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March 11, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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March 11, 1938

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MARCH 11, 1938 PAGE TWO THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE Thought Of The Week "One misses the elementary reaction acjainst injustice and for justice --that reaction which in the lonq run represents man's only protection acjainst relapse into barbarism. Let us refuse to accept fateful compromise. Let us not even shun the fiqht when it is unavoidable to preserve ricjht and the dicjnity of man. If we do this we shall soon return to conditions that will allow us to rejoice in humanity."--DR. ALBERT EINSTEIN, exile from Nazi Germany. /ARCI Wot ]Is H, Aplmint Wohlgelcr: Bikur (',he lecturer fc ira Collcg Dr. Bcrmt q)ecial c'oi cript. Keep This Article Open Your Eyes! A STUDY BY THE ECONOMIC BUREAU OF THE WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS• Published by the American Jewish Congress. Ttle Economic Bureau of the World Jewish Congress herewith presents a survey of the economic situation of the Jews in the Third Reich from the beginning of tile Nazi regime up to the present. The material contained in this study is culled from authoritative sources and is corroborated by the government-controlled press of the Tlfird Reich. HOW THE HAND OF HITLER REACHED INTO SPAIN I The Nazi leader in Spain was able to claim for himself the victory of the Spanish Party branch over the A. E. G. Iberica, which is recorded in a protocol of a meeting of the Nazi leaders of Spain held on November 9 and 10, 1935. We read further: "The information received is in accord with the facts. Party- member Hanauer, a director of the A. E. G., states that Mr. Schwarz can hardly be dispensed with at present, but within a year or two a substitute will be found... Party-member Hanauer, however, believes that the A. E. G. Iberica will rid itself of Mr. Ullmer in the spring of 1936 at the latest." In other words, the Jews are to be ousted from the A. E.G. They may remain only so long as the vital interests of the A. E. G., which in turn effect the interests of German industry, require it. In a report on the protocol just cited, the humiliation of the A.E.G. and of its Jewish executives at the hands of the Party is recorded in a most cynical fashion. Since there was some doubt about the "Aryan" descent of Director Hellman, which was the cause of a spirited corre- spondence between the leadership of the Party's Foreign Department in Berlin and its section in Spain, an agreement seems to have been reached that Hellman may be considered an "Aryan," but his wife a full-blooded Jewess• But this understanding fell through because it was proven that Mrs. Heilman comes from a Berlin Hugenot family. A letter of the Nazi Party dated December 4, 1935, in Berlin to the section in Spain closes with the following words: "We have today informed the A. E. G. management that we will investigate the matter of Hellman thoroughly and that in the meantime we shall assume a position of watchful waiting• Hell HitlerI" FROM PUBLIC OFFICE TO RAG-PICKING During the years 1936 and 1937, the Jewish population in Germany has continued to be shorn of its remaining rights. The anti-Jewish planks in the manifesto of the National Socialist German Workers' Party which was issued by Hitler in August, 1937, have been completely carried out, as the following quotations from that program show: "The elimination of Jews and other non-Germans from all responsible positions in public life. "Restriction of the immigration of Eastern Jews and other parasitic foreigners• Foreigners and Jews who are burdensome may be ejected• "One who is not a German may live in the German State only as a guest and is subject to the law for foreigners. The rights and demands of Germans take precedence over those who are members of a foreign nation." The work inaugurated by the boycott of the Jews on April 1, 1933, is being continued in true German systematic fashion. In 1936 and 1937, there were few striking acts which could be carried out amid sensational acclaim; instead there took place the cold-blooded elimination of the Jews in the most insignificant branches of employment, whereve the Nazis believed that room could be made for a Party member. The attack was no longer directed against professors in higher institutions of learning and the slogan no longer was "German science must be made free of Jews•" In 1936, the fourth year of the Nazi re- gime, it