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March 11, 1938     The Jewish Transcript
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March 11, 1938

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4, 1938 eattle Public Libra00 the 3WiSh (ranscripl 6 Combined With THE JEWISH CHRONICLE re 10wo monthTCi T ,,t the dcdiea, Vu" XV, No. 2 of tile Torali- SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, MARCH 11, 1938 $2 a year; 5c, single coFy I)and gave tS1 hul, prayer, he Has 3 ay for pious/i- l Jrs. S. Green!.lll.O&apos;lllpliOi  B i.ehs of th, _ut , , Can't Milk Cow Mrs Greta. We I esd ty hdlbi Baruct By NATHAN KREMS, leral rites at Associate Editor, The Transcript rollingdow]l "Ill Palestine, the Jewish l)eople dzed the un'{ u'e establishing (.lie first democracy .... lnAsi.t 'it alime whel(he orldis O(IOX ]ILOI,IICL , (  , , : .... r 17 ,,, ,, htSemng lhe slel I 1)3 sic ) cncioa(,hnmnt ,  )f l'aseism t() s Ill)porl, ver seen, ]1o "Ill Palestine, workers are aristo- , f (;lats) 'tnd 't peel el mt sic) m is tls(i I of eli rll,ltl)l . ' ' ' ' :a toiler of the soil[ That's thrilling!" | () 'tTlyOll(L '  I rei ty hnninous-eyed, titi'ui- Noidgelerntel, . ' ' , nllnan'ed Mrs Avis Shulman is ':tl as st m '! mbbtlt, lng, her brown orbs alight, her white 3(teeth flasliing, her quick-shilling bum )r the past if:showing tile trace of a diniple. was b(irn (,rritory alli Smartly dressed, this 27-year-old ' , ' , t:wife of (he rabbi of a tony North le I(!aVOS JIC o ' ' , J r, .. e..c)ore Reform temple in Chicago :s, ,,'s. :a,lell ' ,, , . .... s you how she got Ull at 4 't m "tlly ru,l'eei:  , c . L ,- ,each morning living on 2 ') cents a :11, IN . I .;  . r -- . ' ' 'n' Mr ul/(la3 In a l)alestme eolleetivc farm "))_,,'l ..... " ,',.iwith 120 others where she took her :1];', ln':)tl',("'r 'turn serubl,ing }h)oi's, Allowing fields ' ' -. I)ieldng crops and (endin ehi(kens ()f lh'()oldsq: ' "  ' ' ' " : Mrs Slmlman arrived here last e Mosh'r nn( .... Week for a wMrlwind sehedule of ill 't liephewt . ' ' q)latform alillearances, ])arlor meet- attic. Jngs, banquets and social events at iwhieh she preached, bantered, waxed I ieloquent over what she saw in her our00 three-monti, stay i,, the ltoly L'uld. And stle jokingly tohl how stle-- ff wh l)ssesses a B.A. deg tee from University of Cincinnati, a M.A. de- "" ' ()t g (.e fl()m Northwestern Umverslly ore iVlaltK t ) " ' ' ' " II(i a 1 h I) from the Universi(y of othing stor(ch. ' ' ' ' ledge--was st))roped wli(n ihey le Northwesis( lit  < "  ' " ' llel. ()lit tO milk the cows in the death  r Satu ihillside colony near Nazareth where mrvices wer(. ,81le worke(l. (1 Shel Erect Mrs. Shuhnan, who left for her Chi- :l P. Wohlg.eicag o home by plane after speaking urial was 1 (Cont. on Page 8, Col. 4) :w teachingi SOn of one 0, cattle Jew),! PLAIN w,'ts a rabbi i '(t. leaves t, TALK S Mitlako. rs. M. ltor0; IriS. He Wfi By ALFRED SEGAL i he. -- ' :lent, lie live: T AM not sure that I want English- st six yeal'fl> , men to (lie for me on aceomlt (if :ouver, B.C. Hitler. Therefore, I am not one :of those who feel indignant and speak i f "Perfidious Albion" because Eng- l'tnd is making peace with Gernuuly tin ]alld Italy. cade : "It looks,,, says Mr. Zilch, (who