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April 1, 1924     The Jewish Transcript
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April 1, 1924

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Page Eight the 3ewish 00ranscrict April 1, 1924!, ==  I B'N--A-TB'RITH BEAMS PREAMBLE TO CONSTITUTION, I. O. B. B. The Independent Order of B'nai B'rith has taken upon itself the mission of uniting Israelites SUMMER CAMP BR0. SCHOCKEN'S in the work of promoting their highest interests and those of humanity ;of developing and elevat- in the mental and moral character of the people of our faith; of inculcating the purest principles LETTER PRIND ofghtlanthropy, honor and patrotism, of supporting science and art; alleviating the wants of the poor and needy; visiting the sick; coming to the rescue of victiz.n, s of persecution; providing for, IN B. g. NEWS protecting and assisting the widow and orphan on the broadest prmcapms ox numamy. OFFICERS: SEATTLE LODGE No. 593, I. O. B. B. MORRIS ROBBINS .......... PRESIDENT MEYER IIIMELIIOCII ....... TusAsmlmt SOL ESFELD ................. GUAltDIAN P. ALLEN RIGKLES ....... VICE-PRES. IaEO WEISFIELD ............... MomTOR DAVE LIPMAN ............... TltusT: (The following letter, written to IRVING C. LEWIS ......... FXN. Sc'v. MORTON GOTTSTEIN...AssT. Morn'felt IIEltBEI{,T SC|IOENI"EIA). /IquSTE BEN Z. LEVIN ............. Rc. SEc'r. IIERMAN SIIAPIRO ............. WAItDN JAKE KAPLAN ............... TItUSTEI Seattle Lodge by Bro. IIerman Schoeken several months ago, ap- peared in the last issue of the B'nai The Religious Background. TO HANDLE PLAY SABBATH SCHOOL WAR ORPHAN ADOPTIONS B'rith News.) That is the religious background. Nationalism--Chauvinism is ram- In the absence of Bro. Herman Seattle Lodge, I. O.B.B. pant all over the world. It is true Shal)iro who is forced to be absent The following letter dated March Dear Brothers: that the Jew almost everywhere from the city for the next two months 9th from Max Heller of Congregation Just a year ago Seattle Lodge pre- dies himself into the front ranks of on business, Bro. Leo Weisfield has Temple Sieni, New Orleans, is inter- sented me with a Golden Tablet. This 3rose huinan patriots, but no nation- been appointed General Manager of eating and suggestive.: has become a source of great pride to patriot will even consider a Jew :he B. B. Play, "Disraeli." "War Orphan Dcpartnmnt, ].O.lkB. You will recall that our Sunday me and a great assistance in intro- anything but an mternatmnahst Ere. Sam Clcin hasbeen selected as- ducing me to B. B. circles in our own and nationalism the world over means sistant to Weisfield. Others on the School,orphans:SOmeSidonietimeHanaucragO, adol)tCdand 2OsiasWar country, and esl)ecially here in "Jew hatred." Schwarz. I forwarded in Octoher ] Europe. And you may rest assured The industrial struggle is much believe, the $100.00 for the former. I that I carried the good name of Sc- keener in over-populated Europe than am now forwarding tlm annual attle Lodge wherever I went and I it is in America and two sides stand amount for Osias Schwarz. Many have traveled over a great part of the out hohlly against each other. Capi- thanks for the letter from the girl you globe where B.B. ludges meet. Today tal--lal)or! If ever there was it strug- sent me a wcck or two ago. This is I want to send my kindest greetings to gle in which the Jew was crushed be- the very kind of chttrity we need for the thousand brothers of Seattle tween two millstones it is this strug- our Sunday Schools; nothing could Lodge from this little wdley in the gle. more directly bring home to our Alps where my wife and I arc spending Idealistic .Jews are the leaders of the children their own privilege, the need- a few weeks before visiting the larger socialistic and other labor forces all iness of European children and the Italian cities and I)efnre we eml)ark over Europe. iThey are the brains belsscdncss of being helpful. No for our long hoped for visit, to our md the driving force of the other mill- other charity could possibly elicit IIoly Land. stone. Rich, materialistic Jews, more generous sacritices. I know that those little well pre- hankers, manufacturing merchants I am with warm greetings, cordially pared talks on current Jewish events