was triumphantly proclaimed, "We have made rag-collecting Aryan• No longer need any member of our people give his rubbish to a Jew. In every neighborhood there is now an Aryan rag-picker who is at the disposal of Aryans." In 1936 and 1937, the campaign was not concentrated against power- ful captains of industry and bank directors• Now the attack was directed against the credit information agents who had been over- looked in the first years of the Nazi regime only to be discovered in 1936. Every last remaining Jew was discharged, for the Nazis do not spurn the 50 pfennig (20c) which a professional credit agent in Ger- many receives as his fee. Nothing is considered too small for an "Aryan" Party member. TEXTILE INDUSTRY AND CLOTHING MANUFACTURE In the textile industry, the spinning and weaving branches, were the first to pass into "Aryan" hands. Both of these fields had been great- ly weakened by the depression, and in most cases it was sufficient to withdraw credit in order to compel Jews to relinquish their shares. The same thing happened in the processing of textiles, dyeing, printing, and saturating. Although there is no hope for the future of the Jewish clothing manufacturer, the campaign for the elimination of the Jews from this field still has some distance to go. German Jews have held a leading position in clothing manufacture, which had been introduced into Germany and developed to greatness by them. The German export of wool and cotton and of ready-to-wear garments was for the most part due to Jewish talent and energy; beginning in the '90's of the past century Jewish manufacturers established the first large scale German factories for women's clothing and exported the garments on a world- wide scale• In that way a new industry was introduced into Germany, which was to provide a living for millions. The Nationalist Socialist Party organized its own company, the ADEFA, with a membership limited to "Aryans," in order todisplace Jews from clothing manufacture. Fashion Bureaus were created in Berlin and Frankfort to which only "Aryans" had access• By now the Berlin Fashion Bureau has collapsed, and the Frank- fort Bureau limits its activities to arranging fashion shows in London twice yearly. While these serve as propaganda, they have thus far yielded meagre business returns. German retailers have been directed to make purchases only from the clothing firms affiliated with the ADEFA. The National Socialists have declared the loan-word Konfek- tion (clothing manufacture) to be a specifically Jewish term, which has been banned in favor of Bekleidung. A variety of difficulties with regard to the quota of cloth distribu- tion was devised in order to hinder the Jewish manufacturer. A reor- ganization of the system of having work done at home, on which a large part of the manufacture of clothing depends, was effected and the Jewish employer was compelled to pay those "Aryan" workers who were still willing to work for Jews more than the prevailing wage. The Law for the Protection of German Blood (See previous article), was applied in the most rigorous fashion to the "Aryan" employees in Jewish clothing factories• Foreign currency for the purchase of models abroad is denied to Jews except to a very slight extent; in short, every- thing has been done to cause Jewish firms to dispose of their business establishments. The methods employed by the Nazis to compel Jewish textile firms to sell their businesses is best illustrated by the case of Barasch Broth- ers of Madgeburg. In the middle of December, 1935, three Jewish exe- cutives of the mercantile firm of Barasch were taken into custody on a charge of violations of morality, and the establishment was closed• The Nazi District Leader Krause called mass-meetings for the pur- pose of informing the German public, and huge crowds gathered be- fore the Barasch store to menace the employees and customers, which gave the police an excellent pretext for closing the place. At the end of February, 1936, the three Jews came up for trial• The first trial ended with a sentence of imprisonment for two of the defendants, which was later set aside by a higher court, and an acquittal for the third• Mean- while, the store having been closed by the police, the owners felt con- Tran00J:ript Combined with THE JEWISH CHRONICLE A Weekly Newspaper for the Jewish People of the Pacific Northwest Phone MAin,2715 HERMAN A. HOROWITZ ........................ Editor and Publisher NnTItAN KREMS ....................................... Associate Editor SIDNEY W. WEnnER .................................. Business Manager OiFiCIAI, PnOTOORhPHER ......... V'alters Studio, 4th and Pike Building A weekly paper devoted to the interests of the Jewish people of Washington, idaho, Montana, British Columbia and Alaska. Entered as second class matter Set)tcmber 5, 1924, at the Post Office at Seattle, Washington, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Single Copies, 5 Cents. $2.00 per Year 38 VOL. XV. Friday, Mar. 11, 1938 No. 2 YOUTH ALIYAH HEN the historian comes to write about how world Jewry in the third decade of the 20th century dealt with the problem of the refugees from Germany, he will be obliged to give more than passing attention to the Youth Aliyah. It is just four years since 60 German Jewish boys and girls, ranging in age from 15 to 17, put foot in Haifa and entrained for the cooperative colony of Ain Harod, thus launching an unparalleled youth migration. This first group to be taken from Germany to Palestine by Youth Aliyah has since grown to more than 2,000. A year ago, Youth Aliyah undertook to do the same for the youth of Poland and is even now considering extending its work to Roumania. Committees in 19 countries have cooperated in furthering this unique piece of human salvage. In this country, Hadassah has made Youth Aliyah its special project and has raised $268,000 for this purpose. Youth Aliyah not only arranges for the migration of these young people, but once they have reached Palestine, provides for their general education for two years and gives them practical training in agriculture and technical occupations and instruction in Hebrew and Jewish literature and history, and houses and maintains them. Already 800 boys and girls have been graduated from the two-year training course, 75 per cent of whom have remained on the land and organized themselves into cooperative groups. Youth Aliyah is now beginning its fifth year. It is no exaggeration to say that this Jewish youth emigra- tion program is one of the most constructive phases of the pro- gram of aid for the German Jews. It is to be hoped that funds will be forthcoming to enable Youth Aliyah to expand its activities in order to enable it to care for many more young peop.le not only from Germany, but also from Poland and Roumama. WELCOME NEWS NNOUNCEMENT by B!nai B'rith that it will soon organize a vocational service bureau for Jewish youth ought to be greeted with cheers. In recent years, Jewish youth has been warned to avoid this or that profession or occupation be- cause it is overcrowded. Parents have been cautioned not to encourage their sons and daughters to embark upon courses of study leadin to such pro- fessions. Surveys have been made indicating gw hichin profes- sions and occupations Jews are concentrated. But little or nothing of an organized nature has been done to provide the necessary guidance for Jewish youth in the selec- tion of a profession or occupation. Object of the new B'nai B'rith bureau will be to sponsor group vocational guidance. It will seek to utilize available re- search material, publishing it and disseminating it through the Hillel Foundations, the Anti-Defamation League, the Aleph Zadek Aleph chapters and other agencies dealing with Jewish youth work. In other words the B'nai B'rith will set up a sort of clearing house for information on the subject of Jewish vocational guid- ance. Ultimately this bureau ought to serve not merely as an information center, but also as a research agency in a field that has been too long neglected by American Jewry. Rabbi strained to sell the business to "Aryans"• Only during the appeal trial did it become known what specific offenses were charged to the accused• One of them was accused having kissed an apprentice girl of unsavory reputation, and the two of having exchanged "intimate handshakes" with "Aryan" girls• NO JEWISH SALESMEN It would be a mistake to assume that the widespread ] against Jewish sales representatives invariably evokes a positive re ponse in the management of "Aryan" textile firms. The situation illuminated by the following account which appeared in the Decembe 17, 1936 issue of Das Schwarze Korps, the official weekly organ of ler's S. S. Corps• "Heinrich Schulte, a merphant from Linnich, inquired of the weavers, Wefers and Co. of Lobberich, how it was that their firm, whic] he believe to be Aryan, employed a Jewish travelling salesman, who re ceived a commission on his sales and orders. At the same time he formed them that he would no longer buy any thread from that because he had found the signature of the Jew Mainz on a bill. "Here is a