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March 1, 1929     The Jewish Transcript
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March 1, 1929

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.// Page Eigbt Cb :}UVt Cransmpl "The om. ,..epap.r o, Paoli, Northwest Jewry" March 1, 1929 IChatT) H0000pening to Our People O0000r,the World B4rd's Eye View of the Week's News of Special Interest to Jews Gathered by the J. T. A. PALESTINE FREED FROM LOCUST PLAGUE BY STRONG GALE As in Biblical Times, Wind Saves Crop Jerusalem (J. T. A.)--As in Biblieal times, Palestine was saved from tile locust i)lague which threatened the Spring crop by a wind which SWel)t away the scourge. A strong southwesterly gale drove the locusts into the eastern desert freeing all of Palestine from the pest which wa being fought by the gov- ernment department with flame guns. No crops were damaged. TROTSKY NOW REPORTED ENROUTE TO PERSIA Moscow (J. T. A.)--Conflicting re- ports continue to be current here concerning the whereabouts of Leon Trotsky. Many express the belief that Trotsky is now on his way to Persia. They base their theory on reports that Sokolnikov, the head of the Neft syndicate, is leaving for Persia. The purpose of his trip is said to be to start negotiations m connection ith petroleum supply. MINERAL WEALTH IN DEAD SEA I8 WORTH $4,000,000,000, SAYS SIR HERBERT SAMUEL London (J. T. A.)--The mineral wealth of the Dead Sea, the reputed bed of Sodom and Gemorrah, is es- timated to be eight hundred million pounds Sterling and equivalent of $4,000,000,000, a sum which wouhl be sufficient to pay the expenses of all nations who participated in the World War, declared Sir Herbert Samuel former High Commissioner of Pales- tine, in a lecture he delivered last night at the Westhourne Park Bap- tist Church. The difficulty, however, is, th( former High Commissioner stated that there must necessarily be great delay in obtaining and working the. concession for the extraction of this wealth. Sir Herbert expressed the belief that Palestine, when developed fully under the British Mandate would create an opportunity for three million Jews to settle and live there tinder the best conditions. "There is in every respect cause for satisfaction with the British work in the Holy Land," he said. BUILDING , IATERIAL Distributors Reoo Fluter San Juan Limn Medusa White Cament f00ra/th Established 1891 GALBRAITH DOCK MAin 8700 PHONE CAPITOL 0033 Send Veer Washing to the Nelson Laundry lS lbL Wet WMh ..................... $0.65 16 lb|. Combination ................. 0 90 Plain Work 11 Ironed Rough Dry (with etarch) .... 10c per lb. 15 lbs. Rough Dry (no staren ...... !.20 lronalL 14 lbs ......................... 1.=5 Wa Make a Npeelal#y of Curtain-, COMPLAIN TOO MANY I DOCTORS IN PALESTINE Jerusalem (J. T. A.)--The physic- tans of tlaifa have submitted a memor- andum to the Government, states the Iiaifa paper "El Carmel," demanding restrictions on the immigration of physicians to Palestine, on the ground that there are too many doctors already in the country. There were 405 Jewish doctors, in- cluding 127 women, in Palestine at the beginning nf this year, according tn a statement published by the .lew- ish Medical Society. Seven of them were on Government service. 66 work at the ltadassah and 24 in 1,he Work- '  r men s Sick Fund; 17 do not engage in their profession. Jerusalem has 98 Jewish physicians, Jaffa and Tel Aviv, 134, and Haifa 56. ZAGREB MUN[CIPALITY HAS THREE JEWISH MEMBERS Zagrel), Jugoslavia (.I.T. A.)-- Three Jews were elected to the muni- cipal council of Zagreb at the election held here today. One of the three is Dr. Hugo Cohn, president of the Jew- ish community, a Zionist. Dr. Cohn was a member of the former munici- pal council, dissolved when the dic- tatorship came into effect. GERMANY RECEIVES TROTSKY'S APPLICATION Berlin (J. T. A.)