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March 11, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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March 11, 1938

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PAGE EIGHT Bigot Powwow THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE Sholom Schwartzbard Dies She Has 3 IVtt,.: t MARC. 11, 1938 i:L Purim Gaiety 7'o Reign; H To Be Held In Secret (Continued from Page 1) Biltm,)re in New York on March 15. Due to attend t]rtt confab are William l)udley l)elley, Silver Shirt chief lain; James Truc and Robert Edward Edmondson, Jew-bMting agi- tators; a mystery man known as l)eitrich who has been operating in the, South; 'rod Adrien Arcand, the "littler of Canada," who bo.tsts that he can read Yiddish and llel)rew. Also along the U S. Nazi front: Activities of Col Edwin Emerson, paid writer for the Nazis and Washington correspondent of the Voelklsche Beobachter, will be ex- posed within the next 30 days. That ao-called National League Against Communism, with head- quarters at 113 West 571h Street, New York, and 935 Market Street, San Francisco, is merely a cloak for the anti-Semitic shenanigans of Pelley's Silver Shirts. Ditto for the Anti-Communist League headed by Colonel Srnythe. Who is it that permits Nezis to run their affairs on U. S. govern- ment property? Recently, Fritz Kuhn addressed a meeting of the anti-Semitic White Russians on board the U. S S Illi- nois, a government training ship anchored in the Hudson River off 79th Street And recently the German- American Conference staged a ba- zaar in New York's 71st Regiment Armory, which belongs to the Em- pire State U. S, Army Has Eye On Nazi Agents Here NEW Y()IK (W. N. S.)--Germany in "deeply interested" in the secrets of America's army and defenses, officials of the Army Intelligence admitted this week in disclosing semi-officially that the three alleged spies under arrest here were working in Germany's interests. An Army official said the army wan keel)ing a elosc watch on Nazi spy activities in this c(mntry. Newshawk Uncovers .... World Nazi Boycott NEW YORK (W. N. S.)--Detailed instructions on how to boycntt Jew- ish lawyers, doctors and merehants, qre being sent to the 25,000,000 Ger- mans living outside, the t)orders of the Reich as part of the N'tzis' world- wide l)rol)aganda campaign "to t)uihl 'little homelands' among the 25,000,- 000 Germans or persons of German descent living in North America, South America, Africa, and Asia," it is reported this week in a Berlin disl)atch to the United Press, by Webl) Miller. Mr. Miller states that Germans abroad are tohl what storekeepers to patronize, forbidden to retain Jewish lawyers or physi- cians, discouraged from marrying or even mingling with .Jews and pro- vided with lists of eligible, th't is pro-Nazi, lawyers and doctors. Noted Rabbi Takes Pledge Against War (Continued from FaRe I) its adol)tion of the Kellogg-Briand lrwt, which renounces war. "In the spirit of true patriotism and with deep l)ersonal eonvietion, ] t}]erefore l'enmmce war, trod never will l support another." Dr. Fosdick, in an address, assert- ed that war l)ropaganda is now l)eing being promoted. "This propaganda works ahmg three major lines of appeal," he said, "which seek to induce Americans to 1)elieve that they must fight to save democracy, that they shouht al)jure isolation as immoral aml that develol)ment in other parts of the worht should make us morally indignant." Leaders Appear At $50,000 Budget Hearing (Continued from Page 1) Society; A. Silver, Ort; Henry Silver, J. C. R. S. at Duarte; Jaco]) Kalllan, l)enver Ex-Patients' tlome. The t)udget committee will meet March 22 to pass on 28 ageneies and 53 yeshiws seeking part of the $50,000 raised here, Mr. Esfeld said. Final t)udget will be dr'twn up then. Ex-Seattleite Is Mourned By Friends Friends of Mrs. Mathilda Barish were saddened this week 1)y news of her passing in Berkeley, California on li'ebruary 23, after a hmg illness. She lived in Seattle for 30 