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February 19, 1926     The Jewish Transcript
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February 19, 1926

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Page Eight 3e00msb transcr00! "The Home "..paper of Northwest ,Te[T.' ' A Tried and True Servant of the People Phillip Tindall was born in Wash- ington, D. G., and has lived in Seattle 21 years He went to France with the old 2nd Washington (161st) Infantry, was wounded in the Argonne Drive, Phillip Tindall SPOKANE LODGE TO HONOR BIRTHDAY OF IDA BLUEN STRAUS At a regular meeting of the Ida Bluen Straus Auxiliary, No. 5 2. O. B B., Spokane, Washington, which was held in September 1925, a motion was made and carried that we, in some way commemorate the birthday of Ida Bluen Straus, after whom our auxiliary is so named. We have a good many members in our organi- zation to whom there is no meaning to that name except that it is the name by which we are known, and as chairman of the committee appointed I was to have a paper ready on the life of our heroine for the meeting nearest to her birthday. First, on going into details, I was informed that the name was not Ida Blum Straus, as the papers had it, but Ida Bluen Straus. There- fore from now on we are to be known as the "Ida Bluen Straus, Auxiliary". Ida Straus was the daughter of Nat- han Bluen, a merchant and manufae- tureriof New York City, who came to the United States din'ins the summer of 1849 Ida Bluen was born in Worms Germany, on February 6th, 1849. She was six months old when brought to America, and was reared in New York City, attending public school No. 42. She was married to Isadore Straus on July 12th, 1871. Her father Mr. Bluen was a member of Temple Ema- nu-el New York City and Mr. and Mrs. Straus were members of Temple Beth-El, 5th Avenue and 76th street of New York. CANDIDATES NOW BEFORE THE 1 ELECTORS AS WORTHY OF SOL- ID SUPPORT. PHILLIP TIN- DALL HAS PROVED BY TEST HIS CAPACITY TO SERVE SEAT- TLE IN THE COUNCIL CHAM- BER. MEN WANTED--To learn Life Insurance Salesmanship. Weekly guaranteed compen- sation  hile learning. J. P. FORDYCE, State Manager The LINCOLN NATIONAL LIFE INSURANC COMPANY 1521-22 L. C. Smith Bldg., Seattle, Wash. COMPLETE /iutomobile Service Thoroughly Equipped Shop Efficient Workmen Reasonable Prices Knowledge of Our Line Cheerful Willingness Make up the complete Service offered by Robt. S. Taylor 401 EAST PINE STREET SEATTLE WE COLLECT WINTER PALESTINE By Abbi-Samuel As the last Chanukah candle burns to an end, the Palestine summer which has continued for over ten months passes finally away and win- ter is here! The rains have started. Not in vain has the parched earth been waiting for the rains; they have come, pour down in torrents, bring- ing with them ice-cold, biting winds. The skies have become unrecogniz- able. For ten months they have been blue--drenched with the lucent glory of the fiery sun; now they are black and sinister-looking--ana it rains! It is winter. Feb 19, 1926 A Sound Investment Improved corner, 90x128 on 12th Avenue, just off Pine Street. Reduced to $10,500 for immediate sale. Terms. An exceptional buy. 200 ALASKA BUILDING MAIN 5341 A few weeks ago we were celebrat- ing the arrival of the colors of the Jewish Legion--the Jewish flag. They brought them from England--and there were rejoicings and ceremonies and speeches, and people thought about things. It may be that those people are right who say that this is not the time for the Jewish flag. On the borders of Palestine there is blood- I shed and fighting. In Palestine it- self the winter has come, and unem- MORTGAGE LOANS MORTGAGE INVESTMENTS plownent is rife. It is not the time for'festivities, they say. Maybe they Real Estate Contracts Purchased. areright. There may be something p $ el" in what they say, they may have I e or a e ecurl les justification for their anxiety and FURNACES Agents for the Old Reliable Bcyn- m ton and America Furnaces. All kinds of Furnaces Repaired. their continual fear and sense of fore- boding. Some will say that it is the Galutla mentality, but, after all, we are still only on the threshold of national freedom, and patience is a praiseworthy trait. The Zionist Executive in London decided to transfer the banner of the FINLAY & ROBB, Inc. TAR AND GRAVEL ROOFING--EVERYTHING IN SHEET METAL W. E. O'Brlen, MOr. Phone MAIn 3704 90 Lenora St., Seattle (PAID ADV.) PromoteCarroll When you "make good on the job" you ex- pect promotion--a better job at better pay. Councilman John E. Carroll has MADE GOOD. He asks for promotion. YOU hired him in 1920. He MADE GOOD. You re-hired him in 1921 and in 1924 you ex- pressed your confidence in him by giving him the largest vote ever accorded a councilman candidate. WHY? BECAUSE CARROLL MADE GOOD. Councilman Carroll lives in the University District, but HE IS THE BEST FRIEND IN THE CITY COUNCIL ANY DIS- TRICT EVER HAD, because he got for every district what the people wanted and needed. When you asked for service you found John E. Carroll at work in his quiet, but forceful and intelligent manner GETTING RESULTS. He has demonstrated by actual experience he has the executive, judicial and legislative ability, the vision and courage that qualify him better than any other candidate for Mayor of Seattle. Promote JOHN E. CARROLL. Elect Him MAYOR of SEATTLE Elect Carroll Mayor Headquarters 212 Douglas Bldg. 4th and Union Phone MAin 2740 REMEMBER.