--The German For- eign Office, it was announced received today through its Consulate General in Constantinople, the application of Leon Trotsky, exiled Communist leader, for permission to enter and sojourn in t,ermany. Foreign Minister Stresemann re- ferred the application to the Chancel- for. The matter is now being dis- cussed by the Federal Government whose decision is expected in a few (lays. Reports in some newspapers here state that Stalin had requested the German government to refuse Trot- sky permission to enter Germany. ONLY 1500 UNEMPLOYED JEWS IN PALESTINE BRITISH OFFICE REPORTS London (.l. '1". A.)--Fourteen thou- sand Jews have been absorbed recent- Iv in industries in Jerusalem, Jaffa and the forthcoming work on the Hai- fa harhor construction, declares the British Colonial Office in a statement issued today. There are now only 1500 unemployed Jews in the country, he statement says. 229 JEWISH IMMIGRANTS PHONE MAIN 4137 STONE the TAILOR Ben Ro/henber00 1206-1208 Second Avenue SEATTLE, WASH. $10,500 Double corner; 120 x 120; wonderful view; practical- ly level at the foot of Queen Anne Hill; eight furnished apartments; in- come better than H. S. Turner & Son REALTORS 1907 5th Ave. Main 3481 ENTER CANADA IN JANUARY Montreal (J. T. A.)--Two Hundred and twenty-nine Jewish immigrants entered Canada during the last month according to figures just made pub- EINSTEIN MANUSCRIPT ON NEW FIELD THEORY RECENTLY PUBLISHED Berlin (J. T. A.)--At the price el 1 Mark, equiwdent to 25 cents, Ein- stein's new book on his field theory, entitled: "Zur Einheitlichen Fehl- theorie," forming a paml)hlet of six pages, is obtainat)h' here today. It was published under the auspices of the Prussian Academy of Science. The worhl famous scientist's pres- ent achievement is based on an ex- tension of the theory of relativity and constitutes a most l)erfect fusion of mathematic laws of the gravity fichl and the electrodymunic fieht, I)ring- ing them into consonance with one A Woman Who Lives An Ideal (Continued from Page 5) peace conference with Secretary of State Bryan. There was no tangible result. lIaving failed with Wilson, sire sought other channels. 'l?hus Mme. Schwimmer enlisted the interest of Jane Addams, and, together with Ameril'a's foremost woman, founded a Woman's Peace Party. Now fol- h)wed a period of feverish activity. Traveling from coast to coast, she mobilized all that is best in American womanhood. Finally the Woman's Congress took place at the l:lague in 1915, which united 2,000 women of the warring and neutral countries. The conference adopted Mine. Sch- wimmer's plan for a neutral confer- another. Once and her i)roi)(/sal to send wo- men delegations l)drsonally to sub- The New York l)ress displays great . . . :, ,;.' .: ., ,)  mlt the i)lan to the rulers and govern- inbel ( SL In Lne pqDll( ablon OII rol ( '. , ' .  .. . 'ments of the countries involve l in Einstein s manuscrq)t The New , , .... ,,the ])ltn ]he same Congress (on- York Lvenmg Worhl )ubhsina , J. . I stltuted ltselt the Womens lnterna- Wednesday afternoon a ra(lm l)lmT, O-ltional I ea,qw for Peace and Frec.- gra)h tansmflted from B(rhn vm ) l I ' '  ' I dora, witll hme Addams as its 1 res - London to New York of the first ' . , . , ., " ...... ,,% ,, [ dent and lLnslka Schwlmmer its vxce- el Lne i)alnpnlol tile llera|(l - ' " ' " " " illl)resl(lenL Trflmne publlshed a full text I .... I lhat ties 1)lan fell lluough was not translation of the treatise in its issue   ' ' the fault of Mme. Schwimmer. She visited all the neutral government heads more than once. There were protracted negotiations. There was no douht that this tireless woman was being taken seriously. When Wilson definitely refused to support any neu- tral peace conference. Mine. Sch- wimmer turned from official govern- mental (..ircles to the most powerful priwte man in the worhl--ltenry Ford. She so completely won over th- great industrial magnate that he pledged his fi)rtune to carry nut her peace l)hms. The Ford 1 ea.ce Ship l,]xpcdition and the part ]Loslka Sch- wimmer played in it are too well known to need special comment. As is well rememhered, she withdrew GIVNAN ELiot 6028 of January 3lst. The London "Times," cable des- patches state, declares thai, it regards the new theory as the culmination of fieht physics initiated by Farad'ty Maxwell. The American news agencies, the Associated Press, the United Press and the Universal service, distribu- ted extensive cable despatches front European capitals quoting eminent European and American scientists in elucidation of the new Einstein theory and its significance to the further development of scientific thought on the basis of the new conception fur- nished by the Jewish scientist. WOMAN FACTORY INSPECTOR APPOINTED IN PALESTINE Jerusalem (J. T. A.)