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April 1, 1924     The Jewish Transcript
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April 1, 1924

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Page Six World News of Jewish Import EMIGRATION DECREASING Moscow (J.T.A.)--Jcwish emigra- tion from Russia in 1923 was equal to only two-thirds that of 1922, ,ccord- ing to a report to the Russian corres- pondent of the J. T. A. 1)y thc Emi- gration DeI)artment of the Fnreign Office Most of the emigrants are re- cruited from among the parents and children of American residents. The decline in enfigration is attributed to news received in Russia from rela- tives in the United States of the dif- ficulties of making a living, and also the activities nf the Or( and the Joint Distribution Committee in organizing agricultural and handi- craft cooperatives. BULGARIA PROTECTS JEWS London (J.T.A.)--That the Bul- garian Government has taken steps to protect .Jews in Macedonia and has even forced the Macedonian Revolu- tionary Committee to make partial restitution of the money extorted by DISCUSS IMMIGRATION London (J.T.A.)--The l)hm for Jewish colonization, with a view toward a Jewish state, in the Crimea, was among the questions discussed at the monthly meeting of the Jewish Board of Deputies, which consists of representatives of all the Jewish com- munities in Great Britain. It was de- cided to have the Joint Foreign Com- mittee investigate the proposal and rcl)ort back on it to the next meeting of the Board. Another matter that was given con- sideration was the proposal to send a dclmtation to ltomc Secretary Hen- derson regarding the questinns of tim deportation and naturalization re- strictions on aliens. The situation with regard to deportation is par- ticul rly acute I)ecause of the recent decision of the British courts that they had no power to review depor- tation proceedings which were solely the province of the Government. The Committee discussed the vari- ous outbreaks of anti-Semitism in 00lcw|$b 00ran$rlpl INSPECTOR NOW PRISONER Odessa (J.T.A.)--From inspector of )risons to prisoner, from respect and authority to contemI)t and confine- men(, has been the fortune of Reich, the Inspector of Prisons in the Odessa District. When the old YOUNG PEOPLE'S LEAGUE EXPANDING ITS FACILITIES New York--The young PeoIllc's League of the United Synagogue of America, which organization, since its inception in October, 1921, has been archives of the Odessa Goverimr devoting itself zeahmsly to interest- General were looked into, it was dis- ing the youth in the synagogue and covered that Reich, who had been an the various phases of its activity, rchist but had joined the corn- laying especial stress on the cduca- munists after the revolution, had tional, social, and religious elements, as an agent prowicatcur for is now in the process of expanding its the Odessa Gendarmerie of the f.lcilities. Czarist regime, and had been the informer fo tile police of an antlrchist attack upon a bank in Kishineff in which he himself participated. Reich who occupied a very prominent posi- tion among the communists of Odes- sa, was tried by the revolutionary trihunal for his treachery to his corn- rades, and he is now confined in the same prison of which he was once the overseer. TROTSKY TO RESUME WORK Moscow (J. T. A.)--Thc Russian Telegrallhic Agency announces that Leon Trotsky, who has been in re- tirement for several months on tic- count of illness, will resume his work within twenty days. The I)arent organization of this League, tile United Synagogue of America, has exl)andcd its own facil- ities at the Jewish Theological Sem- inary huilding, hlcatcd at 531 West 123rd Street, New York City, at the A * " April 1, 1924: April: ,= PANTORIUM DYE WORKS "' '"'"'"'""" OLD ESTABLISHED FIRI If you Few Seattleites realize that thi/that ttn city lrOSSCSSeS the largest dyc .workjust ask north of S'm Fr.meisco and West 0!Presider Chicago. The Pantorimn Dyc Workswere set Inc., at 002-972 1)enny Way cover!of them more than one-half acre of tloor spa('e: siastic " More than one hundred men ant a tremc women are emph)ycd by this insti conquer: tutinn. ! through, Not only is it the largest institutio eonclusi same time nmking room tit its quar- of its kind in the city but the Pad. is(hat a tcrs for the League. The removal of torimn Dye Works, Inc., is one of th the League to this new location will oldest business firms in Seattle. I I tremendously increase its facilities, was organized January l, 1901 an The organization will come in closer L' ' bcgan el/era(ions in a huilding o, contact with the