stand in the front ranks of capital, yours, Max Hellcr." which I suggested for our lodge, and and I want to admit that they and Many Sabhath Schools are sup- which were so well carried out by the farmers have been the greatest lmrting European War Orl)hans thru Brother Robbins, have kept you well profiteers by the quickly changing the B'nai B'rith. in touch with European Jewish events industrial and busiimss conditions of LEO WEISFIELD and I know that you have heard a lot post-war Central Europe. Not that of Jewish perse.cution in central and they are less honest than their RABBI APPROVES CHANGES eastern Europe. But it is entirely ira- Christian fellow business men (just committee have been announced a possible to gain a real true picture of the opposite is the case) but because follows: Constantinople (J. T. A.)--In con- any event from articles published by they can adjust themselves more Property and Theater -- Morton ruction with the rumored religious newspapers as every item is colored quickly to the changing conditions. Gottstein, Carl l{eiter, Jhu'ry Neider reforms of the Turldsh Government hy the self interest of the editor and Soil of Anti-Semitism. and Addis Gutmann. :)articularly with reference to the abolishment of the office of the Itak- every event can be illustrated from Cast--Dr. John Lurie, Leslie Stus- many view l)oints. Now you have the background--the am Bashi (Grand Rabbinate) and the I have been in almost all the West- soil in which anti-Semitism grows, scr and F. P. Giles, Director. ern and Central Eurol)ean countries We are living in a period of religious Tickets--Stanley Bhunenthal. Jewish religious autonomy, the cot- during tim last six months and I reviwfl. Nationalism and economm Puhlicity--Jeffrey Heiman and S. respondentsought an interviewf the J.T.A.with thein presentAngra know that very similar conditions struggle and the Jew is between all Walters. lIakam Bashi, Chaim Bejarano El- prevail in all of them as far as the Jew these fighting forces. Not being Program--P. A. Rickles, II. A. fendi. The IIakam Bashi declared is concerned. In some, conditions strong enough and united enough to Horowitz and A. It. Miller. that since the Angora Govm'nment are more aggrawtted on account of the any one of these issues on account of intends to give free access, to all general dmnorMization hut the under- lacking a central point of inspiration, nationalities and religions, to all lying causes and the tendencies are tie is despised and hated by all B. B. NEWS NOTES Turkish schools and institutions, tile the same everywhere, sides. And the saddest feature of it non-Turkish religious national in- dl is that one Jew bl.mms the other-- stitutions were now unnecessary. Tearing at Bonds. especially the Western Jew the East- San Francisco Lodge has acquired a This is the otticial opinion of the ernJew. Asifal)atriotlikeRathenau site for a clubhouse. Phms for the Hakam Bashi; whether this is also Three things are tearing at the or a true German Scientist like Ein- building have been prepared and bids the opinion of the majority of the bonds of civilized l,urope. Religious hatred, nationalism, and social and stein were not just as much hated as will shortly be asked on the building Jews is yet tu be established. industrial struggles. All three have the present Eastern Jew. contract. Oakhmd Lodge has also been greatly aggravted (luring the I write this to you, dear brothersl purchased a well h)catcd lot for a last ten years--during the war and because I know that all fashions and :lubhouse. especially after tlm war. Whenever customs and tendencies come from Catholic and Protestants are at dag- Europe toAmericaand a man standing That Port Angeles will soon have a gers point, the Jew is smashed be- outside can see the trend of events B'nai B'rith Lodge is the inform'tion tween contending forces. We were much better than the man on the given in the last District Bulletin. ahnost annihilated during the Thirty inside. Your K. K. K. movement is Bro. Rahbi Samuel Koch, has paved Years war; we almost ceased to exist hut a reflection of the religious strug- the way for a new branch of the Order in central and western Europe (luring gle in Europe. Nationalistic tenden- in Port Angeles. the long bitter struggles of the cies and social