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March 11, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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March 11, 1938

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THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE MARCH 11, 1938 PAGE SIX V[ARCl Letters To l)car Editm" llorowilz: If y,m could lfle&apos;rse spare me a lit- |le sl)aee in your worlhy newslnqmr, 1 wouhl like to give my rel)ly to the diseussi,m hchl last Wednesday at the B. B. meeting which you rel)orted in last week's paper. The question at hand is how to combat anti-Semitism. Mr. Laufler said that the young pet)lflc shouhl take more interest in sports. Mr. Savelson said that they shouhl read lnorc. Well for those two I will s'ty that the Jewish youth of today is very studious, and certainly not unhealthy h)oking and in.letivc in Sl)oris. But Mr. Jeffrey lteiman has ac- cused us of 1)eing gamblers, swind- lers and unsavory chara('lers, lle also brought in the (luotation from the Bible: "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." lie said we Jews ought to g:;! away from lhosc ideas--but hc forgot one thing: that those quotations have I)ecn taught to lhc Jewish 1)cople some 2,500 years ago. The primitive mode of life and ignorance of lhc l)eople at. the time demanded " threat of bodily harm to gain obc(licnee. ()therwise they wouhl not understand what is good or bad. Therefore there is no com- parison with the teachings of today. If Mr. ltciman wouhl not use thu Me- jufis way of the Jews of the ohlen days, he wouhl not say what he said at the meeting. Now another thing: Mr. S.velson said the young people of today must know the answer to "Christ-killer." I am sure there is not a person in the world today who can say who killed Christ: the Romtms, the Jews or somebody else. And if I I(lmit the Jews did, they did not (.ommit a crime according to the laws of that day. As even today a person who converts himself is disowned by his family. As to what Mr. Levitin said about Russia, Russia has only Bolsheviks and traitors; there is no Jewish ques- tion in Russia. Therefore my idea of combatting anti-Semitism is to admit we are Jews! Sincerely, M. L. KATZ. Do other Transcript readers have views on how to cure anti- Semitism? If so, let them write cript's columns will be open. Dear Editor Horowitz: I notice that in your January 21 issue Rabbi Philip A. Langh recom- mends "The Shepherd Prince" by At)raham Maim in the translation of B. A. M. Shapiro saying "the original Biblical language is reproduced in ODIN THORSTENSON PRESCRIPTIONS - DRUGS MEDICINES, SICK-ROOM SUPPLIES 514 Olive Way SE 2722 Seattle DR. BONNELLE I Chiropractor-Drugless Physician 1 FEVER-THERAPY | COLON IRRIGATIONS I 114 Broadway N., CA. 2720 Residence, KE. 1206-R12 I DR. UNOSAWA DISEASES OF MEN AND WOMEN. NERVOUS AND CHRONIC DISEASES. MATERNITY CASES, SURGERY. 420 Maynard Ave. ELHoTT 5431 ELLIoTT 6152 MAB]hA2{ ta M&Slh&r llllwy ]Dxchanife Bu/ldinif :IX Tz=H 8UPHZZOB COUBT O1 = Twrm 8TATH O1= WJU!IXZNGTON 1nO}EL XING COUNTY IN TIJE MATTE]. OF THE ESTATE of SARA R. LUBAN, Deceased. XN 1=],OBATI, o. 69275 'OTICE TO ODlTOBlel Notice is hereby given that the un- dersigned has been appointed and has qualified as Administrator of the es- late of Sara 1. Luhan, deceased; that all persons having claims against said deceased are hereby required to serve the same, duly verified, on said Joseph Luhan or his attorneys of record at the address below Stated, and file the same with the Clerk of suid Court, to- gether with proof of such service within six months after the date of first publication of this notice, or the same will he barred. ]:)ate of first publication: March 4, 1938. JOSEPH LUBAN. Administrator of said Estate. A'ddress: 226 ]'ailway Exchange Bldg. Seattle, fash. Maslan & 1Maslan, Attorneys for ]iJstate, 226 Railway Exchange 131dg., Seattl e, Wash. 3-4-38--3t--3-18-38 all its origin'd stately beauty. Y,m imagine ymt have here a hmg lost book of poetry of ancient Judea." I an, wondering whether Rabbi 1,angh knows th'rt B. A. M. Shalfir, is one of the most. (l.mgerous converl- missionaries we have in this coun(ry and that his translation of (he "Shel)herd Prince" is but (me of a series of missionary books. lhffortun'tcly, this "meshummad" h's succeeded in duping a large numl)er of rabbis and Jewish c(luea- tors bee.rose he works with very subth; and clever methods. 