institution devoting :lllrd ;i:lddhli(121,;r::hCePOS:tO: p'l'l :i ,', '. r"  ' y' " ': " ' itself to the strengthening of tradi- ( tional Judaism in America. moved to 1113 Third Avenue. In 1901 election . ,,, special it went into its pr( sent bmldmg .... ' ' ' s nmilthemce YESHIVA PLANS TO BUILD 4 Pantorium Dye Works ha, - 41IYur du BUILDINGS ON CITY BLOCK rained a down town office a . l,'ourth Avenue for nineteen years i ing and New York--Pl'ms have just been Thc l)antorium l)yc Works is a!scc( ret] adol)tcd by the ll, abhi Isaac l31chanan i(r:;ituti;);:c|'h;:  l:t s g[:'c'lr:n:iy th :h: ii::ti;l': Thcoh)gieal Selninary to buihl a series ( of four huildings on an entire city equipment introduecd in the art  rated them from the Jews, is thc sullstanee of a report madc by the rel)rcscnta- live of the Joint Foreign Committee at the monthly meeting of tim Board of Jewish Deputies. DR. C. W. ELIOT (Concluded from Page 2) that,. But if you will just assumc that what I state is true, then let me lloint out how this old man of ninety years --his mind sharpened by contact with maturing minds for 75 years, a scien- tist, a chemist whose text books were used for many years in the Iml)lic school, a I)otanist and hmdseallc architect--the deeper he delved into science and the more he was ahlc to break up the comllositi ons of the universe into their elements, the more firmly did lie become convinced that God Ahnighty created the uni- verse and guided it through the cons of time. With what better argument can we answer these half haked llhilosop hers --what more convincing example of Judaism can one find? Religion in Heart. Dr. Eliot does not helieve that re- ligion is solely a matter of l)hilosophy  --it is not till in the head. It must he in the heart--that part of our body that IIrOml)ts us to do good, to love mercy and to walk humbly with our fellow men. One of his friends has gathered in a volume called the "Late Harvest" a group of his lec- tures given hetwcen the ages of 80 and 90--the Late Ilarvest. Many of them deal with religion. Throughout all, his soul pleads for unity and toleration in religion. With all the eh)quence tit his command he says that the present (lay Christianity is wrong because it does not emphasize those teachings of Christ which tend for peace and harmony, the sacred- hess of the home, tile fatherhood of Posen and elsewhere in Pohmd. It. was rel)ortcd that the Joint Foreign Committee was endeavoring to secure a counsel's ollinion on the legality of the Numcrus Clausus law in IIungary. Religion of the Future"--I have my class read it each year because it has so many Jewish truths in it. To his great mind the religion of the future will lie--not Christianity but Juda- ism. It may not be called Judaism 1)ut its tenents will tie so inseparable from Judaism that we who profess Judaism will be proud of our past. A Friend of Jews. Personally, Dr. Eliot was a friend of the Jews. tle always attended their gatherings, wrote for the Me- norah Journal and spoke frequently before the society--he did everything to promote Jewishness and would not stamp it out. His successor is dif- ferent. When President Lowell, last ROUMANIA EXPELS JEWS block in uptown New York at a cost dyeing and cleaning is i)osscssed biithat yo Czernowitz (J.T.A.)--Thousandsof of $3,000,000, Samuel Greens(eta this firm. William S. Walker i work ail Jews here are threatened with expul- prominent New York real estate Preside.n( and Gencral Manager an ston as the result of the new operator and treasurer of the Yes- A. H. Brackett is Tre.tsurer and Vi0 ARI civil law passed by the Roumanian hiva's campaign committec, announ- President. Thc phmt is open f01 Senate. Although the law has not yet ccs. Several sites are still under (.on- puhlic insi)ection at till times. The n gone into effect,, the Roumanian sidcration and the conmfittee expects l tYolh:e Government has ordered the local to make its final selection of the site YIDDISH OFFICIAL LANGUA0 authorities to expcll all foreigners which will contain the enlarged Yes- ibers ar Mos(.ow (J T A )--Yiddish w ...... engaged in business, occupations or hiva, within a week. , , .  , ' .!a,u are used as the hmguage m  hit.h l"diti a n professions which couht be filled by Now located in the heart of Ncw " ' ' ; met Fditor Osherowitz of the "Wekc'Mmck? Roumanians. The Jewish population York's great East Side, where it has addressed the All Whit( Russi't COl ' is panic-stricken at this order and has carried on itswork for forty ye-irs, the fercne, e of Soviets, hchl in oMrilnsl.: hI..eud appealed to the newspaper offices and Rahbi Isaac Elchanan Theological st tied that the Jcwisl we '" h .... the various Consulates to protect Seminary, presided over by Dr. Ber- , e Ueltl slum cnough blood for the freedom L-. their right of asylum. Many of the nardRevel, rccognized as one of the ii(Wi(ii!nli@a!i!