* WHEN YOU GO TO THE POLLSPull That Lever DOWN Like This: FOR MAYOR (VOTE FOR ONE) MR. COHEN REPRESENTS THE AETNA LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY J. H. BAIRD, General Agent 282 CENTRAL BUILDING SEATTLE Telephone MAin 0169 Sales and Service NAGELVOORT-STEARNS CADILLAC CO. 12th and East Madison, SEATTLE a CAD I L LAC Incorporated 4544 University Way Kenwood 3428 City Block, 240 x 240; ten minutes from Pike and First; one block to deep water dock and railroad. 27,000 Cash. Full Price. Paved on four sides. UniversityOn 10th Ave., N. E. 80 x 100 improved; right in the best block of this wonderful street. 15,000 on Terms Best investment on the street. See Mr. McKernan THE MOST RECENT DEVELOPEMENT OF MODERN LIFE INSURANCE SERVICE INSURANCE EMPLOYEES SALARY BUDGET SPECIALIZES ON A, tou I00ohen On the Roll of Honor and among the splendid public tributes to wel: known men and women appears the following. "Isador and Ida Straus" who that hereafter writes of Isador Straus can fail to write of Ida Straus? Linked in loyal life they were joined forever in a noble death. If Isador Straus was a great merchant, a great Philanthropist, a clear headed econ- omist and a noble citizen, Ida Straus was a great woman, also a great phil- anthropist a noble mother, a and loving wife. If Isador Strat the patriarch and honored head of great family, Ida Straus was the se- rene and indispensable mistress of an honored home. If Isador Straus was a civic and commercial power, Ida Straus was a social and domestic force. If Isador Straus, after life of honor- able living died a hero's death, so Ida Straus, after 40 years of loyal loving, found of her own choice a heroiness end. The beautiful examples of noble living and of noble dying meet in these remembered names. In an age of material absorbtion they have given a new and gentler illustration of the fidelity and ten- derness of love. In an age of domestic disloyalty and divorce they have wreathed a fadeless beauty around the deathless tie of marriage. In life they were united, in death they refused to be divided. As the world was better for their united liv- ing, so it shall be better for their loyal and undivided death. In attempting to give this paper on the life of Ida Bluen Straus, it was almost impossible not to mention the beauty of her heroic death, and the comments upon it and in summing up her life and her death, we cannot help but say that Spokane, choose wisely when they chose h . for our B'nai B'rith Auxiliaey. nm; our vloto: ervice, Fidelity and De- votion, was the embodiment of all that she held sacred. Bessie W. Copeland I Warren Blue Ribbon INVESTMENTS i God had blessed him and given him LYON VAN & IdaStraus. Isador and Ida Straus were two per- STORAGE Co. i sons with a single thought, beloved and adored each other in life, in death 2112 Sth Ave. MAiN 1792 they were not separated. their flag! They did not provoke any- one, but neither would they degrade themselves. In Bether--just outside Jerusalem--the legionaries were met by the members of the Jewish Opera Company and--after thousands of years of foreign domination--the Bether mountains, the Bar-Buchbah fortifications, rang with the sound of the Shofar when the Jewish banner was raised aloft! And now we have winter, and rains and cold winds. There is lmempioyment all over the world. But here in Palestine it fills us with terror. Tel-Aviv has 2,000 unemployed. The ships bring more workers and it is winter, it is raining and cold. The elections to the Assifath Haniv- eharim are concluded. Our highest legislative assembly is about to be opened. Will it be strong and wise enough to combat unemployment? How long will our winter last? Be- nmd the black clouds there is the sun trying to break through. Another month and the spring will come down from the mountains and the valleys will be green. Will our fears go with the spring? Will our hopes again be fied?7(Copyright 1926 by Jewish grapnie Agency, Inc.). A Service to Meet Every Need GArfield 0044 RIMBOLD LAUNDRY WET WASH ROUGH DRY SEMI-FINISHED who