Page 1) is "dmost every Jew) "as if England h l)olice do( is- throwing us to the dogs." mm (;lie seen  Tim troul)le with g. One Aral, us is, I answer, e the rail)tat! that we. have come l the to look at the world we cartrid enly through our ltly own dark glasses ession, glasses and see only om' own f'lte. I rmneml)er the story of the oht .lew in S New Y(n'k, who 'alestine lleamed one after- Gaiety To Reign Lls Seattle Talmud Torah Jewry Ushe: In Purim Bazaar To End ,,,,,,,,, ,,,.h, w<..,- ,,,,,,, ,,, ,, ..,.,, ,,,:,., On Sunday ing of the green.--St, l'atrick's Day. '1'11 Amerie,t's No. 1 Jewish leader, ])r. Sie])hen S. Wise, New York rab- bi, it'll be his 64th birthday. And to 16,000,000 Jews the worhl liver--in squalid Persian ghettoes; in fear-rid(ten, war-tense ],]ur(ipe; in seething, 1)atth;-torn China; and in g'dly-(leeorated Palestine--Thursday will mark the celebration, for the 24201h time, of Purim, one of the hapl)iest holidays of the Jewish cal- endar, commenlorating the deliver- ilnce of the Jews of Persia in 482 B.C.E. thr(lugh t.he heroism of beau- teous Queen l(]stlier. in seven Seattle syllltg()glleS, thou- san(is of worsllil)l)ers will gather Wednesday ill> smldown to hear the story retohl as the Bo()k of Esther is re'ul from the l)ulpit. Tonigh.t at 8:15 p. m. lit Iterzl Synagogue, "Purim Sabbath" will be celebrated. Rabbi Philitl A. L'mgh will talk on "Jewish History: Succession of Comedy and Tragedy." Saturday night, at 9 p. in. in Teln- ple Center, the Lioneers will Sl)Onsor it I)urim (lanee. qiln(llty at 3:;t0 p. in., ehihh'en of llerzl Relighnls School will stage a C(/Stilm( Purim l)rogram, a la Pales- line, at, l.he synagogue vestry, while at 8 p. m., ehihh'en of Sephardic Bikur Holim Synagogue's Talmud Torah will stage it Purim celebration at E(tu(miional Center and tlupils of Sephardie Tsdinud Torah will per- Rabbi Langh To Talk At B.B. Purim will be the theme of a B'nai B'rith meeting Wednesday at 8:15 1 I. m. at Teml)le Center, with menl- l,eis ,nd otliccrs sitting Itrotlnd 1, }lllge l-shaped candle-decked table, where the traditional Hamentaschen and Purim fruits will be served, Max Silver, in'esident, announced today Rabl)i Phil)l/ A. Langh will speak. Mill(hi llein)lui will review current eVOIIIS. goglle vestry. Slttur(lay night, too, a i)urint l)arty will 1)e hehl lit, Herzl S Vlia- goglle at 8:30 i). ln., featm'ing dalleing, games and a midnight SUl)per, spon- sored by ]lerzl Men's Chili and Sis- terhood. Reservations were /)eing made today with Mrs. L. Ruff, Prosl)eet 5498; Mrs. Max Tobias, Prosl)eet 54(<)3; and Louis Blackfield, ](enwood 1432. Wedn(;sday at sundown, sl)eciltl Purim rii,es will I)e held at Bikur Ciiiilum Synagoglie) Ral)l)i Sohimon l ). Wohlgelernter ell)elating; at Ma- ehizk,ty Hadath Shul, Rabbi Barueh (Cont. on Page 8, Col. 5) LAUGH! $ i i It's Purim! By ARTHUR J. LELYVELD CINCINNATI.