame that a man with sucrisoner's (i, talent should sell himself to theOurt in the aetionary class of this country, m Anmriean A few years ago I wrote an ar i in The Jewish Transcript ab renegade Jews. That article # cially dealt with a man by the n of Max Neumann, a German "JO who was Ititlers friend, and worked against his own people.  .OIE OW: CREMATE The editor of The Jewish Trt cript at that time asked the ques... (Cont. on page 3, col. 1)