years. Mrs. Barish leaves her husband, Saul W. Barish; two daughters and four sons, all living in California. In Far-Of] South Africa Degrees But Can't Milk Cow (Continued from Page 1) Revohttion in 1917, Schwartzbard, with three ye'u's of front fiRhting to his ere(lit, vohmteered for service with the French Mission to Russi'L While ,m a visit, to his father in Ukraine, the l)ogroms broke out anti SchwartzbaM worked feverishly to organize a .lcwish self defense corps, of which he became an ,wtive mem- l)er. In the C(lurse of the ])ogroms Schwartzt)aM lost two uncles and ten cousins. l)eslmirinR (,f success in coifing with the Imgroms, tie joined the Red Army as conlman(lcr of a regiment, which helped (h'iw*. out Pethu'a and l)enikin. lecoming dissatisfie(I with the Communist regime, Schwarlzbard Fetln'lled to France "vhere he })eeanle, active in the lal)or movement, For a time hc was president ef tile Jewish Ex-Servicemcn of France. lle also visited Palcstine and wrote l)oetry in the 1,'fete Arbeilrer Stimme mMer the nom de phmm of "Baal Clml.unoth." For years he had llrooded over the [Tkrainian pogroms in which 50,000 Jews had linen nmssacred. When l'etlura came to Paris in 1(,t20 and began publishing a weekly l)aller, Schwartzbard vowed to ldll him. After trailinR him for several days, Schwartzl)ard met him on the lmlle.- yard St.. Michel and cried out: "Killer of my peoph', defend yourself!" .tnd then fired five shol.s into l)ellm'a's 1)rain. l'oeketing his gun he gave himself to the l)olice. For 18 months Schwartzl)ard lan- guished in prison and his counsel, lhmri Torres, scoured the w(Md for witnesses to an evidence of the Uk- r.finian mass,u.res while the French courts procecded with their lengthy prelinfin'Lry investigation. Sehwart.zbard finally eame to trial on October 19, 1927, and, after six- days, he was h(morat)ly acquitted by a jury which took but 32 minutes to remove l,he stigma of murderer from his n'tme. In 1933 he came to i,he United States with a delegation of 230 wounded French war veterans who were returning the American Leg- ; ,,',.  ;  t " 1),','; {' '0')'7 -,1 b- accidentally was his presence dis- covered. The only public function lie per- mitred in his honor was a testimonial dinner by the Jewish W'r Veterans. Queen Gives Honor To Chief Rabbi's Kin SiNGAPORE.--A notal)le sehol- atic success was scored this 18-year-old Emma Sadka, grand- niece of Moshe Sadka, who was Chief Rallbi of Bagdad, from where her family originally came. Emma Sadka is the first Jewish girl to be awarded one of the Queen's Scholar- ships of the Straits Settlements and I,'ederated Malay States. Ex-Minister Of Justice Is Now N. Y. Law Clerk NEW YORK. --- Among stenogs, clerks, elevator boys dining amid clatter of lllates at a cafeteria on West 44th St., you can see this week Dr. ](urt Roscnfehl, onetime Justice Minister of Prussia and one of Ger- many's most prominent lawyers. Ite how works in a law office on Madison Ave. Incidentally, tie sees anti-Semit- ism definitely on the rise in this country. 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SHOLOM SCHWARTZBARD . he will be mourned I Rabbi Krakovsky Is Author Of 16 Volumes (Continued from Page 1) his ehihh'en, 10,000 miles away in an orpllans' honle, Being away from his chihlren is one of tlm sacrifices pious Rabbi l(rakovsky is malting to l)erfornl a herculean t'tsk he undertook 14 years ago--a l)olmla.riz'tion of the mysti(', 701) teachings of the Ka- llallah. l,'or the past 14 years, Rabbi Krak- ovsky has slept only four hours a day, working far into the night and e'u'ly morning, translatinR, catah)gu- ing and editing the ](al)l)alah nntil m)w he has 15 volumes, totaling 10,000 llages typewritten in Hebrew, listing each topic treated in the Kal/allah. In his nmnumental tel)teal diction- 'try of tim Kal)allah, subjects coming under the "A" alone comprise 300 l)ages. llis work has won the praise of ()hief Ral)bi Isaac llerzog of Pales- tine, a photost'd of whose letter, Intoned in longhand, Rabl)i Krak- ovsky proudly carries. Ral)bi ](rakovsky has also won en- dorsement of Prof. Charles Torrey of Yale [lniversity,Rabl)i Leo Jung of New York and Rabbi Herbert S. Goldstein, and Hirsch Manischewitz, Tahnud student and matzoth manu- facturer. FlnenL in English, Rablfi Krakov- zky studied three years at New York's Yeshiw (3ollege before leav- ing for Palestine. Dress Designer Wins $10,000 Prize For Work NEW YORK.