--New knowledge forces us to revise all previous theories about the origin of the Book of Esther, according to Prof Lucian Q. Finklesnoop of the Jew- ish Institute for Biblical Re- search in an article in the forth- coming J. I. B. R Yearbook for 2938. Professor Finklesnoop claims to have refuted the theory advanced by Professor Ellry Garbinger of the Hebrew Academy for Bible Study who in the H. A. B. S. An nual for 2921 claimed that Esther was a product of the Post-Tal- mudic Age. "It has been definitely estab- lished by my researches," Dr. (Cont. on Page 8, Col. 6) Noted Rabbi Will Not Fight Jewish IIcro Dies Far Away NFW YORK-- A renunciation of war and a pledge that "Never will I SUl)l)ort another" wits signed by 216 ministers and ral)l)is el' New York this week at a eollferellee of the Minister's Peace Committee at the Broadway Taberiiae]e Church here. Dr. Alhul l(night (3halmers, ehair- lllall of (he Minister's Peace Col)l- nfii,tee, said that a second worhl war I(loes ll()t Seelil far off. ,) The t)ledgc was signed l)y slicli famed preaehers as Rev. Dr. lhu'ry Emerson l,'osdiek, l)r. John IIaynes lh)lnies, Rabhi Sidney 1,]. Gohlstein CAPETOWN, S. Africa (WNS)-- Shalom Sehwartzbard, the Russian- born Jewish watchmaker, poet and soldier, who avenged the Ukrainian pogroms of 1918-1920 by assassinat- ing their instigator, General Simon Pethlra, ill the streets of Paris on May 25, 1926, died in a hotel room here this week, just as lie wits l)re- paring to leave South Africa after a long spealdng tour in the interests of the Universal Yiddish Encyclol/edia. Born in Smolensk in 1887, Schwartzbard entered his fath(;r's watclunaking shop as it boy of 10. He was only 15 when he organized and led a Jewish self-defense corl)s during the pogroms of 1905. In 1910 he went to Paris and b0- came it French eitizen. I)uring the War he and his four llrothors served in the French army. Thriee wounded, lie distinguished himself in Champagne and the Vosges and was awarded the Croix de Guerre. When in 1915 a Russian colonel sug- gested that the Russian vohmteers in the French army return to enlist in Russia, Schwartzbard rel)lied that "the ungrateful fatherland will liot liave my bones." After (.lie outl)reak of the Russian (Cont. on Page 8, Col. 2) Page 1) ! &l. Segal noon when his grandson came run- :lsh homelail . "{tllIllg into the hollSO shollting, "The of l)r. Stel)hen S. Wise's Free Sylla- , . (]Yallkees Well the world sel'ies!" gogue) Dr. Rol)ert W. Seal,It,  all(l Rev. star recelv ,T. ; li ms must 1)e something good for W. Russel Bowie, reads: ;yen Amc' ---.-__ "ln loyalty to God i believe that' .......  ................................ the way of true religion cannot be el Aviv, frol I reconciled with tlie way of war. port, he ,viMrs. Roosevelt To i. h)yMty to my country I support rowds whi4GiVe Views On War (c,,,t. on Page 8, Col. 1) l hinl all t ! - Seattle Jewry today was invited V inr)ressio i!t'hear Mrs. Franldin Delano Roose- Death Takes Martin" Klatzker ,,.t ,,: _l!yeit, wife of the U S Presidenl, " nlllLILIl(llnO 'ileet tl , ' " ' O eo ordinat' f re on P0aee" at the University - P Washington athletic )avilion At 33 F 1 To B Today . , , ; unera e " "iof sOred by the Associated W'olnell rs el enlol: tude! ..... L-, i,;,,), ,,  its, Monday evening, March ]huldreds of friends were saddened o.,o p in today lit the death Thursday in l)ort, where Co ' ' ' I- . .... . riling from (lie White ]hnlse, Pr(ividenee 1]ospital of t.all, lnlsky, dewlsa I al ,v[/l r s oo "', ., ,:4 " Sevelt will speak on (he 33-year-old Martin B. Klatzkor, in- . lsra(,I s l lltl]lltlolls industry, movelnents sllra]lee