German-conscious merchant for you and this is the ri attitudel One might suppose that the Wefers firm would have mitted to such criticism, but nol In their sharpest tremolo they ponded and sang a bravura over Jewish business ability. ContendinI in a chest-tone that they were trying to provide bread for their work :RABBI S ers, they ended in a falsetto about waiving future orders. Such a wastt" ' ' his cell of breath over one single Talmud-childl Rabbi Ma: Read this letter: attle Tal "Wefers and Co., Mechanical Silkweavers. director ar l}ulpit, wm Lobberich, November 20, 1936. establishec "Heinrich Schulte Bureau• Linnich: "  m eli Other le( "We acknowledge yours of the 19th inst. and wish to razor Y Jun o¢ that we are fortunately an Aryan firm• Whether we employ Christian • .... r. H R or Jewish sales representatives concerns us alone We have had tbn e- '. unfortunate experience of finding that our Christian salesmen di(ver:liyl not devote themselves sufficiently to their work. rabbi of ( "We have had an Aryan gentleman as our representive in the Rhine'rael in D; land, but he is incapable of continuing the work• In order to keep oU!Isaacs of plant operating and to provide bread for our workers we were compel!burgh; Dr led to engage a gentleman who would really devote himself to sellingnember of and in our case it is always a Jew who meets that requirement• lege who w "Furthermore your small orders are of no consequence anyhoeand Rabbi and Wte are willing to do without them in the future• New York, "We will fill the order which you have placed, and if necessary con .u to 00coo,t iCree "With German greetings l WEFERS AND CO• (Signed) Wefers."I N - l| , EXCLUSION FROM THE RETAIL TRADE AND TEXTILE AND CLOTHING INDUSTRY: NEW y( THE DEPARTMENT AND 5-AND-10-CENT STORES united phi Before Hitler assumed power one of the cardinal points in the Na INew York tional Socialist propaganda was the abolition of the department aI1 all faiths, 5-and-10-cent stores. The German Jews had played a prominent rol4SUpport of business men. demanded this continuation; for considering their sharply reduce ;arrnh::e 03 ybytm:ai::fth:trad:g::bycy::d,tch::ldghhlea;elp:Or retain any degree of purchasing power. TRENT( Nothing could make more obvious to the general public, in coaJewish co; plete contradiction of the lies of the Nazi leadership, the great contrJJersey tha bution of the Jewish founders of department and flve-and-ten-ce°Utside o :flr:iSnt: tohth:Cwn:gmi.CaWrenlfear:? of Germany, and to raising the standaeUirlPos(:pt r of Dusseldorf, and Markus Bros. of Gleiwitz, as well as many small¢ The Supl Jewish stores passed into "Aryan" hands, most of the new proprietofewark Y. being prominent members of the National Socialist Party, the flgl °a an asse against the department stores came to an abrupt halt. The wholesalers whose existence depended on the large scale orde/[Ilal placed b the department stores joined with the new proprietors ir O N stilling tYe hostile propaganda. Here we have proof positive that tl NEW; d nt store siness which owed its origin and development f¢:: • w y( epartme bu ,  C tlllary cs the most art to Jewish enterprise, and which was, therefore, subje lei- - ed to slanPerous Nazi attacks, has become such an organic part of Ge!mo::imal lnif?ofCO::m:utnhat to cut it out would seriously upset the economJd lhis"et¢ • t Y. .al for the The fight against the Jewish five-and-ten-cent stores followed etta and similar course. The smaller Jewish stores were without excepti¢)e used fo turned over to "Aryan" business men, while some of the larger co.o care for corns managed to buy immunity by contributions to the leade ship the National Socialist Party. Grim are the facts in this com- prehensive, fact-citing survey of what has happened to Germany's once-proud 600,000 Jews, now re- duced by 100,000--men, women and children who have been forced to give up their homes, their careers, their friends to seek their way in strange, some- times unfriendly lands• Next week, another article will describe to you further just what the Nazi regimentation means• Watch for this chapter. JEWISH CALENDAR 5698 193 ! Purim ..................... March Rosh Itodesh, Nissan ........ Apri 1st Day Passover ............ April Rosh tIodesh, lyar. ........... Ma Lag B'Omer .................. May Rosh Itodesh, 8ivan ......... May Ist Day Shabuoth ............. ]m t Rosh Iodcsh, Tammuz ...... June Fast of Tamm uz .............. J v ly ltosh Hodesh, Ab ............. July Fast of Ab ................. AuguS Rosh Itodesh, Elhd ........ August *Observed following day.