--Miss Nettle Rosen- stein of this city, this week was one of the four designers awarded $1,000 each by Lord & Taylor, Fifth Avenue department store for distinguished designing last year. She skyrocketed from private dressmaker to queen of America's dress market. In her W. 47th St. showroom she turns out more than 400 models annually. Woman Will Handle $2,800,000 Expenditure MINNEAPOLIS. -- Mrs. Israel Kreiner was appointed state director of aid to dependent children this week and will have under hr con- trol a budget of $2,800,000 bi-an- nually. The appointment, made by Benjamin Youngdatfl, administrator of state relief, is part of the state social security program. 1,000 Trees Planted In L. A. Man's Memory LOS ANGELES.--A grove of 1,000 trees has been lflanted in Palestine as a memorial to the late Adolph Sier- oty, his friends learned here today. His widow, who is a national vice- i)residcnt of Hadassah, her children and friends contrit)uted the fnnds for the grove. Mr. Sieroty, who died March 1, 1937, was a resident of Southern California for 44 years, active in Jew- ish communal and Zionist affairs. Mrs. Sieroty served as president of the Los Angeles Hadassah chapter for five years and is president of the Pacific Coast Region of Hadassah. ((hint. froal page 1) l,'rid:ly night at 'l'.umnrt's Tahnud 'l',}rah Synagogue, made 30 talks in los AnReles, 10 in Portland, l0 in San l,h'ancis('o 'rod (i in Seattle under Jewish N.ttional Fund auspices. She Sl)e.aks ltel)rew, knows Gel'- man, (",reek, lrtin, Aram,tic and "Ar.d) slang, including some hiRhly potenL and dcscril)tion cusswords," she 1,ells you. Troulle in l'alestine? Blame it on England, sq.ys Mrs. Shulman. "Let alone, Aral)s 'tml Jews wouhl be friendly. But Brit- "fin's policy is divide the natives. Look what happened in the. cohmy where I lived. "Arabs attacked us at, 10:20 Cclock oneAugust day. ]twlts 14 hours and 30 minutes later that Lewis And- rews, the British official who was later assassinated by the Arabs, calIle arolln(1 in answer to oHr call." Modern women? This young lady, who has 1)een married seven years, doesn't think much of them--except in Palestine. "] h'ven't Ilecn in Russia," she exphtined to you, "but the women in Palestine are the only members of my sex who have cquality--e(t(mliLy of endeavor. They work side by side. Their children learn to do I)y doing. "In America, woman has not proved herself worthy of her free- dom." There's too much of beauty parlors and c'Lrd-phtying and entertaining, tOO lnany "C[ all-goers-to," s]le thinks. She believes partition will come in Palestine, because the ltoly Land's 440,(X)0 Jews feel "it's better to have partition than no Jewish State at all." "Stereotypes" In Films Hit As Propaganda NEW YORK (W. N. S.)--The manner in which the movies depict certain ra('es, nationalitic and mi- nority groups helps to strengthen ex- isting sterotyI/es and to prevent critieimn of them, the Institute of Propagan(la Analysis declare(1 this week in its March letter. Analyzing the five types of stero- t:,,pc i, tl.e mo,.,io.: pl,ying signifi- cant parts in conscious and nllcon- seious propaganda, the Institute poinl.s nut that certain races, na- tionalities, or minority groups are portr'yed in the movies as being comical or dullwittcd or portraying tr.fits "that mark them as greatly different from 'rod inferior to native white Americans. "Studies of the stetotypes head by eollcge students show that many in- fluences have been at work in pro- ducing grossly inacurate portraits of races and nation,tittles." The Institute was founded 1)y the late EdwaM Filene, merchant prince. and