had been his companion for so many years was true to the history of that earlier Ruth, and preferred not to leave him with those biblical W ; tOed. Entreat me not to leave At Temple Beth-el where Mr. and Mrs Straus had been members, I mourning services were held and !many relatives were present. The services were conducted by Rev Dr. Samuel Schulman, who for 14 years had been closely associated with them both, and in part of his eplogy in commemorating on the wonderful Jew, Isador Straus had been and all the wonderful things he had accomp- lished, and of how bravely he had died, and what had enabled Mr Straus to do al these things was that @ i Look for the Big, White, Padded i Vans. Expert Packers of China, Brtca-a-Brack, etc. Mrs. Straus was interested in char- Where others fail. No charges when American Troops inaugurated ities, and was for some years, and up unless collections made. Tryus. the drives that led to victory. On to the time of her death, President Jewish Legion to Jerusalem. If a of recreation rooms, and Settlement, Rainier Collection Co. banner is just a matter for national- his return to Seattle he was elected which she founded some 15 years be- 535 Burke Bldg. ELliott 0497 ists, for fascists, then this one could to the City Council and has served fore her death in order to give the two terms in that body. During the young working of the lower East Side easily have remained in London. if the banner is the symbol of our past two years he has been Chairman opportunities for healthful recreation liberation, the visible memento of the of the City Utilities Committee which and amusement I heroic days when our Jewish has jurisdiction over the watel, light_ She was also a member of the We_ RhotOll fought for the liberation of mg and street railway systems. He mens Auxiliary of the Educational in a manner reminiscent of the is vigorously pushing the Diablo dam Alliance, of which Mr. Isador Straus You'll See Maccabeans, then the banner is a as the next step in Skagit develop- was for many years and up to his symbol of great things, an object of ment, and the Cedar River--Lake death President. MARCH 21st pride. Jerusalem welcomed the flag in a .Youngs aqueduct to complete the Ida Bluen Straus went to her death ] They brought the banner to Tel- manner worthy of Jewish tradition mportant Lake Youngs reservoir pro- together with her husband on Sunday, , lit closely guarded in the Town Hall the legionaries and marched to ether ,I Aviv, the Jewish city, and they kept Thousands of Jews went ()tit to meet jeer on which the city to date has April 14, 1912, while a passenger on spent nearly four million dollars. Board the ill-fated Steamship Titanic again clinging to her husb-a '-.:* / earn:nhthusnds-.f Jews halt to go and with them along the narrow, gsteep Mr. Tindall has been active in the which was making her maiden voyage ......... ,* ,. ..... uKu m eaten a gnmpse sreets. Through our ancient city of development of bus transportation from Southampton, England, to New t;;illYe;iyyYuehrsoV,;,aeT  ::r@et:hYs liaketn 2u: l#uthe JhrCmy !h d dtiw; h egnlgil!; in connection with the Street Bail- York with 2340 passengers on board, ? waht n d t way System and in the improvement out of which only 745 people survived, and extension of that system. He is making a total of 1595 deaths ..... ast seen arm in arm watching bravely in the eden  And who ........ o1._,_1_. , g .... sh - .... - .... ......... o lneKnina weeps Ior ne exile of the a member of the Stree[s and Sewers Mrs. Straus had been safely stowed tnette ooa punaway ne Jewish Legion?--had it beent Jewish nation the  ' Committee on which he has served in a boat when she called to her maid . . hldd away? The rev}smnlsts have'by the High 'ComnnieraWra, S agnrte a m. Jennings Bryan who had been r en four years, and of the Judiciary and to take her place and rushed back That it was a pleasure to know, that which the thing was done. We are [ by the venerable labbis of Jerusalem a colleague of Mr. Straus m 1892 said" p otested against the shnkmz fashion I the Can,,l  +h o .... Y Franchise Committee. to where her husband stood. She re- "" " " in " ............. - ,rea rowers and no seeking to revoke th THIS IS AN ENVIABLE RE- risted all efforts to be put aboard  . n not afraid, wh s" " .... but|There were speeehesand prayers, and Mr Straus was a hero a d P e Arabs CORD IN THE FIELD AND PUB-  ut 1 was uirerent in Jerusalem ]mass" had the time come? and st is sweet to know that the wife y noul(1 we aegrade ourselves? ]a tremor passed over the assembled LIC FORUM. CLEAN, HONEST EXPERIENCED, THERE ARE FEW I There it was given a brave reception. The legionaries who took it to Jeru- salem showed themselves proud of INCORPORATED ELiot 6767 750 CENTRAL BLDG.