mall Slid ex-secretary of ..... I,,.,;, .ll liich tend to help in keeping the ][erzl Men's Chib, after a grim week- ,, .l_ lhl at l)eaee, movements which longfight against l)neumonia. llg 'tn ol(I V!,eiid ' ,,, mvMf' tll.d" to force llS inta  ar and personill Pal)l)i Philip A. Langh will eondilet n' t];:r'in;; c 'eelleeti''s of the Worht War. funeral Sel'vi(;es at noon today for the d ! The box-ottiee will ellen Moll(lay at ])(I])lllar yollng man, son of Mr. aiId .herman Clay & Coral)an 'ln(I at Mrs. lterman Klatzker. Ills father l[ I)e coml)letlYnivel..= __' Y ' t" 'lr, y l!lookstore is s(,eretary of Herzl yiiagoglie, Mr, I)anstl, but k ............ " already ha ...................... l(latzker lived ill Seattle fol 31 years. Ih; leaves his widow, Rae, and two irgreatnesS{the Jews " " , , ..... 'tve It S' echo - -'- ) lie glOWe(i, lSl) t, 11; yollng (lallghters, Gall an(I Karen; i" :, ..')iieIP l[et'lllng good for the Jews'" his l)arents; live sisters, Mrs. Ben ali(l It%de ! l'hll8 ,,,- /i.. . " , , t-y reason oi our eonun- Bhitt of Bronmrton; Mrs. Ben Roffe., !lOlls travail) evalua(e most events Margaret, Fern and Mae, of Seattle; t111 todd , . . 1 " y s world: Everything which an(1 three brothers) Bert, Louis and Jews, blltiSmost{yeither l/ad or good for the Allen. ET WORKS i, ]lal)llens bad. lie was a member of B'nai B'rith, tures [ It might have comforted lny 1lain ]lerzl Congregation all(l Men's Chlb )rk as a Jew to ' " [ ' have heard England sa and Workmen's Circle. MARTIN KLATzKER Repairs I :C'o " ' "" ',STIMATES  .t nt. on Page 7, Col. 5) (Cont. on Page 5, Col. 4) . . his death was a shockl Elliot 414|, At(,ended I)y hundreds {hiring the week, the Seattle Tahnud Torah's eighth Itllnilal bazaar will come to an exciting elinlax Sllll(lay with the awarding of prizes, (lancing and ell- tertainment, Chairman Ben A. Mas- hui said today. Gaiety of the week-long earnival w'ts heightened by a Big Apple Con- test an(1 amateur talent quest, with Sitturday night set aside as "Surprise Night." Doors of the pennant-hung I)azaar sideshows will ellen at 2:30 p. m. Sunday and festivities will continue past midnight, Mr. Maslan said. lle urged Seattle Jewry to attend the oh)sing bazaar nights, Sittur(lay aild llllday, ']'llesday night, eolliely models paraded on the bazaar stage in a fur fashion show, staged by David and Sydney .Coe. Manikins were Lydia Pearl, Ann Beransky, Rose Epstein, Bertha Sullnan, Nina Kessler, Mrs. David Coe, Marjoric Pass, Miriam Stature, Mary Brown, Lillian Gould, Frances Sidcll, Fanny Goldsnfith, Birdie Kosokoff and Hannah LeVoff. Wednesday night, B'nai B'rith meml)ers were sl)ecial gtlests. Famed Judge Dies At 80 ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. (WNS) William Nathan Cohen, advisor to Theodore Roosevelt and ex-justice of the New York State Supreme Court, died this week at the age of 80. When Roosevelt went to the White House, Cohen was called to Wash- ing(.on as it legal aide, helping draft (he treaty under which the United 41,ates wits n,adc receiver of customs of Sltn Domingo. New York-1)orn, Judge Cohen grad- uated from Dartmouth College in 1871<). Ten years htter his alma mater gave him the honorary degree of Doctor ()f Laws. I)uring the Worhl War he was ehairnnui