--Miss Coiner, a member of the, staff of the Zionist Executive in Jerusalem, was appoin- ted inspector of factories I)y the Pal- estine gowwnment. She is the first womanlto hold this post in the country. M&in S045 00IIY 00TO00AG[ M0VlN--PACKI --SIORINS--HIPflN8 Equipped for Efficient Commercial mad Mouhold Berbm 219 Terry Ave. North Seattle Neil McDonald. General Contractor Phone ELIot 5638 808 Seaboard Bldg. Seattle, Wn. SALES LETTERS Carefully planned and written will increase your business. Use the service of lic by the Jewish hnmigrant Aid Society of Canada. Twenty-two H id M ili g B boats which arrived at the ports of e ens a n ureau ttalifax and St,. John, during the month brought 3291 immigrants in MAin 4724 606 Union St. all. SEATTLE The Jewish immigrants were des- Addreing, Multiraphing and Mailing IF You want to Sell or If you want to Buy Real Estate SEE John A. Soully, Ino. tined by provinces as follows; Que- bec 84, 93 for Ontario, 5 for Now Scotia, 24 for Manitoba, 5 for Saskat- chewan, 6 for Alberta, 1 for British Columl)ia, 6 for Prince Edward Is- land, 5 for New Brunswick. There were ten detentions but these were admitted through the intervention of the Legal Aid Del)artment of the Society. JEWISH STUDENTS ARRESTED IN KOVNO Kovno (,l. T. A.)--Partieil)ation of a small group of Jewish students in a general students' demonstration caused the Kovno police authorities to issue a statement declaring "the Jewish students prepared to over- throw the government." The demonstration which took Realtora 200 Railway Exchange Bldg. MAIN 8983 i p==mmm-==========m {)lace yesterday was partieit)ated in eyesu, elm.! vcrsity. The students demanded tim( the government take measures to re- I _ For the Construction of duce the l)riee of admission to thea- / 1 SEATTLE HOMES ] tres and cinemas. Ten Jewish stu- dents were among those arrested.] Mnufactured in SEATTLE at the  ] They are being kept in separate cells ] U only Plaster Factory in the Btate of under the rules of martial law which] Washington. I$old by all Seattle was proclained. /' Dealers. Manufactured by-- i SIMON STEINES 1 THE STANDARD GYPSUM CO. $225,000 I,/: }CHESTER /  W.S. :EITH, M. II "Y" DLDING DRIVEl/ office: Factory: | Alaska Building llaxbor leland Rochester (J. T. A.)--The sum of / $250,000 was contril)uted by Simon/ Illaamm]ll i. Stein of this city toward the|_ __" $1,000,000 campaigu fund for new /[ buildings for the J. Y. M. A.and J. Y. W. A. Besides Mr. Stein has I PUGET SOUND agreed to defray all campaign ex- penses which are expected to amount WINDOW CLEANING COMPANY For General House Cleaning Offices, Homes or Factories. Floor Cleaning, Polishing and Waxing. We Carry Compensation and Liabilily I HInFIJnce Pioneer Building, Seattle Call ELiot 2981 I We tako nythlns. soywbenk any time Webster & Stevens COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS PIiONE MAIN 3743 After December 1st Our Address Will Be 412-/14 VIRGINIA BTREET Investment Counsel For the untrained investor there is now awtilable the service of experi- enced dealers in stocks and bonds. Small investments of listed stocks given special ear(. Partial payment l)lan. Margin accounts on conserva- tive basis. GEORGE L. EDER & C0., Inc. Room a16, 111 4th Ave. Bldg. MAin 2751 "We Serve you as you Save" .J-Barneson OCo. Members Naw York Stock Exchanp Ne York Curb (Aoc/ae) San Franc/see Stock Exchange San Francisco Curb Exchange Lo Angeles Stock Exchange Chicago Board of Trade 7 SECOND AVENUE ELiot 34oo other ofles at San Prancfimo Lee Angeles Hollywood Portland Oakland PRIVATE WIRES The New Superior and WIILYS-KNIGHT Now Ready for Your Inspection See our Dlplay at our Sales Room. Hubner Motor Car Company 4019 West Aluka Btreet WEst 1700 to $50,000. Total pledges for the first (lay of the drive amounted to $347,848, thirty five percent of tim quota. JEWISH LAWYERS OPPOSE ELECTION OF APOSTATES Budapest (J. T. A.)