1 'an e.neh)sing herewith 'm article on Mr. Shalfiro's d.tngcrous ae|ivi- ties which appe.tred in the May issue of The Jewish Sl)ectator. Also Z. lI. Rul)instein, Mamtging Editor of the Jewish l)ay, in New York, has 1.d,ely written two articles warning the Jewish public against Missimmry Shal)iro. In order to l)rcvent that your read- crs be mislead into buying this book, I resl)ectfully request that you pub- lish this letter in your l)al)er. Very sincerely yours, I)r. Aaron Rosmarin, Editor, The Jewish Sl)eetator, New York. Welcome is scholarly Dr. Ros- marin's information concerning Translator Shapiro, who is re- vealed as a converted Jewish mis- sionary. Reviewer Lang points out, however: "The original book by Mapui is a classic of modern Hebrew literature and the first modern Hebrew novel. The fact that the translation is by a con- verted Jew does not necessarily take away from the value of the original work. Among Jewish publications which reviewed this book favorably was The Brooklyn Jewish Examiner." l)ear Editor llorowitz: Before going to Mexico a few weeks ago, I had read various reports cou- ccrning the conditions under which the Jews of that country live. I was prepfrcd for the worse. The rumors of Hitler-Nazi control, the anti- Semitic governmental attitude, the hatred of the Jews in Mexico, all vanished with the talcs of Mexican banditry. P:,,,r ':Am,', hc i::,Are4 ,,f 3tws is as well-foundcd as the myths con- cerning the Indians living on the slopps of Mount Pop() who delight in cutting off the toes of tourists, es- pecially Americanos. Armed with letters of introduction graciously dignifying me as '% lead- er in the B'nai B'rith," I was wel- comed into Mexico by the leaders of our lodge in Mexico City. In 1927, there were about 10,000 Jews in Mexico. Today the popu- lation has increased. There is a large Jewish community in Mexico City. As soon as our government closed the gates to European immigration, many Jews from Russia, Poland and Germany chose Mexico as their "second bust promised land." In truth, most of these immigrants to Mexico intended to use that coun- try as a backdoor entrance to the United States. But Jewish organi- zatim,s in Mexico, especially the B'nai B'rith, served their brethren well. They taught these foreigners that they had better adapt them- selves to their new environment. They taught them Spanish and pre- pared them for a true Mexican citi- zenship. It was my privilege to meet with the president and secretary of the only Mexican B'nai B'rith lodge in Mexico City. We discussed at great length the economic and political conditions nf the Jew in Mexico. Everyone denied that there was any official anti-Semitism in the county. Just a few months ago at the special request of the President of Mexico a Nazi anti-Semitic club in Mexico City was raided by the police and forced to disband. True, at the l)resent time there are pending some bills in the legislative body which might hurt our people, but Jewish leaders 1)clieve that these bills will be defeated and the govern- ment itself will not,, at least under President Cardcnas, tolerate an of- fieinl anti-Semitic l)rogrrra. Ima(lers of Mexican Jewry are cul- tured and much rcsl)ccted Scphardie Jews. They arc the mer(.hants of Mexico and arc influential in its poli- tical an(l economic life. ()rt, ho(h)x Jews, consisting mostly of the Russians with a few Polish and HOME OWNED HOME OPERATED CREMATORY Ninth and Union--EL. 0432 COLUMBARIUM C. L. HAGGAnD, President - FINCH HACOARD, Mgr. The Editor Woman