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February 15, 1929     The Jewish Transcript
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February 15, 1929

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February 15, 1929 1  r ,&apos;The HOmeNorthwestNewepaperjewry,,OI Pacific Page Sevan ' ' be happy to hear that she is improv- Scav0tto Cites .._Needs ing after her recent illness. T.e Vanco.w,r C,,neordia TO Better The City MCKNZ'S are having an active season with sph;ndid attendance at all their hmcheon meetings. Of the sphmdid The rise of James Scavotto, eandir Sl)eakers that it has 1)ecn their good date for the city council at the Feb- 0000 ew Brullgalow IiIi1 fortune to hear one was Professor J. rttary primaries, reads like a page. Vancouver Seward of the University of British torn from the ltoratio Alger series. Jute at the End of thenrlck Pavement on thaNorth Trunk HIGhway Columbia who as an authority on Scavottowasborll inst. Louis, Me., -- International affairs took as his sub- February 21, 1891. There were eight Savory dinners and refreshments--the beat On Saturday morning, February ject "The Year Post." IIe eml)ahsiz- chihlren in the family. At the death the land provides 9th, Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Allen, ed the possible adwmtages of the of his father, James then only six celebrated the Bar Mitzvah of their Kellogg-Briand Peace Treaty and years of age, began sclling newspapers For Reaervatlos Phone 8024 GEO. W. McKENZII, son, Leslie Alexander, at Congrega- gave a rcsunm of worhl condit{ons. A to help earn a living. Loni Distance, Edmonds Prop. tion Beth Israel with Rev. S. Gold- recerit speaker that was greatly en- Ha attended school until he was seen performing tile service. A splen- joyed was Mr. A. Knox Walker, mere- sixteen years of age, when he started (lid address was given by the Bar her of the Legislative Asscmbl who Mitzvah. Tile subject of Rev. Gohl- because of his interesting experiences .................. ston's sermon was "Religion" when as an officer of the Engineering corps hc explained the differences between that served in Egypt and Palestine Hot Corn Beef and the libcrM type of worship and the during the war, had much of interest ,,ll/--.... dflm,.m,m,d. orthodox. Following the service to relate. Mr. Walker entered Jeru- B' Itllt# forty guests were entertained at a salem with Lord Allenby's troops. hmcheon given it, the Blue Room of Beat It" Kosher Delicatessen For Your Parties--Beer on Draught tile Vancouver Hotel by Mr. and A dinner for members and their Mrs. Allen, in honor of their son. wives and friends will be sponsored i Many telegrams were read by Mr. by the Concordia Club on February Table d'Hote, seven course BRASS RAIL Mot Brotman who acted as toast- 16th, at tile Hotel Vancouver. master. Congratulatory addresses Broiled Chicken Dinner were made by Mrs. E. R. Sugarman, r-r HOT SANDWICHES OUR Mr. lIarry Rosenbaum, Mrs. J.E. l heatres +l.TS SPE,L,, Sameth of Seattle, Alvin Rosenbaum and Mr. Brotman. With Dancing 1217 THIRD AVE. MAIN 1593 __ Opp. Nothsrn Life Toter __ Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rosenbaum have moved to their new home on { jrt)heu m Special Features Thursday 49th Avenue. Miss Rat Samuels, tile "Blue COFFEE DAN Mr. and Mrs. L. Ripstein were hosts OPEN NOON TO MIDNIGHT at a formal dance on Saturday even- Streak of Vaudeville" will head the NIGHT ing February 9th, at the Montefoire diverting Washington's birthday 1Ad Club, honoring Mrs. Louis Leipsig week billat the Orpheum this coming  Wake R0bi... e of Winnipeg, who is the guest of her week. Rat Samuels will offer a cycle sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and of little songs thru which she will James Scavotto Phone Laklde 126 Mrs. L. Pea'less. spread cheer and pep aplenty. Friday Open All Winter Every Day Expt Another sterling feature is that of out to make a name for himself. COLLEGE o.Oa, Mr. Richard Kean, the eminent Twenty-one years ago he came to CHICKEN and STEAK Mrs. S. Rosenbaum of Denver. dramatic actor who will offer a Seattle and went to work. with Carnival Effects Colorado, is visiting her son and repertoire of scenes from his various DINNERS $I.50 daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rosen- dramatic successes. He soon entered business for