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March 25, 1924     The Jewish Transcript
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March 25, 1924

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![ Cbe Jewish transcript OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST lc PAID Seattle, Wash. Permit No. 54 VOL. I. No. 3 REFLECTIONS Defender of Americanism The Kent Affair About This Paper By PHILIP TWOROGEn The state of terror in which the "staunch defenders of Americanism" SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, MARCH 25, 1924 DR. SILVERMAN RETURNS FROM PALESTINE TRIP RABBI EMERITUS OF TEMPLE EMANUEL SATISFIED WITH CONDITIONS SABBATARIANS EMIGRATE TO PALESTINE New York (JT.A.)--Dr. Joseph Silverman, Rabbi Emeritus of Temple Tilley. The boy was told th,lt the Ku Klux Klan were ready to hang him and, knowing tile reputation of this organization through ncwsl)aper reports, stated that he shot Tilley and also mentioned two or three other hold-ups in which he was implicated. A charge of murder in the lirst degree was fled by tile Prosecuting Attorney of this County An investigation discloses that at the time of the shooting Groger was at Ellensburg, 130 miles awayi: that he did not leave Ellensburg until several hours after tile shooting; that the other hold-ups he said he had comitted, had never taken place. The only reason for Groger making the statements was fear of lynching by the Ku Klux Klan. The boy appears to be normal in all respects. He had read about tile doings of the Klan in Louisiana, also at Herren, Illinois, and it was the fear inspired by their outlawry that induced him to make the statements he did. At the hearing before Judge Dalton last Thursday, the evidence that the boy was not within 100 miles of Kent at the time of the slmoting of Tilley was so overwhelming that Groger was discharged and fully exonerated. There have been up to date two issues of the Jewish Transcript, so that the Jewish community is in a position to judge whether it is an asset or liability to it. I have spoken to a great number of people, both Jews and Gentiles in ref- erence to it and the sentiment is Unanimous that a )a ishTo_ . . I per like tile Jew- ""ascrlpt is a decided gain to any COmmunity and ........ -1. [naT3 1 WOHI(1 De a xusgrace to tile Jews of Seattle and the .orthwest generally if they fail to .give it the SUpport neccssar to i Its continu.- -, y nsure of th- auce. "1he business men Genti,fmmunity, both Jews and that ;" must keep in mind, however, tc h ra  in. li ?e: i:!!ii:i!!t ! lkiul:g:l: i!i?? !r! a newspaper is the same as blo the h .... . od to ea..,'uan bony. It is the thing that fr;l:'estt to keep alive 'file income ,,e Circulation department re- ceived by any pa er is fici , , P barel suf- e.,v u 'a-- "' Y - . v y ne cost of the paper, .to mentionin .... It and the  s ne cost of prulting expense necessary for mail- rag, telegraph service and, last but not least, the staff itself has to eat keep tile small towns, is illustrated by Ernanuel, has returned with Mrs. Sil- arecent casewhich happened inKent, vcrnmn after a six months trip to On March 8, 1924, a Pool Room in Palestime, Egyi)t and Europe. Dr. Kent was held up. Frank lI. Tilley, i tile proprietor, instead of lmtting Ul) S lverman visited Palestine with the his bands, walked toward tile hold-ul) purl)se of determining whether the man and the latter tired, wounding claims mttde for tlle restoration of the Tilley who died a few days later, country were justified by the facts The following Monday, the Kent and lie says that lie has come back police arrested John Groger, a boy satisfied with the conditions as he seventeen years old, on suspicition of found them. being implicated in the shooting of "I visited forty Jewish colonies out Chinese Hebrew of sixty," said Dr. Silvcrman, "and found the colonists working amicably with their neighbors. The rel)orts of disturbances between the Jewish im- migrants in Palestine and the Arabs exists chiefly in the London news- l)apers and are due to a small political clique in that city who are against the Balfour Mandate. The sixty colonies are sclf-supl)orting and form the nucleus of a great farming and horti- cultural industry. Palestine has al- ready become again a land of milk and honey, for on every side one sees COWS and bees," Constantinople (J. T. A.)--Fif- teen representatives of the Sab- batarians, a Russian peasKnt sect which observes tile Sabbattl on Saturday, and other religious holi- days and rituals of the Jews, ar- rived here together with one hundred and nineteen Jewish ref- ugees from Soviet Russia. They will proceed to Palestine. This sect, which is of a purely Russian origin, has adopted many of the Jewish religious customs, and has lately even displayed a tendency to settle in Palestine. This is the first organized group of the Sab- batarians to leave Soviet Russia for Palestine. Records Found New York (J.T.A.)