industrial struggles seventeenth century between the two are just beginning, but it is time for contesting Christian forces. Today tlm Jews to face conditions and to Los Angeles Lodge now has a mere- the Catholic forces have regained a adjust themselves, hership of approximately 3,000. At the last two meetings 170 new mem- h)t of the lost ground through the How shall our lodge a thousand bets were initiated. A new club establishment of the two strong strong nmet the issue? Our lodge building to cost $150,000 is under con- Catholic Rcl)ublics, Poland and Cze- ,hould be the place to develop Jewish cho-Sh)vakia and through the return self-consciousness, Jewish pride in struction. Dr. Maurice Smith is President. of the former democratic countries, race and tradition and that feeling of Italy and France, to the rule of Rome. solidarity that can only come by all P fe ! Di They consider themselves strong working together for the rejuvenation r0 ssi0na rectory enough in Europe today to bring even i of our peoIfle. Germany with its great Protestant Our lodge must teach its members ELiot0276 majority under the rule of a Catholic not to imitate the religious and social Dr. S. H. Sussman Wittelshacher (Bavarian) ruler. To- customs of its Christian fellow-citi- day this fight between Christian zens--not to be bad imitators but to DENTIST forces in on again in Europe, only strive to become again the spiritual 712 Joshua Green Bldg. there is a new force which has devel- leaders of the world like our prophets 4th & Pike oped during this age of general edu- of old that stood unflinchingly for cation--LIBERALISM or Democracy ustice between man and his God and in Religion. And Jews are held re- between man and man. Morris A. Robbina P. Allvn Ricklea sponsible for this force. In France Nahum Sokolow and daughter are and Italy where the Jews are few and stopping here with us. They are on ROBBINS & RICKLES ) ATTORNEYS AT LAW where there are no I rotestants--the their way to South Africa. Socialists and the Masons are held re- sponsible for this so-called anti- HERMAN SCHOKEN sogdo-n LowmanSEATTLEBIdg. MAin 9689 Christ Liberalism. Merano, Italy. DANCE HELD , VOL. i THURSDAY Although the tin.racial rcl)ort of thel Sumnmr Carol) lbund Dance held at i ;lie Masonic Temple last Thursdayl night has not yet t)een coral)lied, fro A a social standl)oint the dance was  S huge success. I More th,m two hundred and fifty J COUl)lcs were I)r(scnt. 1lancing starV: ed proml)tly at 9 l). m. and ended a midnight. Th0 mtlsic met with the al)prowd 0f' the audience. A novelty strait by thei Y.M.II.A. Boy Scout Patrol under the lc.t(lershi I) of Scoutmaster Max I't. When Transcr to writ publics1 li'riedman was ' feature entcrt'dn'! Would k ment nmnber during intermission, i materia i tion, bu i SOmethi J. D. C. LIQUIDATES IN POLANd1 Press to -- i readers Warsaw (J.T.A.)--The ]'hlrol)ea  eontribt directors of the Joint I)istributioi First Committee sl)ecially visited Warsai the pub to lint the tinal touches to the liqui cript, f( dation of tfic J. D. C. in Bd Public fm oh)sing u(ounts, they distribtl'i mended ....... 11 i ted the sum of $10,000 to v,u'nms i '! stance, stitutions, i Perity, WANT MONARCHY RETURN i Thish -- i papers, Berlin (J.T.A.)--A I)rogr'un for th i me a gr Thomas r(tt rn of the monarch in German)l Prime has been isstw.d hy the Nationalisii cartooni Ptu'ty ..... The elfief phmk in the pro', tion 1" gram states "Fight ew;rywhcre thO lished " " e S J destructwe spirit of the J 'w;. I Posed - World ................. -then .................. WOrld ---- Benne --Ell] 00OOmes MAILING BUR tof ADDRESSING-MULTIGRAPHING-MAILING [has o OOVEN LETTEe SERVtCE tWith t MAin 4724 GOG u " "l -mon St Presen SEATTLE !not se, RubensLein's Prescriptions Cobb Building 4th at University MAin .5020 Your Choice-- Before you decide on the purchase of a new car, visit our salesroom and inspect the new values in latest type New Superior Chevrolet models--the standard of low-priced quality. "If it's a Gold Line Radiator, it's a Washburn Chevrolet" --the gold line is the registered trade mark of an adequately- equipped local organization, proud of its service and standing. Complete after-l)urchase satisfaction is our guarantee. WASHBURN CHEVROLET CO. 12th & E. Madison "On The Row"