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March 11, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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March 11, 1938

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MARCH 11, 1938 11, 1938 THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE A. 3 . _ Wohlgelernter Is Honored By Y. Yeshiva Alqmintmcnt of Rabbi Solomon P. Wohlgch!rntcr, Slfiritual leader of Bikur (&apos;,hohun Synagogue, 's a speci'd lecturer for New York's famed Yesh- iva Colh;gc w.ts announced today })y Dr. Bernard Revel, colh;gc head, in a special communication to The Trans- cript. RalA)i ,hat specific accused el ld the othe! ryan" sales i i t positive res situation xe cgan of Wohlgclerntcr's brother, of the silk firm, whicl san, who re time he m that bill. s is the [ have do they Contendin|R__ .. AliBI S P WOHLGELERNTER their wor' his col" ' luch a waste ' ' legues are distinguished I Rahbi Max J. Wohlgelcrntcr, ex-Sc- attic Tahnud Torah educational director and now occupying a Detroit pulpit, was also named to the newly- t, 1938. established Yeshiva College Lecture Bureau. :- .... o Other lecturers include Prof. Moses 'ritintJu,,g of the U,,ive,'sity of Illinois; Dr. II. Raphael Gold, professor of ave had thllnedica 1 ps cholo at Baylol Uni alesmen dit_ ' Y gY ' - vcrsity College of Medicine and also ral)bi of Congregation Shearith Is- n theRhine'rael in I)allas, Texas; Prof. Asher tokeep OUqsaacs of the University of Pitts- ere compel'l)urgh; Dr. Meyer Waxman, faculty lf to sellingmember of Hebrew Theological Col- ent. lege who was a recent Seattle visitor; nee anyhoCand Rabl)i lIerbert S. Gohlstein of New York, noted Orthodox leader. essary com' 'Creeds Unite ) :4n N. Y. Drive . AND NEW YORK (W. N. S.)--Thc first nnited l)hilanthropic movement in ;s in the Na 'New York City's history, including Lrtment an all faiths, creeds and races for the minent rollSUpport of all charities was launched sims .... ,l*- ithisl Week at ,' meetm. ' ' g of In onmmnt' " which madl., eaders who announced the cstab- iden small#!lshm( nt of the Greater New York ]un(l, Inc. The new organization t3vill open a cam,)ain for $10 000 000 getting in , , '  . , , t against tB !Vlay among business firms aud tic outcomet. elr employes. Jewish organiza- , ..... o+,,rl) s cooperating are the New York .... 1,1 l'ooklyn Jewish Federations ,,o n,,,. u, o=or vo ,,"::'-='-V]!c Speakers at the meeting, who in- "1 laded I ercy Straus, Alfred E Smith, . The talJohn I). Rockefeller, Jr., Mayor La ive-and-teXUardm ..... t " and ex-Judgc Josel)h M nlsea In $*lho ' " ' " .. ' 8R tUcr, emphasized that the new present slVmvem( ' " ,, ....  'nt was not a (ommunity esaonSches I ' , , s consumer!" ' ;' ply reduce lage-scalOUrt Rules Against hey hope t ax-Exempt Center TRENTON, N. J. (W.N.S.)--AII blic, in coaJewish community centers in New great contrtJersey that rent their premises to m d-ten-ceutside organizations for wu'ious the standaUrposes today faced the threat of _;ing deprive(l of their tax-exempt SchoendorI) s atus Under terms of a decision by Cologne al he  _ State Sulneme Court that the ter and BeluNewark YMHA must pay taxes for ann and Ct1936 on its land and property. tany smalls The Supreme Court heM that the v proprietotc ark y M. H A must pay taxes ty, the figl n an assessed valuation of $279,700. scale ordea . gnate Gives $916,000 roprietors 1"O Nta v...w r-,:- rive that tl ,v xul ivpltai al for the establishment of the Re as followea etta a  " ..... |0 V nd Marco Fleishman Fund to u excep pc Used for building a new section e larger cOlo care for tul)erculosis patients. leadm ship 01 NDAR 1938 ..... March: ........ April ....... April: ........ MaY ....... May: ....... May ........ J UlY Z ...... J i1110 ' ........ July, ........ J ul: ...... Angw ..... Augus day. k NEW TiSTE i,NSATION BARBECUED " CILA F IH,H,;I,' PORK I]AM SPAREII BS BROILER 1918 4th Ave. "A Bit of the Old South" Germany Embassy Official Rabbi Silver, Exposes Hitler Regime Editor Will NEW Y()RK (WNS)--A lasting ,,,,,st, dishonoral,,c actions. Nobody Speak In L. A. peace 1)etwcen National Soci.dism rod Chrislianity is out of the ques- tion I)ecause liitlerism is funda- mentally anti-Christi'u and anti- German and an enemy of civilization, and |hereforc all Christians mttst 1)c uncoml)romisingly opposed to llit- lcrism, I)r. Ernst Wilhchn Meyer, veteran of the German dil)lomatic service, declared this week in an address in which hc revealed he h'ul will deny that racial antagonisms exist. "But it. is an .mcient idea that the dill"erencc l)etween man 'tnd beast is tllat nlan can in sonic nleltsilrc con- trol his emotions, l!]veryl)o(ly knows th'tt the Gcrnmn Jew has l)ecn deeply (levotcd to Germany and has 1)con " devoted and useful citizen of Ger- many. To deny this me'ms either ignorance or lyiI#g." IA)S ANGELES--Dr. Abl)a Ilillcl Silver, of Cleveland, national oh'fir- man of the $4,500,000 United Pales- tinc Appcld, and liberal Max Lcrner, of New York City, co-editor of The Nation, this week accepted invita- tions to ad(lrcss the third annual Western States regional conference of the Comwil of Jewish Federations 1 Am A German; WASHINGTON, D. C. (WNS)-- Dr. Ernst Meyer's attack on the Nazi regime came as no surprise to the German embassy, an of- flcial stated today, because he "belongs to the Jewish race, a fact which has not prevented him from swearing the oath of allegi- ance to Adolf Hitler, nor from working for over four years for the National Socialist regime in the Washington embassy, work for which he accepted the pay of the National Socialist govern- ment." To this, Dr. Meyer replied by pointing out that "my parents were born Christians and never belonged to the Jewish faith. There is some Jwish blood in my. paternal ancestry, but not enough to have disqualified me from gov- ernment service, even under the Nuremberg laws. "I was born and brought up a Christian and in Germany I was a member of the Lutheran Church. "There are many hundreds like me still in the German govern- ment service. They are loyally devoted to their country and in no way less German--or less Ar- yan, whatever that may mean-- than Adoif Hitler, if the word German implies loyalty to coun- try, eagerness to prove such loy- alty and readiness to serve Ger- many." resigned "s first secretary of the Ger- man cml)assy in Washington, D. C. Assailing the Nazi regime for hav- ing "betrayed what I knew to be the lasting interests of the German fatherland," Dr. Meyer said: "I couhl no longer conscientiously serve a government which I saw to be the foe of so many things I had 1)con taught Germany stands for. The moral 1.w and loyalty to the true Germany make surrender to National Socialism impossible. I cannot do otherwise, whether as a German or as a Christian." Dr. Meyer, who spoke at a dinner given in his honor by the l?ederal Council of Churches of Christ and the Universal Christian Council of Life and Work, made the first public de- nunciation of the Hitler government by a former mamher of the German (liph)nmtic service. Ill the course of his address, Dr. Meyer said that Nazi anti-Semitism and the myth of Nordic superiority are among the anti-German charac- teristics of N'tzism. "It is the disgraceful opposite of German and Nordic for the govern- mcnt and ruling party of a state of ahnost 70,000,000 inhabitants to drive a helpless minority of less than 500,000 to destruction," he said. "Nothing in this part of National Socialist policy gives evidence of moral or racial strength. If they were racially and morally strong, they could not have aroused the lowest human instincts in the masses and led in the performance of the President Roosevelt Slurred In Italy ROME (W. N. S.)--Growing anti- Semitic campaign in the government- controlled Italian press was given renewed impetus this week with pub- lication of a lurid article in I1 Regime Fascists denouncing Pres. Roosevelt and the American diph)matic ser- vice as "tools of Jews." and the con- version to anti-Semitism of Corriere Padano, Marshal Italo Balbo's pa- per, which had previously 1)ccn pro- Jewish. THE Camera Bug Will bite you if you don't watch outl SEE REG. McKEE Camera Specialist Cameras Camera Supplies Fountain Pens Greeting Cards 1406 4TH AVE. Across from 1411 4th Ave. Bldg. OGA RRY S PE CIAL" AUT SAUTERNE *" :"' 'i:i i!;:, i:,: :i::i  i Means M stake Jail For Nazi NEW YORK (W. N. S.)--Making the mistake of trying to force a Nazi prol)aganda leaflet Ul)On a Jewess may be costly to Carl Krasch, 27- ycar-ohl member of the German-Am- erican Band, who was arrested this week on complaint of Mrs. Esttmr Eichel and held in $1,500 bail on .t disorderly conduct charge by Magis- trate Morris Rothenberg in Night Court. Legion Will Fight Bigots INDIANAPOLIS (W. N. S.)