--Adolph S. eke, librarian of the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, has returned to America with 59 Chinese Itebrew manuscripts, bound in the original Chinese silk, complete records of Hebraic community life and culture in China during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), of which all trace hat been believed lost. The books which Mr. eke brings t( this country constitute all of the manuscripts known to have been written by the Jews living in China. KEREN HAYESOD DRIVE FOR 1924 IS LAUNCHED Four additional manuscripts were ...... -- " " , r stolen some years ago while on ex- New York (J. T. A.)--At a public hibition in London. reception given in honor of Dr. Silver- man by the Palestine Foundation Fund (l(aren Itayesod), marking the official launching of tile 1924 campaign to raise $3,000,000 for constructive enterprises in Palestine, Dr. Silver- man said: "Judaism is doomed to destruction unless Palestine is built up as the great spiritual center of tile Jewish people." "Judaism lives in Palestine as it does no place else ill the world," Dr. Silverman concluded. "In Tcl-Aviv --that 100 l)ercent Jewish city of 15,000--which fifteen years ago was nothing but a barren sand waste, I saw a S'tbbath such as I have never seen anywhere. Not a store was opened, not a wheel turned, as the entire city observed the Sabbath day. Tel-Arty on a Sabbath shows the meaning of Palestine to the Jewish religion." The manuscripts include hymnals anti prayer books which were brought from China to London by the London Society for Promoting Christianity among the Jews in China, and were mrchased by missionaries of that organization in tile village of Kae- Fung-foo. Introduction to History The introduction to the history reads, in part, as follows: "The money for the purchase of the books was made available by a group of Jews in the West, headed by Ben Selling of Portland, Ore., and Rabbi Jonah Wise, son of Isaac M. Wise,late founder of the Hebrew Union College. Accompanying the manuscripts is a history of the experiences of the mis- sionaries of the village of Kae-fung- foe. "Instead of being in the form of scrolls, as might be expected, the manuscripts are fan shaped. The ob- long pages are folded one upon the other and the reader pulls the pages out fanwise. "The history relates how in the middle of the 19th century the once powerful Jewish groups of China had fallen into poverty and were victims of persecution and starvation. CHESS PLAYER ARRIVES New York (J.T.A.)--Dr. Emanuel Laslcer arrived here for the lmrl)ose of I)artieipating in the World Chess Tournament which is to take place here. Others who are to participate in this tournament are Prof. Bogolu- "Sinee the British Treaty of Nan- bow of Kief, Geza Moroezy of Buds- king in 1842 many Christians in pest, Richard Reti of Vienna and Dr. Europe have directed their attention Savilly Tartakower of Vienna. toward the Jews in China. It was at = their request that the writer of these mailed as second-class matter. Ad- introductory remarks undertook to vertising depends upon circulation, direct the general plan and manage- and as soon as the Jews of Seattle and ment of the undertaking. once in a while and Mr entitle., Itorowitz is merit. " o SOme return on his invest- Those who are receiving the Pua)::rig;tato:'bt s fail to sign your Under the r , as it is necessary D ules of the Post Office epartment to have at least 1,000 paid subscriptions before it can be tile Northwest show their public spirit by giving the Jewish Transeript the SUl)l)ort to which it is entitled, the merchants will not hesitate to advertise. The Jewish Transcript enables you to acquire a great, deal of information of interest to you, not only with refer- ence to the doings among local Jewry, but also of Jewish affairs else- where, which you could not probably get in any other way, as it is not of sufficient general interest to have the daily papers publish it. "Here in tile midst of a surrounding t)opulation, two-thirds of whom were professors of Mohanunedanism, and close adjoining to a heathen temple dedicated to the 'god of fire,' a few Jewish fanfilies, sunk in the lowest poverty and destitution, their re- ligion scarcely more than a name, and yet sufficient to separate them from the multitude around exposed to trial, reproach and the pain of long- deferred hope, remained the uncon- scious depositaries of the oracles of God and survived as the sell. ary wit- PRICE 5 CENTS A. LOU COHEN ILL Seriously ill for the l)ast few weeks, VIr. A. Lou Cohen, city councilman, is reported to be considerably ira- )roved at the Providence Hospital. Mr. Cohen was taken ill during his campaign for reelection. It wa., stated at his houm that his condition is improving steadily and he will seer be able to see his friends. COL. COX NEW ADVISOR Jerusalem (J.T.A.)