Who Kept King Waiting: Lands Here From Palestine --Cottrtesy Post,lntelligtnctr JEFFREY HEIMAN. . "housewives of Mexico have been complaining I" IAthuanian Jews, have their own synagog21es and maintain their tie- brew schools. The Scl2hardie Jews rent a Prcsl)y- bytcrian Church as their house of wors]fip on the high holy clays and limit their social contacts to their own group. The Mexican Jewish business man is a contented and inore or less happy individual. It docsn't take many weeks of Mexican sunshinc to get onc into the spirit of the land of "Manyana." Life is easy and busi- ness is neither prosperous nor bad. Conditions do not vary as they do here in the United States. Thc stores ,)pcn at 9:30 a. m. and close at noon. "Cerrado" is the sign on the shop window meaning, sealed or closed for the daily siesta. At 3 or 3:30 p. m. again they open th(ir doors for bus- iness and close at 7 or 7:30 p. m. The only one that we found who complain- ed bout the system was the house- wife of the merchant, because her husband always came home for hmch and hung around the house until late afternoon. Then dinner was served so late at night that she didn't have any time for herself. I suppose the housewives of Mexi- co have heen complaining for many hundreds of years and if wc were any judge of the grasp that custmn and tradition has upon the people of Mexico one may expect complaints from the housewives for at least Dear Editor Horowitz: As sceond vice 1)resident of Scl)har- dic Bikur ]Iolim Congregation, I, with other members of the executive I)oard, was asked to I)c l)resent at the (h'css rehearsal held Sunday after- noon for the Purim is'eduction which will bc held Sunday night at Educa- tional Center. As hmg as I can remember, Mr. IIorowitz, neither our congregation nor any other Scl2hardie congrega- tion in the city of Seattle, has ever entertained any l)rojcct in their programs which really kept our Scphardic youth alive to .htdMmn. l)erhaps this was duc to the (:on- tinual dissohltion and failures ef our Talmud Torahs. I can state without the least hit of misapprehension that Sephardie youth for the past 25 years has re- ceived a very vague education in llehrew and on their origin. But for the first time in 25 years, a real seed of Judaism has been planted in our Sei)hardic community. This can be traced to the activities of Albert Levy, editor of La Vara, only Scphardic newspaper in America, who has assumed an unoltieial posi- tion as spiritual leader in this Scph- ardic Community. Receiving the approval of Bikur ]h)lim Synagogue, Mr. Levy started dtdly Hel)rcw classes with six chil- dren. Recently 50 benches, the cost of which was defrayed by a Chanu- another hundred years. Much of the misleading informs- , kah production given by the Tahnud tion concerning tim welfare of our Torah, were installed in the school, people in the land of C()rtcz is due, I think, to the fact that the gov- ernment and the people of Mexico want Mexico for Mexicans and un- less one is a citizen of the country, his welcome is merely the same given to any tourist. Should he seek to earn a living in Mexico, even though it bc in a busi- ness not competitive with Mekican enterprise, even though not a single Mexican laberer is effcctcd therehy he is discriminated against. This is not limited to any parti- cular religious group or race at the present time but "ideas" in this modern day and age, especially those that seem to hurt l)eol)le, tra- vel with great rapidity. I have refe- rence to the recent anneuncclncnt of a movement in Mexico City dir- ecd against the alleged monol)oly of the fur business 1)y Jews. If this movement is limited to merely an ex- pression of nationalism, then Jews need not worry. The government will, in my opinion, endeavor to cheek any outburst of anti-Semitism. The trip to Mexico City with visits tn the neighboring villages and cities is a thrilling adventure. ])o not put it off until "manyana" because the radio, the tourists and