him- baum. self and since then has built up a fine  Afternoon Teas andBridge Parties Frank Mitchell and Jack Durant, trade in the dairy products, operat- the tw cmedians wh created a I in tw strex in t'he Oaten City Mar- R Hotel On Lake Waehlngton Boulevard Mr. and Mrs. Mot Koeningsberg ' " " ' " "- ....... sensation m Hit The Deck are also I knt ose 1] Miles South of Bellevue have moved into their beautiful new featured and will offer a hilarious I -Ite is married and has two sons, ][ home on Nanton Avenue. comedy skit. Don Lee and Mlle .... -- Louise will be seen in "Dance Moods" one attcndmg the Unlverslty of Wash- ,,om forgetsinw'hichtheyareassistedbvIlear ingtn' the ther in the public schl'anything will present atreatl m. ot tram BUTLER M.mklq L S The many friends of Mrs. Mot Trudina and AII Wilon axton Announcing his platform, Mr. Sca- Brotman are happy to hear that she ,-, +--, -- :',+ % ", '[voteD says, "I believe I can serve It, " ne bOy men,at marvel WhO never, )Pea ?fcS tmi ,a)utcni:s 3 is convalescing after her recent ill-thepe cat o}lncil -in menthololy that will thrill , hess. 1 -- Lea ](licks will be presented especial- tug. . , . . Mr. Harry J. Allen has returned ly for the children--they offer a di- "I stand for bettermen ot our s+ree+ CAFE from an extended trip to Toronto verting wonder act of fairy tales, railway system. I desire to see that and Montreal. the waters of Lake Washington and Phyllis Hayer, the blonde beauty of the screen will head tile Orpheum Green Lake are purified. Senate Pass Amendment Chop Sue), and Mr. and Mrs. Milton Stark (nee screen fare in Pathe's epic of the "I am against the reckless expendi- Isabelle Benjamin of Calgary) are underworld entitled "The Shady tare of the taxpayer's money for pro- now in Vancouver where they will Lady" in which she is supported by jects that are, at their best, agamble. To Natnralizati0n taw Chow-Mein mae their home. Louis Wolheim and Robert Arm- "I favor the development of our pub- __ lie utilities, and I believe the solving 4/so american Dishes strong. "Shady Lady" was directed by E. H. Griffith from the story by of the major problems of the city is Washington (J. T. A.)--The Sen- ' ate passed Senator Copeland's bill Only Original Chlnese Mr. Max Grossman left for the cast Jack Jungmeyer. more important than bickering over on Thursday to legalize the entry of where he will visit Montreal, Ottowa As an added feature for Tuesday the petty things." Vale in ,4merlca and Toronto. night, the Orpheum. patrons will be aliens who entered the United States permitted to remain in their seats unlawfully prior to July 1, 1924, pro- . -. - The Home of Chinese and Friends of Mrs. David Levy will for the weekly Pacific Coast R+dio COMEDIENNE HEADS StatesVtded theYcontinuouslyhave resldedsincem thetheyUmteden_ Amerlema Dishes. be sorry to hear of her illness ill Cal- Keith-Orpheum Broadcast Hour, im- tered, are of good moral character DANCING EVERY NIGHT gary where she went to visit her mediatly after the regular perform- SPLENDID SHOW AT and are not subject to deportation, startlngatnlneo'clock parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Gescheit. ante. This bill would enable all aliens who For Washington's Birthday, next 5TH AVE THEATRE entered prior to July 1, 1924, to be- 507 MAYNARD AVENUE Mr. E. R. Sugarman has returned Friday, the Orpheum will give three . come American citizens, but even shows with special patriotic features. from Victoria where he has been the if passed by the IIouse and it becomes past few weeks. A-J .... 1,'J---- Charlotte Greenwood and the eriE- a law, aliens who have not been in -- 1VICttOOllElli inal "Good News" chorus top the the United States at least five years ship unless he has resided eontin- will have to wait until the expiration uously in the United States at least Mrs. James E. Sameth of Seattle __ ineomingprogram, scheduled to open of such period, since five years is the was the guest of her sister and broth- "Autumn Fire," by T. C. Murray, at the Fifth Avenue on Friday. As ,receding the date of the er-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. to which followers of the first Circuit a portion of the Fanchon and Marco time limit for deporting unlawfully within the county for Allen last week end, to attend the Repertory company of the Moroni Idea, the