of the New York City draft I)eard and the ocean advisory emn- mittee of (he Unite(1 States Shipping Board. In The Week's News Hugo Loewy, women's wear manu- faeturer, today is the new l)resi- dent of the Seattle Textile & Ap- parel Association, Ine. Marcus J. Lees is secretary. Max Tettel- baum is a trustee. $ $ $ Kathryn Levy, 12-year-old wizard of (.lie ehecker 1)oard, today is queen of Seattle girl checker I)lay- ers. Playing on it huge checker I)o'u'(l six feet. square, she won (.tie all-city title at Collins Playfield, carried home it gold medal. $ $ $ Leo A. Meltzer, earnest, hard-work- ing ex-B'nai B'rith president and head of Herzl Religious Sehool, earned a new honor this week: election to tile board of directors of the newly-organized Big Broth- er Federation here, on wtiieh he will sit with such men as Council- man Frank Laul)e, Judge William G. Long, y. M. C. A. Leader Mar- eus Rolphs. Ot)ject of the Big Brothers: to aid youthful wrong- doers, set them on the straight- and-narrow. $ $ * Rabbi Bernard Rosenberg, 27- year-ohl, 1)espectacled, book-re- viewing assistant rabbi at Teml/le de IIirseh, this week wits listed vice president of the China Aid Council, an adjunct of the American League fer Peace and Democracy, which will sponsor "China Aid Week," March 14-21 collecting canned food, oh)tiring and money for war-torn China. Rabbi Samuel Koch and P. Allen Ricldes, listed as B'nai B'rith Intst l)rcsident of the Pa- cific Coast District on the Coun- cil's le(,terheads, are also named as l)atrons of the newly-organized group, whieh is headed by a minist- er and Sl)Onsored by many a Se- attle eleric, attorney, t)rofessor and (Cont. on Page 5, Col. 6) NLE IN STAOKII To Speak Here; RABBI JONAH B. WISE, whose job is to raiso $5,100,000 this year for the Joint Distribution Committee, won't get much time to sit at a desk in Seattle, as you seo him here. He'll arrive here at 8:30 p. m. Thursday, an hour later will speak at a banquet at the New Washington Hotel arranged by the Jewish Wolfare So- ciety, a few hours later will rush to Portland for the J. D. C.'s North- west regional conferonce. Seattle Leaders Appear At $50,000 Fund Budget Hearing More diffcrent groups will receive the $50,000 to be raised in a ciiy-wide campaign of the Federated Jewish Fun(I, Inc., than ever 1)cfore, it was predicted today by Sol l,'Mehl, Fund head, after it three-hour ot)en hearing Monday at Tenl|)le Center at whieh nine communal leaders at)peared to ask for inehision of new benefieiarics in the Fund's list. Richard E. Lang, budget chair- man, presided, lie headed the Fund last year and wits its largest giver. Rabbi Bernard Rosenberg, who was graduated last year from Heln'ew Ihlien College, asked that it be in- ehided among Fund recipients. Rabbi Philip A. Langh Sl)oke for Jewish Theological Seminary; Mrs. Bernard Lindenberger and Mrs. Jacob Kalina, for the Youth Aliyah of Hadassah; Bigot Powwow To Be Held By PHINEAS J. BIRON NEW YORKI saw evidence to- day which strongly hints that Bar- on Manfred von Killinger, Nazi consul-general in San Francisco, not only is the chief of Nazi propa- ganda on the Pacific Coast, but pulls the wires that control Nazi doings in Mexico and Canada. Killinger, I am informed, won the Pacific Coast