other so- called civilizing influences arc ral)id- ly chtmging Phi Mexico. Go while the shadows of Cortez and the Aztecs still cast their spell O21 (lie land of cactus "Ln(1 hurros. JEI,'FRI'Y HEIMAN. Thanks to ex-Transcript Asso- ciate Editor Jeff Heiman for an interesting interpretation of the close-by Mexican scene, after a month's stay in the great, stir- ring republic to the south. For another sidelight on Mexican do- ings, see Page 7, Column 2. John llay, one time Secretary of Stare, once l)roel'timcd that of all the in)migrant groups in this coun- try none has proven himself more worthy of citizenshil) than the Jew. which is located in the synagogue. These benches today are filled with chihlrcn breathing in an atmosphere which is entirely Jewish. Also starting with 7 students, Mr. Levy was instrmnental in organizing night classes for those who were un- able to receive instruction in the day time. It is almost unbelicval)le when you see a group of 60 students coming to the night classes regularly, volun- tarily each Tuesday night for a Heb- rew education. I was dccply moved to see girls, who never hehl a book in their hands, reading and translating fluently the language of our forefathers which has been for so many years dead to the youth of this commmfity. Even more thrilling was the real- istic acting of our boys and girls in the parts of Mordecai, Esther and King Ahashurcrus. The life" and Slfirit that they put into these parts showed that a truc spark of Judaism existe(l--somcthing that no one eouhl take away from them. Therefore may I use the eohunns of The Jewish Transcript, Mr. lhu'o- witz, to congratuhtte and to encour- age Mr. Lcvy in his fine work desl2itc opposing factions. Also may I extend a personal in- vitation to the Junior Sei)hardic League and to the Sel)hardic com- munity in general t,) attend this 1)urim festival Sunday night. And 1,2) t|)ose leaders of the com- munity who cry th't <)ur Sel)har<lic youth is drifting away from our e,)mn2unity, I am sure if they see this producl.ion they will be convinced as I was, that the correct technique has I)een found at last--that competent men in our Talmud Torahs will in- spire Jewish youth, and th't the future of this community will lie in the degree of tIel)rcw e(luc.d;ion our chihh'cn get. Sincerely yours, Gal)ricl Morris Bcnsusscn, Second Vice President, Sephardic Bikur Holim Congregation. BY DIANA KLOTTS Transcript Special Writer NEW YORK--l)cborah K,dlen is back in Amerie'-but not for hmg, sire confessed this weak. l)aughtcr of a cultured Boston family "rod sis- Lcr of l)r. l[oracc K.dlen of Cohun- bia University, she's an ardent Pal- eslini'm now and "just can't con- eicvc of" herself working "anywhere 1)ut l'.dest,inc," ])eborah Kallcn is here at the in- vit atlon of the American sponsors of thc Scho,fl of thc l'arcnts Associa- tion (levotc21 to art e(lucation in Jerusah;m, chairman ef which is Federal Judge Julian W. Mack, and members of which include Prof .lohn Dewey of Cohnnl)ia U.; William A. Neilson, l)rcsident of Smith Col- lege; and Ral)bi Stephen S. Wise. Miss Kallcn is "t cahn, steadfast and modest little person honestly ilnawarc of her (Olll'agc lind c}lll,2'm. (5su'tlly she tells of the time the British Consul c.dled her up. lIcr school was then housed in an Abys- sinian Palace built 1)y a grandparent nf ll.dlc Selassic. The consul tohl her, "The Emperor Selassic is here. IIe. will visit the l)al'cc tomorrow at 4 o'clock in the aftern6on-the queen will be with him, possibly other members of the royal f.mfily." "We will serve him tea," said 1)thor.all calmly. She was living alone in the palace-- Ex-Teacher Heads Women NEW YORK--Mrs. Maurice L. Goldman, newly elected president of the National Council of Jewish Wo- men today is leader of 50,000 IY. S. Jewesses. Graduate of the University of Miss- purl, she remained there for a short time to teach in the department of mathematics and continued her edu- cational wm'k in Houston, Texas, where she