--What is de- scribed as an organized move to cast apostates from positions where they could be regarded as the representa- tives nf the Jewish community was made in the elections this week of a new board in the Budapest Bar As- sociation. The board is usually composed of fifty percent, Christian lawyers and fifty percent Jewish lawyers. In recent years a large numl)er of apos- tate Jews in the legal profession were elected to the board, heing counted as part of the fifty percent allotted to Jews. At the last elections held this week, Jewish lawyers of Budapest united to strike the apostates off the Jewish list. The thmgarian Jews ish weekly "Egyenloeseg" declares that this is the first organized step on the part of the Jewish community against the apostates, whose number has of late greatly increased. ALASKA BTEAMBMIF OOMPANY BaiILnff from Pier 2, eattle, To Ketchikn, Wrangell, Petersburg, Juneau. Cordova, Valdez, Latouche and eward. NEXT BAILINGB SS. ALASKA ...... 9:00 A.M., March 2 SS. YUKON ....... 9:00 A.M., March 9 SS. ALEUTIAN.. 9:00 A. M., March 16 0I'I'Y TIOKET OFFIOB FOURTH AND UNION BT. Phons MAin 4UO from the Ford organization as soon as she realized that its goal couhl never be achieved through its met- hods. When American entered the war she left for Eurol)e and made it her duty to write and lecture about Amer- ica, eml)hasizing only the goo(l quali- ties of the New Worhl, because she hoped that America's prestige in Eurol)e might hasten worhl ])cace. l)csl)itc her strict neutrality, or rat- her he('ause of it, she was soon mis- rel)resented and persecuted by the evil minded on both belligerent sides. The one declared her to be a Gernum spy, and the other that she was an agent of the Allies lhMaunted, until the end of the war, she continued her efforts to hasten its end before a mili- tary victory should l)lunge the world into complete economi(, and social bankruptcy. At the end of October, 1918, when a national comwil of 15 members was formed in ihmgary under Count Mic- hael Karolyi, to take over the royal power, Mine. Schwimmer, though all- sent, was elected one of the Council and remained a member of it until the dnwnfal| of the Karolyi regime. During the same 1)(rind, she was sc letted as Hungary's minister to Swit- zerhmd, a pivotal diplomatic post, in view ()f Switzerland's neutrality during the war. Back in America, Mme. Schwimmer who intellectually and emotionally had become attached to the new world felt out of step. The war-hys- teria had not subsided. There were l)eople who would not forgive her for having tried her best to achieve l)eace hcfore Germany was crushed. Former associates also had grudges against her. Her lectures were boy- co(ted. As a matter nf fact, her lec- ture agent was threatened unless he would take Mme. Schwimmer off his list. The brilliant, popular lecturer was being systematically persecuted. Detective agencies paid t)y unknown sources circulated reports that Mme. Schwimmer was a Bnmhevik, that she was a Gimndist, an agent for the sin- ister capitalists, in short, the whole gamut of the anti-Semitic litany. Crushed by the conventionalities of machine civilization, Rosika Sch- wimmer still fights, protests, chal- lenges-all for her life--embracing ideal--world i)eace.--(Copyright 1(}2(,} by Seven Arts Feature SyMicate.) Here and There GOVERNMENT ADMITS FAMILIES TO PALESTINE Jerusalem (J. T. A.)--Forty-four Jewish families, numbering 107 per- I sons, will be admitted to the country under the decision of the Immigra- lion Department. The group be- [ longs to the category of refugees and l are now stranded in Constantinople. ROUMANIA RATIFIES [ __K_ELLOGG PACT Bucharest (J. '1. A.)