-- Any 'tttcmpt to organize a local branch of the pro-Nazi German- American Bund in this city, which is the national lmadquarters of the American Legion, will meet with determined opposition of the Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, leaders of both organizations an- nounced this week. The announce- ment was prompted by the disclo- sure that leaflets in German and English announcing an organization meeting of the Bund for March 14 had I)ecn secretly distril)uted in Indianapolis. Chicago Meet Causes Riot CHICAGO (W. N. S.)--A Nazi meeting at the Germania Club broke up in a riot here and led to arrest this week of two Nazis, two anti- Nazis and Dr. Eric yon Schroeter, professor emeritus of ronmnce lan- guages at Northwestern University. The disturbance began immediately after Wilhelm Kunze, organizer for the German American Band, conc[n- ded a speech. Professor Schrocter was attacked by uniformed Band members when he tried to question Kunzc. John Fisher and Ray Pauly, were also assaulted when they refused to give the Nazi salute. Emil Horitz, one of ](unze's guards, was at'rested on the coml)laint of a ncwsl)al)er l)hotogral)her, who charged the Nazi smashc(t his camera. Fisher and Pauly, who were among those ILl'- rested, filed a complaint ag'dnst William Wernicke, a Nazi, who was also taken into custody. Hungary Raids Nazi Offices, Arrests 75 Bi)I)AI'EST (W. N. S.)--A new Nazi phtn for a coup d'etqt is be- lieved to have 1)ten foiled this week by IImgarian police with the ar- rest of Fercnc Szahtsi, lhmgarian Nazi Is,taler, and 75 of his lieutenants, during a raid on their headqnartcrs. Szalasi was twice arrested in 1937 on similar charges but ellch time was let off with mihl sentences. Soh)mon Ashkmmzi, who managed Tin'Irish foreign affairs for a time, negotiated a much desired peace lr(ml.y I)etween Turkey and Veni('c 0573). RABBI ABBA H. SILVER . . Seattleites will hear himl and Welfare Funds at the Ambassa- dor th>tcl here April 2, 3 and 4. This was the announcement by Federal Judge Harry A. Hollzcr, t)resident of the Council's Western States regional organization. Many leading Seattlcites are expected at the three-day conference. Delegates are expected from Wash- ington, Oregon, California, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, Texas, Alaska and Canada, the most wide- spread territory yet covered by a Western States regional conference. Rabbi Praises Work Of Holy Land Co-Ops BOSTON--The cooperative move- mcnt has been widely incorporated into the daily life of Palestinian Jew- ry, Ral)bi Arnohl A. Lasker of Walt- ham, Mass., declared this week be- fore a Inter-Faith Conference on Consumer's Cooperative. "While American synagogues have not followed the lead of churches in cstal)lishing consumer cooperatives under religious auspices in this coun- try, the cooperative movement is haste to the Jewish land settlements Palestine where it has proved very successful," Rabbi Lasker said. Book Against Jews Outlawed By Court CAPE TOWN (WNS)--Publica- tion of the bbok, "The Jews of South Africa," by Johannes Strauss yon Moltke, Nazi author, was perman- ently enjoined this week by Supreme Court Justice Centliwes. Von Moltkc is a leader of the anti- Semitic Greyshirts. 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'i': ' ' ":':" " " :::':" ":":"":'i' .........  .......... ,;. :.:.:, -' "-x. ::-, - -'4-:..:..k.:,:. .i::!]:: '::' :' -:i: : ::" .:': .."". ,. :.::ik?.::?.::?,:: Half Million Sought By Hadassah To Buy Land NEW YORK- Itadassah, the Wom- en's Zionist Org.tnization of AInerica, an(l Junior II'ulassah, will l)urchase 20,000 dun'ms (5,000 acres) of land in Upper Galilee, Palestine, for the Jewish National Fund, land-holding tgency in P'destinc, it was announced this week in a statement signed 1)y Dr. Israel Gohtstein, president of the ,lewish National Fund; Mrs. Moses P. Epstein, president of Hadassah, and Miss Nell Ziff, president of Julfior H adassah. Mrs. IIerman Shuhnan, chairnutn of the Jewish National 1,'und Bnreau of Hadassah, said that the senior and junior divisions of Hadassah will ask their 500 ch'q)ters throughout the country--including units in Seattle and Tacoma--to raise $500,000 for the purchase of the Galilee area, which is a portion of a 27,000-acre tract in northern Palestine, bordering the Syri.m frontier, that the Jewish National Fun(l b(;pcs in time to ac- quire. Upper Galilee, which is sparsely settled, consists of fertile phdns, rolling hills and a range of mountains at the Syrian border. Sixty per ccn of the area, Mrs. Shulman pointed out, is owned by Syrian landh)rds. It has only one town, Safed, and a number of scattered settlements. In ancient times the territory was densely dotted with Jewish villages, of which one, Pekiin, reachable only by horse or donkey, still survives. IIadassah has contributed $400,000 Hard Problem: Who Is Right? NEW YORK (W. N. S.)