liberal. Rabbi Is Elected U. S. Revisions Head NEW YORK (WNS)--RabM M. Rose of Temllh Sinai was eleete(1 president this week ef the New Zionist (Revisionist) Organization of Americ' at a special conference of Revisionists. M. Gileni was named vice president. Revisionists are folh)wcrs of the stormy Vladimir Jabotinsky, linguist, cx-snldier and 1)anned from I'alesl.ine 1)y British authorities. Before the Civil War a nunlber of rabbis in this country spoke out against slavery even though it meant risking their position and possibly their lives In 1879, Lionel Rothschild, leader of English Jewry, wrote: "We are emancit)'ted, but if our emancipa- tion shouhl damage our faith, it wouht be a curse instead of a blessing." EDITOR MAKES NEWS BOSTON.--An editor of a Jewish weekly, Alexander Brin, publisher nf the Jewish Advoeate, this week was thc speaker at a communion 1)reak- fast held jointly by nine Episcopal churches of Cambridge and Somer- ville, at the Church of the Ascension in Cambridge. This is the tirst time in thc history of these groups that a Jewish layman has addressed the gathering. Four ministers also took part. Laughter Is Holiday Them00 o,o ((hint.. from ImR e 1) Shal)iro intoning services; :|rl. T(!ml)le de llirsch, Ral)bi Samuel l(och 1)re- siding; at Ilerzl Syn'Rogue Rabbi ],angh I,MdnR charge; at Ezr'L Bessar- oth Synagogue, Rev. l)avid Behar occul)ying the I)Ull)it; and at Sel)har- dic Bikur lhdim SynaRogue and Ah.vath Ahim Sylmgogue, where laymen will be in charge of services. Thursday will I)e sl)ent in merry- making, cuhninating with ' tra- ditional lhMm dinner in hun(h'eds (if Seattle homes. World's Fair To Have Shrine Of Good-Will NEW YORK-- A Worhl's Fair caml)aigll to 1)remote tolerance 'tnd good-wilt among the various f.dths of America was visuhfized by reli- gious leaders this week folh)wing almouncelnent that a non-secta,'ian temple of religious freedom will be erected as part of the l,'air. Plans for the teml)le were endorsed I)y leading Catholic, Jewish and Protestant clergymen of New York and Brooldyn at a luncheon held at the Fair grounds. The religion building will be sit- uated in 't "garden of sihmce." No formal religions serviccs wil! be hehl in the temple, nor will the ground be consecrated, or in any w'ty identified with any one faith. Cooperation of Catholics, Jews and Protestants in raising a fund of $300,000 fro' erection of the building was l)le(lged by religious leaders. ()n the committee in charge are ])r. Cyrus Adler, Roger W. Straus, Sol M. Stroock and Albert Wahl. Many U. S. Leaders Oppose Partition Plan LONI)ON (W. N. S.)--A survey of Jewish opinion in the United St.ates on 1,he question of the parti- tion of l'alcstine was published this week in the current issue of the pro- Zionist London Jewish Chronicle. Conducted I)y Louis Rittenberg, the llaper's American correspondent the survey lists the names of 90 tab- l/is as opposed to partition, six who favor partition with reserwtiofls and 10 who favor partition whole- heartedly. The survey also lists the heads of the following Jewish organizations in the lYnited States as 1)eing op- posed to partition: Louis J. Moss, New York, presi-, United Synagogue of America; Wiili'm Weiss, New York, president, Union of Orthodox Jewish Congre- gations of America; Rabbi Elias Margolis, Mt. Vernon, N. Y., presi- dent, Synagogue Council of Ameri- ca; Rabbi Simon Greenberg, Phil- adelphia, Pa., president, Rabbinical Assembly of the Jewish Theoh)Rical Seminary; Rabbi M'tx C. Currick, Erie, l'a., president, Central Con- ference ef American Ral)bis; Rabt)i Zambrowsky, (leveland lteights, ()hie, National vice-l)resident, lta- peel ]tamizrachi of America; 1)r. Cyrus Adler, Ihiladelphia, Pa., pre- sident, Jewish Theological Semi- mwy, Dropsic College, Amcriean Jewish Committee, administrative member of Jewish Agency for Pales- tine and Dr. Julian Morgenstern, Cincinnati, Ohio, president Hebrew Union College. LOOK AT 'EM NOWI About the middle of the 16th Cen- tury, Jews conld not legally reside in England, Trance, the Netherlands Spain, Portugal, the Scandinavian countries, or Muscovy. Most of European Jewry at this time was con- entracted in Poland and certain sec- tions of Germany and Italy. I/'tve we not all one father? ltath not one God created us? Why do we dcal treacherously every man against his brother?