--The Rou- manian parliament today ratified the -- t Kellogg eace Pact outlawing war as an instrument of national policy. Deputy Joseph Fischer in a declar- ation, read on behalf of the Club of Jewish Deputies, urged the ratifica- tion ef the pact. KINERET LAKE OVERFLOWS, CAUSING HEAVY DAMAGE Jerusalem (J. T. A.)--Lake Kineret of Biblical fame, overflowed its shores today. Much damage was caused by the waters. Among the properties affected is a piece of land recently purchased by Lord Melchett at Mig- dal, where he is erecting a residence for himself. ENGLAND REFUSES PER- MISSION FOR ZEPPELIN FLIGHT TO EGYPT AND PALESTINE Berlin (J. T. A.)--The English government is said to he unwilling to grant permission for the contem- plated Zeppelin flight from Berlin to Egypt and t alestine. According to reports in the German nationalist press, the London Foreign Office has intimated that a request for permission would not be viewed favorably. COLD AND "FLU" POSTPONES COMMUNITIES CONFERENCE IN HUNGARY Budapest (J. T. A.)--'l'he confer- ence of Hungarian Jewish communi- ties which was scheduled to take place here this month was postponed until March. The interruption in communica- tion due to the extreme cold and frosts, and the spread of the influenza epidemic, were given as the causes for the postponement. NEW ANTI-SEMITIC PARTY TO BE FORMED IN ROUMANIA Middle-Class Elements To Be Drawn In Vienna (J. T. A.)--The creation of a new anti-Semitic party to be drawn mainly from middle class elements, is now the object of Octavian Goga, Roumanian poet and former Minister of the Interior, according to a report in the Roumanian newspaper, "Ade- verul." I The party will have a program I similar to the one formulated by the notorious Vienna Mayor, Lueger, the instigator of the anti-Semitic move- men( in Austria. The party is to be modelled after the old Austrian Christlichsoziale. Goga, it is re- is endeavoring to enlist the tion nf many who were previ- y active in the Cuzist and Aver- escu grouI)s. VETERAN OF FRANCe- PRUSSIAN WAR, DIES IN PARIS AT AGE OF 84 Paris (J. T. A.)--Achille Kahn, one of the last survivors of the France- Prussian war of 1871, died here at the age of 84. He had been decorated with the war medal for valiance. 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The family visas will be good for one year after issuance, hut will become invalid unless applica- tions for renewal for another year are filed with the consul at least sixty days prior to expiration of the first year. The bill will probably be suhmitted for vote in the Senate and if accepted there, will go to the House. The Senate Committee took no ac- tion on the Free bill for giving expert technicians preference quota status or the Box bill to regulate temporary admissions across the Canadian and Mexican borders hy restricting the general provisions of the temporary visitor clauses of the Immigration Law. It was decided to table the Free bill temporarily in order, to afford further tram for consideration of this measure. The Box bill wa referred to a sub-committee consisting of enator King of Utah and Senator Cop(land of New York, who are to decide whether the hearings on this bill should be held by the Senate Committee before the vote is taken thereon. This was done, it is under" stood, because of numerous requests which have been received instating on hearings on this bill. WARSAW KEHILLAH OPEN AGRICULTURAL SCHOOL Warsaw (J. T. A.)--A Jewish agrl" cultural school was opened here uncier the auspices of the Warsaw Kohillah. The Ministry of Agriculture under" took to grant the school a subsidy of 500 Zlotys monthly, in addition to an f 1 000 Zlotys initial allotment o , 17 WORKERS SENTENCED FOR COMMUNIST MEETING i . 'IS el Aviv (J. T. A.)--Sentences were mposed on 17 workers, including 8 women who were recently arrestea 'on the' charge of holdin an illegal meeting. Fourteen of ti,m. workers :were sentenced to 15 days mprm.o o 'mcnt or fines of 3 pounds, one. Wo sentenced to 30 days or o pounu, girls wero acquitted. lit.'tt#f##tt#t# )tltt#ttttttt 1