--Col. Charles Cox has been appointeti British ad- visor to the Transjordani.m Govern- ment, in place of Major Philby who resigned because of disagreement with Sir Herbert Samuel. Otto Kahn of New York, said to be worth a hundred nlillion dollars, is the richest Jew in this country. SUMMER CAMP FUND DANCE TO BE HELD THURSDAY With all plans in readiness and most of the tickets that were mailed out already paid for, the B. B. Sum- mer Camp Fund Dance to be held at tlle Masonic Tenlple Thursday night, March 27, is expected to be one of the most successful affairs of the season. Chairman It. B. Lustig of the Social Service Committee and S. B. Asia in charge of the ticket sale report a great interest throughout the Jewish community in the coming dance. One of the best jazz orchestras in the city ,ms been secured to furnish music for the occasion. All proceeds from the dance will go toward the smnmer camp for three hundred boys which will be estatflished this sum- mer by the B'nai B'rith in conjunc- tion with the Y. M. tI. A. WILL WRITTEN IN HEBREW Baltimore (J.T.A.)--The will of Louis Herman, filed February 29 for )rebate in the Orphans' Court, was written in Hebrew. It was ac- companied by the English transla- tion. Mr. Herman left bequests to several Hebrew charities. - - o _ i Latest J. T. A. Bulletins i L lllllllll I IIll Jill IIIIlllll IIIIIIIIIUlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII B!LIIIIIIIlllIIII IIIII IIII111111 III11111 IIIIllllllllll Illlllllllllll IIIII IIII IIIIlllllllll IIIII IIII1111|111111 SENATORS IN PARLIAMENT Cairo (J.T.A.)--When the Egyp- tian Parliament opened Saturday, March 15, there were two Jews among its members. Although ac- cording to the law, one rel)resentative is allowed to 50,000 population, this requirement was cut in order to en- able the Jewish population of Ko- momba, which is below that figure, to have two representatives. They are Joseph Pasha and Ashm Cattani, Vice President of the Cairo Kehillah. The King further honored the Jews by appointing Joset)h Depicciota Bey, Vice President of the Alexandria Kehillah and founder of tile Pro-Pal- estine Society, a memper of the Egyptian Economic Council. METULLAH TO BE PALESTINE TERRITORY Jerusalem (J.T.A.)--The Metullah district which has long been a subject for dispute between England and France will, from April 1st, be in- cluded in the Palestine territory. This territory was claimed by France as a part of Syria because the natural boundary line of Syria extended thru it. England, on the other hand, claimed this territory as a part of the National Jewish Home in Palestine, because of the Jewish colony estab- lished in Metullah. The present settlement is considered a final one. nesses of departed glory. Not a single individual could reach tile Hebrew books; they had been without a rabbi for fifty years. "The expectation of a Messiah seems to have been entirely lost. The rite of circumseision, which ap- )ears to have been observed at the )cried of their discovery by the Jesu- its two centuries ago, had been totally discontinued. Out of seventy family names or clans, only seven now re- main, numbering about 200 individu- als in all, dispersed over the neighbor- hood." RABBIS SAVE CEMETERY New York (J.T.A.)--Rabbis and rel)resentatives of Jewish societies and lodges appeared before Mayor Hylan and fellow members of the Board of Estinmte to plead that the projected plan for a parkway through Cypress Hill and Mount Carmel cem- etaries to relieve traffic conditions be- tween Brooklyn and Queens be vetoed The Rabbis quuted the Hebrew re- ligion to show that it would be direct- ly against it to move. the bodies from their graves. Without committing himself definitely, Mayor Hylan in- dicated that he would not vote for the road as planned. Inquiries during the hearing indicated that not only Mayor tIylan but Borough President Miller of Manhattan and Comptroller Craig were opposed to the plan if it involved the disturbing of graves. TALMUD STUDENT DIES Bucharest (J.T.A.)--Rabbi Meyer Rabinowiteh died ill Harlau at the age of 40 years. Rabbi Rabinowitch was known throughout Europe as a great Tahnudist and despite the fact that lie was still a young man had written a large number of books on rabbinical learning. Mr. Adolph Sutro, who came to California from Germany in 1848, made the Sutro tunnel, one of the most wonderful accomplishments of engineering, possible, thus overcom- ng one of the greatest dangers in thei famous Comstock lode, which opened one of tile greatest silver mines in the country. Rebecca Gratz, one of the most celebrated Jewish women in America, the friend of Henry Clay and Wash- ington Irving, organized the first Jewish Sabbath school in America and was the original of Walter Scott' Rebecca in "Ivanhoe."