job on the strength of his "achlevement" as a member of the court that im- posed the death sentence on Hel- muth Hirsch, the naturalized 21- year-old American Jew whom the Nazis beheaded in June. It is a coincidence that the (leriimn gov(Wlllrient ordered German eitizens in tiic IL S. to (dear out of the Ger- ntan-Anteriean Bund while (.lie Bund's boss, Fritz Kuhn, is in Ger- lrially, Kuhn went to Nazilaml to powwow with Iliiler over future Nazi taeties here, and Fritz'll /)e back oil Mar(ih 23 with it detailed plan of action. Too bad he'll lie it week late for the big parley of the anti-Semitie "Big Five," scheduled for the lIotel (Cont. on Page 8, Col. 1) Mrs. Stanley Blumenthal, Braille Institute for Jewish Blind; Miss May Gohlsmith, Refugee Children's Aid (Cont. on 1)age 8, Col. I) Seattleites Are Delegates Richard E. Lang, 31-year-ohl Se- attle wholesale groeer, Teml)le lie ltirseh president and Federated Fund bigwig, this week johied Adroit i,l. lCrank, yoting head ()f 1)ortland's largest (tepar(nlent store, in issuing invitations to Jewish leaders from all parts of the Northwest to It parley, to bc hchl in l'ortland, March 20, sponsored by (lie Jeint l)istribution Committee. Rabbi Jonah 13. Wise ex-Portiand sl)iritual leader, son of the founder of .04 dl . Reform J ll(lalSln 1[1 AI11erlea all(l iiow head of the nation-wide $5,100,000 Joint Distribution Committee dr)w; for overseas relief, will speak a( the all-day eonfal). SI)onsors of the regional ,J. 1). C. (Cont. on Page 5, Col. 4) Keep Out Of Schools---Pact CItICA(]O-],eaders of C.ilholies, Jews and Protestants here (his week agreed that religious soeieties shall not meet in t)ublie s(.tiools any h)nger. By (he arrangenient the Catholic Cisca Chills, lhe Jewish Youth Lea- gues and the Jewish Young People's Leagues h.tve withdrawn all meetings froni public sehool properly. Thc luinouneeiItent issued jointly hy l)r. Albert W. 1)almcr, president I)f the Chieago Church Fedo)'ation, Mgr. Bernard J. She)l, Roman Cath- olic Auxiliary lishol) ef Chicago, ])r. George W. Fox, president of the Chicago Ral)l)inieal Assoeiati()n, and Dean Charh;s W. Gilkey of lhe IJniversity of Chicago, praised the move its '% fine ilhlstra(ion of the spirit of gooll-will and cooperation which is growing ill I in Chicago be- tween C.lth(flics, Proteslants and Jews." Rabbi Krakovsky Is Author Of 15 Volumes On Mystic Faith Busliy-l)earded, piercing brown- eyed, staccato-sl)oken Rabbi Levi I. Krakovsky, 49-year-old mystic who has spent 14 years in Palestine preparing a 15-volume work on the Kabl)alah which may make his name famous to future generations of Jew- ish seliohu's, this week will celebrate his first Purim in 20 years with his mother, aged Mrs. Chana Krakov- sky; his brothers, Hill, Morris and ]sidore; and his sisters, Mrs. Esther Schiller and Mrs. Dorothy Winikoff. It will be his first Put)m, too. away from his motherless five ehil(Iren--in Palestine, where they were born. They are 15-yelu'-old Reuben, "it genius who knows enough to he a rabbi now"; 13-year-old Neehama; 11-year-ohl Solomon; 6V-year-ohl AI)- raham Naehum; and 7.1<,-year-ohl Rose. Purim is a time for merry-making, but Rabbi Krakovsky will think Of (Cont. on Page 8, Col. 3) RABBI LEVI KRAKOVSKY ..heisamysticl