--The de- sirability of a separate organization of Jewish teachers in New York's public schools was debated pro and con at the 11th anniversary hmch- eon this week of the Jewish Teachers Association 'ffter Borough President Stanley M. Isaacs declared he saw no reason for the existence of the or- ganization. He expressed the hope that "It will not be long before the separate groups of Jewish, Catholic and Protestant teachers will com- bine." Mr. Isaacs said that from the Jew- ish point of view he felt "we arc not a separate people." Simon J. Jason, president of the Association, took issue with Mr. Isaacs, pointing out that the Asso- ciation exists, to "improve the moral, social and religious training of the children. The Catholic and Protes- tant teachers' associations have equally high and nol)le motives. "We are not concerned with poli- tics. No nnc of these three groups expects to use the idtuence of its association other than for the good of the community." BUT= = Jews, Barred, Form Group KOVNO (W. N. S.)--Unable to obtain a hearing with the Lith- uanian State Opera, a company of Jewish singers this week or- ganized itself into a Yiddish opera troupe which is presenting the leading operas in Yiddish. The cantor of the chief Kovno syna- gogue is directing the company. B. B., Jewish Congress Make Pact In Canada MONTREAL (W. N. S.)--The long stauding dispute between the Cana- (lian Jewish Congress and the B'nai B'rith over which orgaIfization should direct the work of combatting anti- Semitism in Canada was finally settled this week at a meeting of rei)rescntatives of both groups. A two-year agreement was reached to conduct the anti-defamation pro- gram in Canada under the name of a new agency to be called the Joint Public Rclatiolm Committee of the Camtdian Jewish Congress and the B'nai B'rith. Both agencies will have seven lnenll)ers on the com- mittee. DID YOU KNOW? The Jews of Algiers, in the 14th Century, had to be severely rel)ri- mandcd by the Aral) governor as well as by their own rabl)i, Isaac bar Shcshct, because together with the native Arabs, they atteml)ted to block Jewish immigration. Their excuse was that they feared lu'ices wouhl go up if a sudden intlux were elLowc(t. for the purch.tse of l'tnd near the IIaifa harl)or .tml h's pl'mted two forests in the vicinity, one in honor of U. S. Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis and the other in the name of Mrs. Edward Jacobs, former nation.d president of lla- dassah. Galilee falls within the area recom- mended 1)y the Royal Commission as a Jewish State. With the slog.m, "On To Galilee," lIadassah hopes to meet its ol)liga- tion of a half million doll.trs through box collections and lhe sale (,f gift; l)onds and stamps. The gift l)ond calnl)aign will reach its peak on Mothers' 1)a.v. May 8, Mrs. Shuhuan almounced. Hadassahites Sail To Confab NEW YORK (W. N. S.)--The anti- partition seniimcnt of "the over- whehning majority of the 65,000 Anleriean women who comlu'ise the mcmbershlp of Hadassah" will be presented to the cxtraordimtry ses- sion of the Actions Comnfittee of the World Zionist Organization by Mrs. 1)avid de Sol. Pool, first vice presi- dent of lIadassah, and Mrs. Samuel W. IIalprin, former national presi- dent, who sailed this week for Lon- (Ion. Both women will meet Mrs. Edward Jacol)s, former president of ltadassah and now a member of the Jewish Agency Executive, in London 674 Jews Migrate To Argentine Soil BUENOS AIRES (W. N. S.)-- During May and June of 1937, Argen- tina admitted 674 Jewish immigrants, including 176 German Jews. statis- tics revealed this week. When you take Inventory... Let Us AUDIT YOUR INSURANCE A Complete Analysis of Your Policies By Experts NO COST NO OBLIGATION LIPMAN & ESFELD 1naurance, ExcMve! SMITH TOWER Main 2841 OIL DELIVERY CO. FUEL, DIESEL and STOVE OIL 321 W. 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