resided after her marrigac. For 8 years she served as president of the board of education of the Hous- ton schools, and was instrmncntal in lnodcrnizing the school curricu- h)m, a project which gained wide commendation frmn educators in this country and was used as a "la- boratory" for research wnrk by Teachers College of Cohnnl)ia Uni- versity. During her term of office Mrs. Goldman also directed an $11,000,000 building exl)ansion program. It was as president of the Hous- ton section that Mrs. Goldman he- gan her activities with Council. Mother of three children, she is vice-chairman of the German Jewish Children's Aid, Inc. Mrs. Goldman is one of the few women serving on the executive committee of the American Jewish Committee. Invent Job, SaysArtist NEW YORK--If thcre's no voca- tion that attracts you and you've your heart set on one, invent a new job. That's the formula offered this week by Vide Lindo Guiterman, wife of Arthur Guiterman, the poet. Ten ycars ago she was a successful interior decorator, with a flare for genealogical research and a deeply- rooted love for delving into the char- acters that comprise(1 her own an- cestry. Then she happened upon material which insl)irc(1 a systematic eorrcsl)ondenee with distant rela- tives scattered over the West In- (lies and South America. With this as her means of accumulating infor- mation and family legend, she de- cided to set up all this interesting data in nmnuscript form so that it might be prescrved for generations to CODI 0,. ])one on Imrchment pages in au- thentic phi lettering with illumina- ted initials--' tiny sailing ship for one, 't procession of Mack natives for another her work was admired by friends, who requested similar work for their family sagas. For ten years now Vide Lil(lo Guiterman has been as busy as she wanted to be--with her self-inwmte21 career, maker of illuminated texts fro' family his- torics. Since 1885 SEATTLE TRANSFER COMPANY Pool Car Distribution. Packing and Shipping. General Hauling. 24 W. Conn. St. MAin 2428 L I HAILE SELASSIE ... he wanted five bathrooms! the pupils .)nd other nmmbers of th0 faculty lived out. The folh)wing day at 8 o'ch)ek in the morning there was a ring which awakcmd Deborah. LE( She rushe(1 (inickly to the window. 7th gra 'rhcrc was ihe Negus standing qt make the gate. But surely this was not whose 4 Cclock in the afternoon, she kept will be rel)eating tu herself as she dressed. Organi: When she linnlly got, to ihe door the artist. Emperor was gone! ovsky, ' Emperor Selnssic returned that zart, B morning at 11 o'clock, and with him three o the queen, a 1)rincc and l)rincess of Krakov the roy'd fan)ily, famed "They thought they mighl, oecul)Y Iturbi. the ul)per floors of the palace," Miss Transcl I(allen exl)lained, "but they expee" ted 5 bathroems--we had only one,l "The Emperor (Iccided he wouldl.aOr( live with us." S n't'I liked the Emperor and hi': OH family. They were quite cultured iPale TH[ B[ST F:ii!: We know the above phrase I :'w fr,m has been abused. And we a,)nies a detest it. But so many of !lbunleh. our customers have toldus,  Reuhen )vas kilh!(I 0 L Y M P I C :: }ine Worn ( )rganizat w)nditi,)n DAIRY PRODUCTS Mrs s, 'ehll(la (; rapher. ImPs sist(. ing i), th(, are the BEST, that they have convinced us that possibly this is the only word that can convey our meaning. Arab" For M, 'JERus, SOUR ,,; t, imc .s I ablishc CREAM de'ah t im, of a J A Marvelous Flavor. Made !s Must.q) of rich, heavy, fresh wlfip- Lv of havi ,l ,'in atta ping cream. l('ml)er 311 United GRADE A K. ' WASH1 MILK iarred fro e(t Mine Always highest butterfat !rincipal content. Winner of many !or(ling t awards. mstituti, eet this SWEET BUTTER " Y" I eaeh UN-SALTED NEW " COTTAGE CHEESE" i,h,l, ILK [ettur,, BUTTERM  r. A DELIVERED iircctor o :el ion at TO YOUR DOOR The eoc or Vt,nings , THRU YOUR GROCER he tu iv(, JUST PHONE duealinn EL 47701! aSll ; Ol,'IA amshing, OLYMPIC DAIRY !)'0,% sy 1420 Western Ave. !?st prnr ,'ed h IOnS ' nl ry.