production is replete with entered aliens and only those aliens at least six months; that he has re- Bar Mitzvah of her nephew, Leslie Olsen players have looked forward colorful stage settings and pretty who are subject to deportation come sided continuously within the United Alien on Saturday. with eagerness since it was announced girls. Miss Greenwood will appear within the scope of the bill. States from date of petition to date -- in the com any's re ertor for the in her newest andmost hilarious stage This bill now goes to the House, of citizenship; that if tile alien re- where it will probably be amended turns to the country of his allegiance Friends of Miss Ruth Mahrer will current yea w'ill be #iven iYonight at I at.t, ."Her Morning Bat|"_a turn restricting legalization only to and remains therein continuously the Metropolitan Theatre, with most I sala o nirnlsn .ne angmar r wLo, by of the favorites, including Moroni many opportunitiesforlaughmaking, those aliens who entered prior to more than six months and less than July 1, ]921, a difference of thre( one year during theperiod immediate- Olsen, Janet Young, Dorothy Alums, Twenty girls and eight boys form yedrs, since the Schneider bill, the ly preceding the date of filing the Leers Thatcher, Lois Hunt, Byron the chorus which comes to Fanchon Foulger, Joseph H. Williams +and and Marco direct from the record counterpart of this measure in citizenship petition', the continuity House, contains the 1921 instead of of residence required for citizenship Addison Riehards. breaking runs in New York and Los 1924 provision. ]f so amended, the shall be presulned broken but may Moroni Olsen, who takes the role Angeles. A feature of this chorus bill will then have to go to a confer- lie overcome by the presentation of of Owen Keegan, the outstanding is the precision with which every ence between respective conference satisfactory evidence of reasonat)le character in the play, has recently step is given in the ensemble hum- committees of the Senate and the cause for iot returning prior to the LAST WEEKI POSITIVELY ENDS THURSDAY returned from a tour of the world bers. Other players of importance House. hi view of the numerous expiration of six months. Absence NIGHTI DON'T MISSI and makes his bow to his friends for in the "Good News" idea are, Alter- other measures awaitin action be- from American one year or more con- the first time this year, in this im- bury & Gillam, Ronald Tomlinson, fore adjournment of Congress this tinuously during the period imme- JESSEL portant character--one of the finest Be PeePn ,h Karlinreen.,and,,sGraYr nand Grayce., " goin'gdelay toCaUSedconferencebY themayneCessityprevent thef thediatelYcitizenshipprecedingpetitionthe dateshallof breakfiling GEORGE that lle has ever portrayed, and one 0 t e sc ,+t age Gargo, pecuharly adapted to Ins presence an all talking Pathe fihn will share bill to become a law prior to the ad- the continuity of residence required --IN-- and genius, honors with the Fanchon and Marco' "Autumn Fire" is offered in the Idea. ournment of Congress. for citizenship. "LUCKY BOY" mid-season in contrast to the opening Annearin currently a< the Fifth The 1)ill as passed bv the Senate Any individual over 21 claiming and concluding plays that the corn- +.-.'_Z_ :_ 3_d.. A,,3:', + . ontains various other i)rovisions re- citizenship through the naturaliza- puny has scheduled, both of which ;;uus2? it ny U;o3ciglitl)(( - gardin naturalization, including the tiou of his parent, or husband may are comedies, while this play is a , , , v ' ' ' " " i ""k .... a ,, . ........ ptowslon that no declaration of n- secure a certificate of citizenship for powerful human tragedy, from the sev;r;lSs;e2 "andvsstb31s S3ngeS tention to become a citizen shall be a fee of $10. At present no provision HiS big Wonderscreen"Talking-Singing"Triumph, havePCn of a playwrightthe equalWhse critics i3ting (ance?d u'lywoOd stt ' madeentranceUntil lawful entry for porman- for such certificates are provided by rated him of Yeats )t tt::ttiAsCatm(UaS ent shall have bccn estab- law and these will be very valuable and Synge in the writing of folk cast of principals complete the cast. hshed and a certificate showln d i to those aliens who derive their cit- izenship through others. lac( and manner ot ar v Ais0 Mack Sennett's