/!i!iiii!iiiinW!!!h!  Consulates have iirotested vigorously outstanding Jewish scholars of Amer- ) to the Roumanian Government con- n.% is seeking funds with which to cerning the expulsions, enlarge its facilities, equal rights. This is the frst time l! 500 on Waiting List. the history of non-Jewish confcrence DEPUTY ATTACKED At the present time its students that Yiddish has been used as a number 500, coming from practically official hmguage. Warsaw (J.T.A.)--Bccausc Ukrain- every state in the Union, from Canada year, tried to limit the number of tan Deputy Wasiltschuk demanded and from ]!]urope, and it has a waiting ANGLO-JEWS SAVE FRANC ioTh2eIr Jews who couhl attend Harvard, the the elimination of the item of 1,000 list of 500 who eannot be admitted be- Faculty and the Board of Overseers, chains at 120,000,000 zlotcs from the cause the physical equipment of the London (J.T.A.)--That the true to Harwrd and true to the budget of the Ministry of tile In- Yeshiva is inadequate, of France was saved with the assi prcachings of their hcloved President terior, he was set upon and I)eatcn by The 1)hms adopted by the eommit- tancc of three Angh)-Jewish firms Emeritus, unanimously decided that the Polish Del)uties. In a discussion tec for the new seminary provide for a the revelation made ira a the gates of IIarvard should be open on the hudget, Wasiltschuk declared typical American college campuswith story in the Sunday issue of to all worthy students without regard that the chains were intended chiefly four buildings--a Yeshiva huilding Daily Express. The firms are to class or religion. I believe it for political prisoners, and Socialist aceommodating2,000studcnts, ahigh Brothers and Company, the house would have saddened his declining Deputy Prager, supl)orting Wasilt- school and college, a dormitory Rothschiht and Samuel Men(ague years had that decision hcen any- schuck, stated that chains were un- housing 2()0 and a gymnasium. When Company. When the franc was thing other than unanimous, worthy of a cultured and civilized he new buildings arc erccted, the in- the point of collapse these firms Greatest Living American. state. The Socialists and minority stitution will be able to admit many ganized a financial drive, Truly, he is a great man. Recently groups in the Sejm, who opposed this hundreds of additional students as millions nf credit for France, it was said by a famous American item, were outvoted hy the Polish well as provide ideal housing arrange- bolstered Ul r the franc to an historian, that he could not quite Deputies. meats for' out-of-town students, while high level. The the gymnasium will afford the stu- financiers, on the other hand make up his mind whether Woodrow Wilson or Charles Eliot was the When the immortal soul shall be dents the opl)ortunity to secure ex- trusting the diphlmatic and greatest living American--now it is called to account before the Divine cellent physical training at the same policy of thc Government refused not necessary to answer that question Tribunal, the first question will be time as they carry on their acadcmic come to its assistance--on the as thc Heavenly Father called Wood- "Hast thou been honest and faithful work. trary, they continued to sell row Wilson to rest. Today Dr. Eliot in all thy dealings with thy fellow- makingthe crisis more .cute. stands as the greatest living Amcri- mcn?"--Talmud. He who deceives his neighbor comment of the Express was in would also deceive his God.--Talmud. nature of a rebuke, warning can. lhlw proud am I to pay him English financiers that to tribute from the pulpit tonight on my people, and truly grateful to this To be faithlcss to a given I)romise credit to France only God and the hrotherhood of man. this his 90th birthday. Not solely "Those of you who study religions because I am an alumnus of that know that in so far as the beliefs of university he made famous--I)ut be- Unitarianism compare with Judaism, cause I am a Jew, serving in the they are nearly identical. Each is ranks with glory in the traditions of rational and neither cmbarrases doc- trines that are incompatible with our intelligence. Not so hmg ago Dr. Eliot wrote a puller entitled "The non-Jew who has done more for the Jewish student of America than tiny other man in our history. May the [God of our Fathers spare him for years to come. 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