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March 17, 1933     The Jewish Transcript
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March 17, 1933

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MARCH 17, 1933 THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE PAGE SEVEN DOLLARS A.__. SENSE A QUESTION BOX ON THE NEW STATE INCOME TAX If you r puzzled about any feature of the new state income tax, write this column, conducted exclusively in THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT by FRIED- MAN AND LIGHTER, Jewish Public Accountants, and look for your answer here. I am single and send funds to my mother in Europe, who is en- tirely dependent upon me. You stat- ed that I could not claim the head of a family exemption. Can I claim the $4 exemption for dependents? We believe you can claim this $4 exemption althou'gh the Tax Com- mission may issue more definite rules later. For example, they may confine exemptions of this nature to citizens of the United States, as under the federal income tax law. I. am divorced, but under court .order support my nine-year-old child, who lives with his mother. Can I claim an exemption? If this is not alimony and the child is entirely dependent upon yml for support, you can claim the $4 exemption. In this case your di- vorced wife could not claim the head of a family exemption unless she maintains a household and sup- ports therein other children or de- pendents. Neither can you claim the $17.50 exemption for head of a family, if you are still single. What's all this talk about the "head of a family?" Hasn't it been ,settled ages ago that we wives are the real heads of a family? Beg pardon, madam, bu't from personal experience it is the man who pays and pays--when the banks aren't closed. However, in making out your state income tax return, you will have to follow the requirements as set forth in the law. Do salary slips have to be filed on or before March 15, 1933, ir- respective of the extension granted for filing returns? Inasmuch as the extension is a general extension and these slips :are necessarily a part of your re- turn, you do not have to file them before March 15th. But they must be filed on or before April 14, 1933. My child has a grammar school savings account with the Washing- ton Mutual Bank. Must I include the dividends credited to him in 1932, with-my income? You must include these dividends with yOUT income and report them on Schedule D. However, note that these dividends are not deductible under Item 15, page 2 of your re- turn for the reason that the Wash- ington Mutual Savings Bank has in- come which is exempt from the state income tax. Why can't I deduct the interest I paid on my home mortgage? Because only such expenses are .deductible as were incurred to yield taxable income. Your home did not yield any taxable income. There- fore, the interest so paid is not de- ductible. Can I deduct the state gasoline tax? Only if you use your car in your business. Otherwise it is a per- sonal expense and not dedu'ctible. However, don't overlook that this tax is deductible on ),our federal return, provided you have a record of the tax so paid. I was married on December 18, 1932. Can I claim the $17.50 exemp- tion? Yes. Because you were the head of a family, husband or wife on the last day of the year. I notice on my individual return that Schedule N requires listing of employees who received $800 or more. I also received pink slips and yellow slip to report this. How many times do I have: to report this i item? The pink slips 9-A and the yel- low slip 9-X must be filled out and reported. We would suggest that you then write across Schedule N "reported on forms 9-X and 9-A," Referring to the yellow slip note that it is a form to be used by a corporation, but an individual is requ'ired to use the same slip in re- porting the pink forms, in order to establish the "Verified Smnmary of Payments." He who wishes to be forgiven must forgive. t Hitler Reign Is Rule Of '1 BRAINSTORMS  About This N'That Terror, Declares Educator Sympathy of the people of Seat- Germany from time immemor- Revolt Is Possibility NEW YORK (Special)--Predict- ing a revolt against Hitler and de- claring that "ahnost a reign of ter- ror" exists in Germany, Dr. Thomas S. Baker, president of the Carnegie Institution of Technology at Pitts- burgh and leading American edu- cator, today returned from a two- month stay in Germany. He lectur- ed there under auspices of the Oberlaender Trust. "Hitler has displayed few, if any, of the qualities of states- manship needed to bring Ger- many out of its present crisis," Dr. Baker declared. "Hitler, amazingly, has given no credit to anyone else in the govern- ment." Hitler exaggerates the menace of Communism, which is "by no means great," Dr. Baker commented. $ $ $ Jew-Baiting qntolerable  States Noted Editor BERLIN -- First-hand description of the status of Germany's 600,000 Jews was given today by Prof. George Bernhard, German Jewish leader and former Berlin editor in a statement ascribing widespread support of Chancellor Adolf Hitler's anti-Semitism to "provincialism." "Boycotting of Jewish mer- chants, aversion to the employ- ment of Jewish workmen and clerks, a ruthless hatred of Jew- ish artisans, are added to a systematic displacement, espe- cially in small provincial towns, of Jewish doctors and lawyers," Dr. Bernhard declared. "It is intolerable for those of Jewish descent and faith, those whose forebears have for centuries dwelt in Germany and of whom 12,000 gave their lives during the World War, to feel that in a thou- sand meetings, in a million news- papers, they are classed as inferior people, who have no right to par- ticipate in the public life of the country," he said. Ace Oil Distributing Co. 3700 University Way ME. 8830 ME. 6355 Furnace Oils Oil Burners I ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS CORPORATION Manufacturers of EPCO Neon Displays Because we are Distributors for FISK AIR FLIGHT TIRES We can sell them at mail order prices. Complete mechanical service. Brakes, motor, etc. SERVICE TIRE CO., Inc. 2121 5th Ave. Phone MAin 3217 Royal Fish Market Stall 9, Corner Market Phone ELiot 0710 Oysters, 15c a pint ......................... Fresh Crab and Shrimp, 25c half lb ........................ HITLER HENCHMEN Courtesy Canadian Jewish Chronicle Pictured here are the strong men of the motley Hitler horde. On the left, top to bottom, are Dr. Julius Goebbels, of Prussia; Capt. Goering, minister without portfolio in the Hitler cabinet; and Gregor Strasser of Bavaria. Adolf Hitler is shown on the right in a characteristic pose, with marching Nazis beneath him. Jews In New York Reach 2,001,104 Mark, Columbia U. Statistics Show NEW YORK (WNS)--There are 2,001,104 Jews in New York City, or 27.7 per cent of the total poptrla- lion, according to a survey com- pleted today by Dr. Julius B. Muller of Columbia University. The proportion of Jewish pupils in the elementary schools of the city is 33.1 per cent; in the junior and senior ,high schools, 43.3 per cent, and in all public schools com- Skinner & O:r Engineering Co. 1658 20th Ave. PRospect 0411 i COVEY I NDR " SEW CA. 0209 LAUNDRY SERVICE Covey Cleans Clothes Cleanest! GOOD INSURANCE .... Is Safe GOOD INSURANCE .... Pays All Claims GOOD INSURANCE .... Pays Promptly KESSLER & LAURIE, INC. MAin 9346 200-201 Smith Tower Annex bined 35 per cent, statistics showed Other statistics compiled by Dr. Muller revealed that the infant mortality rate in Jewish districts is 42 per 1,000, whereas the number is 57 in the total population. Although the Jewish death rate is 8.5, as against 10.4 for the gen- eral population, Jews have a higher percentage of deaths from diabetes. On pneumonia, the Jewish death rate is 69 against 110. The rate of juvenile delinquency among Jews is 3.1, as against 6.5 for the whole city. Jew To Be Questioned Over Senate Seat WASHINGTON, D. C. (WNS)-- When the special session of Con- gress gets down to business, it will be called upon to decide whether Henry Ellenbogen, Pittsburgh Dem- qcrat who was elected to Congress at the November elections, has the right to take his seat. His defeated opponent, Harry Estep, contended this week that Ellenbogen is disqualified because he does not meet the Constitutional provision that a person to be a Rep- resentative shall have been a citi- zen of the United States at least seven years. Ellenbogen will not have completed his seventh year until June. CARTOONIST DIES PARiS--Paul Abraham, one of the best known artists in France, par- ticularly famous for his cartoons signed Pol Rab, died here this week at the age o[31. He was recognized as one of the foremost moderns in French decorative and architectura.l art. tie, irrespective of race or creed, goes out to the people of Los An- geles and Southern California in their affliction, caused by last week's earthquqake. The Golden States seems to be unfortunate under a Roose- velt administration. The San Francisco earthquake, which took place on April 18, 1906, happened under the administra- tion of Theodore Roosevelt. Now comes the Long Beach-Los Angeles quake under Franklin Roosevelt. The Golden State, however, is loyal to the Roosevelt family no nmtter what happens. If Los An- geles possesses the recuperative power of her sister city, it will not be long before all the havoc cau'sed by the earthquake will disappear and life and business will go on as usual. $ $ $ Adolf Hitler is now in full con- trol of the German Reich. With un- limited power in the Reichstag, he is as strongly intrenched in Ger- many as Benito Mussolini has been in Italy since 1922. There is one hope, however, which should not be overlook- ed. The German Reich is a fed- eration of 25 republics or states, each of which has a lo- cal government, independent of the Reich, whose powers are limited. Hitler, to obtain full control must abolish the legis- lative bodies in each one of those states before he will be in the saddle as firmly as Mus- solini. Will he be able to do this without civil war? Bavaria, second largest of the German states, which is predomi- nately Catholic, will probably not submit, except by the use of force. Wuertenberg, third largest German state and predominently Socialistic in political views, will be sure to take the same attitude as Bavaria. Likewise, Saxony. Those not familiar with German conditions believe Hitler's anti-: Semitism is largely directed against those Jews who are Russian or Po- lish by birth and descent. As a matter of fact, the re- verse is the case. His anti-Sem- itism is racial and economic rather than religious. His op- position is primarily directed against Jews who have lived in ial, many of whom have ceased to be Jews, having either been converted to Christianity or having ceased to affiliate with anything Jewish. What will Hitler's policy be? No one knows. Bu't this much is cer- tain: It is within the power of Jew- ish bankers to forestall any radical action on Hitler's part by refusing to countenance loans to Germany. The German government cannot function without a market for its bonds. The Rothsehilds, the Bleiehroed- ers, Kuhn, Loeb & Co., and the other Jewish banking houses can not only themselves refuse to have any financial relations with Ger- many, but through their influence with non-Jewish banking houses can cripple the whole financial structure of the Reich. Will they do it? Charles .H. Joseph, who writes "Random Thoughts" for Anglo- Jewish newspapers throughout the country, commented as follows upon a recent letter by the writer to the Jewish Transcript: "So they went out and obtained the appointment of a Jew to the Board of Regents of the University of Washington. They felt they should have a Jew sitting on the Superior Court bench and they have been promised that appoint- ment a little later on by the gov- ernon. "They want a Jew in the District Attorney's office. A Jew is in the City Council, so that's off their mind. But they are out to see that Jewish young men and women who have the ability should get their proportionate share of clerical jobs in public offices. "Well, I confess I'm a bit taken off my feet. I admire the go-getter spirit of those Wash- ington Jews, but I am not sure whether I agree with them in principle. Obtaining recognition for a Jew on the Board of Re- gents I can understand and sympathize with, but making a Jewish issue of appointments to the Bench, the District At- torney's office, City Council and the like, appears to me to be mixing religion with politics and contrary to the spirit of true American citizenship." (Continued on Page 8) The Fisher Handysack line consists of ten high quality flours and cereals. To insure freshness, they are packed in Cellophane-sealed sacks. To permit tight closing, these sacks have the con- venient little red draw strings. To add variety to your menu, make constant use of the Handy- sack products. 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