all Talklng "The Brides drama. The screen feature,, is an all talking,, nave P ;'been tasteD' "' "a a cost of +5 00 The bill also provides for photo- Comedy Relations" Aside from the real tremendous farce comedy, The Ghost Talks, ' ' ..... graphs of applicants for citizenship emotional grip of the drama, the with Carme| Myers, Helen Twelve- each. for both the declaration of intention lines are of remarkable beauty, carry- ! trees and Charles Eaton having the LegMlzatlon of the alte.n s ing in them all the lyric charm of the principal roles, under the Copeland bill will become and the certificate of naturalization. Irish dialect. Max Bradfield and his band con- appl!cal)le, on}m n , ---,,-,+,-upndthe'+exprer- At present no photographs are re- "Autumn Fire" is one of the most tribute several smart and tuneful ques o ne .a e ..... .   quired. :' noteworthy dramas that this group musical arrangements cany. xne allen woum De omlgeu o has produced since it launched itself  ......... malc a satisfactory showing to the LONDON JEWS HOLD as the first Circuit Repertory corn- Commissioner General of Immigra- BENEFIT FOR BESARABIAN puny in the West.  s_  I tion that he complied with the re- FAMINE SUFFERERS LAST WEEK--POSITIVELY ENDS THURSDAY NIGHT! l00to quirements as mentioned and upon ACQUITTAL OF ANTI- SE- 1- complying with the same, the regis- London (J. T. A.)--A benefit per- T t tratlon of his legalized status would formance was given at the .:Yiddish WARNER BROTHERS' GREAT "100% ALL- MITIC MURDERER MAY LEAD I | +t1,11,1F rr be made by the Commissioner Gen- Theatre in London's East End to TALKING" VITAPHONE SENSATION. TO CHANGE IN JURY SYSTEM . , jvj H j I eral of Immigration for a fee of $20 raise funds to aid the famine stricken "Stark Mad'  . and thereupon a certtficate of arrival Jews in Besarabia. Nicholas Titel- Vienna (J. T. A.)--The necessity r]T'z. 11+..11 would be issued. It should be noted escu, Roumanian Minister to Eng- for introducing a change in the Aus- . (] t) (JtL that this will probably, in an indirect land, attended. trian jury system was discussed at the manner, bring into effect the volun- last meeting of the Austrian cabinet, tary registration scheme of Senator The question came up in connection "Foremost lyric tenor of the world" Blease which has been temporarily PALESTINE CHIEF with with the repeated acquittals of self- describes Tile Schipa the young Its- sidetracked in the House. Despite RABBI'S FATHER DIES lian singer who holds his listeners the fact that the registration compre- H. B. WARNER- JACQUELINE LOGAN- LOUISE confessed murderers and particularly FAZENDA- HENRY B. WALTHALL and others, in connection with the acquital of spell-bound with the supreme beau- hended by the Copcland bill refers Jerusalem (J. T. A.)--Sholom Sal- Oscar Pocff], the killer of the Jewish ty of his voice where ever he appears only to those aliens of whom there man Kook, father of Chief Rabbi A. THRILLS! ROMANCE! MYSTERY! journalist, Bruno, Wolff, ono of th, m eoncet. Sctnpa, who has truun- is no notice of legal admission, J. Kook died here at the age of 85. editors of the Neus Wiener Journal. phantly enthMled Europe and Amer- whereas the Blease bill was intended Press and publie opinion condemned lca. wi[ be presented bv the Women's to cover all aliens who might desire If you liked "The Terror" the verdict as an, outrage. The anti- Federation at Meany'Hall on Wed- to secure certificates of arrival. Th0 you'lllike Stark Mad Semitic papers and organizations neday evening, February 27th. Hte Blease bill, it will also bc recalled,: :allied around Poeffl,who was closely is successfully fulfilling his seventh contained no provision for legaliza: "The Message of ' associated with the anti-Semitic season concert tour in America. tion but only for voulntary registra- movement here, although he, himself, From early childhood Schipa, has tion. However, the good (tone by Krishnamurti" I I /11 - I I was of J0wish origin, having been attracted wide attention and his the Copeland bill in legalizing the ..TH-rY"  BIGorl 8+ B.TT4". /MOW &T T4...._.. .... baptised as a boy by his parents ..... i-al trainin- has been very status of many aliens offsets the ob- " ...m-- +--------I  ml 'L'-''...,t. ur:,hq--)rfecti" trai(-[J ectin to the inauguration of the Alecture of unusual interest