--Bible. Vii L lie 00,RIND All This Labor for the LOW Price of (((Inl. from l)ag(' 1) es towar( Finklesnoop declared yesterdaDoom s "that the Book of Esther is urms are deniably a product of the earl fight ] Dark Ages or, to be more exa ,1._ " .... '  ,,u yea] the beginning of .the 20th ceRlons" H, tury." .th war Dr. Finklesnoop supports h lroclai m 1 throry by cting" many paralle, .... ne between the Biblical book and aorld historical incident which occu T ' red in the ancient kingdom 0 oday, Ruhman. Ruhman itself is parodied in tL__ book by the name Shushan, V---- says. The central figure of the stor!ct I o; a the Jew-hater Haman the Ag.,, o mY v: gathite, can be equated with tt;2:: virulent, albeit all forgotten antP t Semite of that period, Profess Finklesnoop continued. ----"'-' The Hebrew name of Haman ] D1 Haman Ha-agogi, he pointed ou]  and the name of the histori 9 figure was Octavius Goga. 1 Goga was elevated to power a I quickly deposed by a capricio_ L By king, just as in the Biblical stor----- This is also undoubtedly tl_ origin of the slang expressiq/|.i "gone ga-ga," he added.  vj. -,-: "The name of the king is anot, fatt " --e r Is great- er element in my proof, tn p .. lessor further remarked. "Tlim a ns .king's name was Carol which  . _.Y ame as Car tm the sl undoubtedly the s Omes iron or Xerxes of Achasveros.'" citric pst auth( Professor Finklesnoop's e leas" ing argument, however, lies in tl" '.  fma;tr::t: Lhai:eI:g Ca;:wli::smri;}hele " tress. Her name, as reconstructed this eminent scholar, was Lup( ter-- obviously, the professor eludes, the prototype of book's heroine, Esther. $ * $ This tomfoolery may strike as nonsensical, or witty, or a sober recital of a possible pening a thousand years from day--according to your resp, or disrespect for a certain type! AI. Se pretentious scholarship  . But one thing is certain. Tltructmn, sort of parody is an eternal eEsther wt: ment in the Purim story. : On the The Book of Esther presentSere dell. patort which rops ,,- ..... ,,gadOmething and again in the cloth of JeWin earthq history. e Megil And though, in that patteiEstherha, the chief victim is the Jew h fl Anywa self, the story of Purina has tho regul vested it with something of tEsther w comic. eard wh Why, only heaven (and possiling A: Max Eastman) knows. gainst h, And so the Jew laughs. She we] Purina enables him to laugh)hat she, his oppressors--whether at Brivilege man as a funny-looking lift, era the f man with a button moustan al| ott under his low-comedy nose, or! Yet she some equally timely spiritual 0,,ressed hi scendant of the arch-anti-Serf tears. of the Bible. lUeen, ha f a palac She pos PIONEER PLEDGE ire swart "That they simuld pr,)vid!d .J(though and take care of their ()cot nud tourse) t they should Dot lie a 1)urden_ulatirist at the community" was (l ,s' 'thehple ' You wi made by the first Jewish s  t  Megillah came to this cmmtry in 1655. beautiful You m R.tshi, the great llth center as th rabbi whose comlnentary on the Bio me fro is known to Jews the world o|t from | tried to identify each animal amefror l)lant men|toned in the ]fii)le n turn [ Talmud and oten recorded randfatt il French translatmn of 1he na I a,m l These elcventll c, ntury French ki  w,,o dcrings are among th: ::t;:li:dife dth aml)les of medieval e  bnly wls such they have attracted the att)u ,, ' ' [;lie | tion of many scholars, enabled l s J( had reac] Up until modern time., ws o acn "r reluctant about comllosing '"Mfe, ,t:i biogrv phies, lie the an philos to other ECONOMICAL TRANSPORTATI01 (Col SPECIIi000000d For ad All This Label ! fetes, for theLOW i Page5 Price of  Bald $095 s a we Regular $10 00' . 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