In an official "statement issued, it thuuus,. , ...... I  -, - '. .... was declared that the cabinet has in- ed voice he is able to portray thepure-] registration practlce, winch wd!. re- --by-- structed the Minister of Justice to ly lyric' and viv'tdlv dramatic, and cat)- I sut trom ne expecaton. tla anens. draft a bill for the abolition of the t:ivate his audience. Today his sing- should produce certffic.ates of arrival present jury system and the instal- ira, is known throughout the world Furthermore, the registration and D. RAJAGOPAL lation of a'jur'v senate, whereby six for its richness of iuality and ex -I issuance of arrival certificates plan M.A., LL.B. 00NOW! o. SrA0000' ill btrymen andjur: p. ower of judgmentt'hree judges will "haVenow held by quisiteness of interpretation. under the Copeland bill is really an- International organizer 6f the lla0 R P HEUM + Tickets for the coming concert are voidable in these cases, since aliens Order of the Star not very well dispense with the neces- RAMON CHARLOTTE GREENWOOD jury. selling at. $1.50, $2.00, $2.50 and $3.00, who desire their status legalized can- and may be exchanged at Sherman, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19 Clay and Company and at the Uni- sity of documentary evidence in NOVARRO in FANCHON & MARCO'S THI NlW versity Bookstore. The student ex- their own possession to prove this. at 8 P. M. IDEA OF change is set for+February 21 and 22 The bill also provides for prowng and the regular sale will be from, the residence of applicants for citi- Spanish Ballroom, Olympic H M B th" February 22 to 27 inchtsive, zenship in the county where the peti- Hotel --IN-- " er 0ruing a Tm,.s SQUARE The next con0ert to be held under tioners reside at the time of filing the "The Flying Fleet" Max Bradfield and Band Orpheum CircuS;' Vaudeville the auspices of the University of petition by affidavits of two witnesses lra anmssIol and Best Feature Ploturel Washington Women's Federation will who are citizens of the United States be the Rachmanin6ff piano concert, that no alien be admitted to citizen- News of Northwestern Cities Everett_ ] All items for insertion in this column should i "t)e submitted to the Everett Curroapondont of [ The Jewish Transcript, Mrs. M. Silvcrstono, ] 3501 lIoyt Ave., Everett, Wash. ] The regular monthly meeting of the J. C. R. S. was hehl at the home of Mrs. S. Glassberg, Wednes- day evening. Many interesting top- ics were (tiscussed and a pleasant social hour followed the meeting. A very pleasant evening was en- joyed when Mrs. A. Levy, 2110 Lom- bard Street entertained at one of the Council of Jewish Women monthly card parties Prizes were awarded Mrs. L. Sherman and Mrs. Lot Gof- fee. The Montifiore Congregation heht their regular monthly meeting Tues- day evening, Mr. I. J. Sherman pre- siding. A very successful card party was held at the home of Mrs. Max Esltcr 2510 Racker Avenue, in the form of a box social and several novelties were introduced during the evening. The proceeds of the party were used toward the community fund, for building purposes. Several prizes were awarded. Tacoma All tewns for irmertion in this column should be submitted to the Tacoma Corresponden of The Jewish Transcript. Mia 1)orothy Meier, 1523 North Oakcs, Tacoma. Wash The Sisterhood Sewing group met at the home of Mrs. Leon Kleiner in the Walker Apartments last Wednes- day afternoon. Miss Ruth Comber, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Comber, is eonwtlescing at the Tacoma General l!osifital. The Council of Jewish Jailors had a regular meeting Monday night. Phms for a trip to the mountain were discussed, ands]so smother big Jun- ior Council dance is on its way, to arrive sometinm in May in the 'form of a spring sport dance. A book re- port by Miss Dorothy Meier started a long discussion on some big issues of the day. The committee in charge of the refreshments was Miss Her- tense Sharer, Miss Rose Wciser, and Mr. A1 Kremen. Miss Freda Seas of Spokane, who has been visiting at the home of her fiance's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. i Warnick, left for her home Tuesday, February 12th. - The Council of Jewish Women, Mrs. A. Kosher was hostess, Tats- " ......... + --   , sponsore(i a vtoners an( l)augners (lay evening I,O l+ne memuers oi [.ne ,  lr. I TT , +- ., . . , ,,, .e t luncneon at tne vvlntnrop llotel last t.9ouncll oI dOWlSn vv()men. 2iber ile  ; , temlar meetin Mrs Jatk Ross' aturoay. Aoout 90 attended, and 'g g ' : ' r ' " " we e entertained by an mterestm chatrman of the Program committee ........ g -- ann (tell nlUl re ram presented the following ,+program, I g P g " tittle Isabell and Leonard oldberg ....   ,., . . , ,/ . . .- ..  In nonorot her son, teralu S, sixth in song, Mary lkosner in recitation. , ... ** . .+: . . . . ,  , , + n  i t)lrl;no.ay, lylrs. Max .tvleler ot INorn lvtrs 1 nerman, vlrs. o. ll, OSS_VlrS. I  . N .....  . "" "'''" nd Mrs Max lsterlUaKes ree, enermunea wenty len LioloDerg a . ' children" Saturday, tP ebruary 9th " k " h followedb-sev I m acomeuys e$c , Y ' - Th r m " ' " " ..... "  ,, e DO s were decorated wlthValen- erat vocal numoers an( assist, e,(1 ely J$ in "i" " "" " - l, lne Of, [, l, aDle an(1 refreshments Mrs. B. Elster. Refreshments were '' " ' served. Mrs. S. Silvcrstone returned to her home Saturday evening from a six week's visit with relatives aml friends in Toronto, Canada. Bellingham All items for insertion in this column should be submitted to the Bellingham correspondent of the Jewisb Transcript, Misa Frances Glazer, 2520 "I" Street, Bollingham, Wash. Complimentary to Mrs. D. Dubon- sky, Mrs. Dave Schuman entertMned with a luncheon at the Leopoht Hotel and a theatre party. Mr. Edward Glazer visited with his parents, Mr. att(I Mrs. B. Glazer. Mrs. S. Dubonsky has left for Se- attle where she will visit with her children, Miss Bessie and Mr. Harry 1)ubonsky. Mrs. S. Glazer entertained the Sis- ters of Israel Society at her home on Elm Street. After the business ses- sion was over, the ladies enjoyed card playing. Prizes awarded to Mrs. Ben Gold and Mrs. B. Block. Mrs. D. Share is visiting in Seattle with her daughter, Mrs. It. Jaffe and Mrs. J. Pineberg and her son, Mr. Sale Shure. Victoria All items for insertion in this column should be submitted to the Victoria corrtm The Jewish Transcript, Miss B. 460 Kingston Street, Victoria, B. C. Mrs. ltarry Nuttall has returnee from a 3 months' holiday, visiting with her parents in Notthingham, England, and relatives in Liverpool and London. Mr. H. I. Mallek, of Mallek's Limited, has gone East, visiting Montreal, New York and other asteri' cities, on a buying trip for the firm. Miss Esther Bean has re, turned from Vancouver, B. C., where she attended the dance given by the University of British Cohtmbia. The regular monthly meeting of the Regina Peiser Chapter of the Hadas- sah was held last Thursday afternoon which was followed by a card party given by the Ladies' Auxiliary of the Regina Philo Lodge. The first of a series of silver teas to be given by the members of the Regina Peiser hapter in aid of funds for the Hadassah will be held at the home of Mrs. I. IIerman on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Henry Greenfelder has re- turned to the city from Seattle where he spent the week end visiting rela- tives. carrying out the same idea. Prizes won in the various games were award- ed to, Rhoda Jane Sussman, Lillian Lebid, Junior Andrews, and Jordan Meier. Mrs. William Meier assisted the hostess. Mrs. Joseph Weinstein of Borough Road left for California to attend the Sisterheod Convention as dele- gate of the Temple Beth Israel. Mrs. Sam Andrews returned re- cently from a trip to the East. Dr. and Mrs. Sam Sussman and Dr. Harry Friedman of Seattle, were the house-guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. Cohen last week-end. Friends of Mr. Bud Weiser surprised him at a Stag party in his home re- cently. A real good reason to celebrate February 23rd--Saturday evening, in the Talmud Torah Synagogue. The  Young Hebrew Moderates are giving a dance that date. The last few weeks have seen very few social doings, on account of the weather, but by the 23rd all those worries will be over, and everyone's going to :urn out the night of the 23rd of Fel)ruary and at- tend a hot, Snappy, dance. Come, let's all come pepped up to have a t .r good time, Saturday, Februar 23rd. COLONIAL OUR SCREEN TALKS Last Times Saturday "The AIR CIRCUS" Vitaphone Acts and+Movie - tone News Starts Sunday Our First 100% All Talking Vitaphone Sensation ,,The Terror" --also-- Vitaphone Acts -- Movietone News 25C ANY DAY ANY TIME