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February 15, 1929     The Jewish Transcript
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February 15, 1929

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Page Six ZIONIST ORGANIZATION OF AMERICA OFFICERS Chairman .......... Sol Esfeld Vies-Chairman - - IIarry S. Freedman Secretary ...... James E. Sameth Treasurer ......... A. Robbine Editor ....... Jame E. Sameth Cb Cruscrlpl "T00e F,c,000 Northwest Jewry" Mayor Walker Marries "Two Physchologists Fannie Brice and Rose ZIOniSt galcudar m Monday, February 25, noon Membership Council lunch- eon, Pig n'Whistle. Wednesday, March 13, 8 P. M. joint meeting with Hadas- sah, Temple Center. SEATTLE DISTRICT RECOGNIZED IN "NEW PALESTINE" The Seattle Zionist 1)istriet, has has received recognition from the head office by a write-up in the next issue of the "New Palestine." Watch for the next issue of the magazine which will reach Seattle, Monday, February 18th and look for the col- umn reporting our district. It is gratifying to learn that we are being looked upon by the main office as worthy of favorable mention in its publication. The "New Palestine," issue of January 25th also contained a short article on the activity of our dis- trict (page 5), all of which indicates that we are really taking our place nationally in this international or- ganization. * * * Chairman's Topic Our district has no complaint to make about membership enrollment. On the contrary, our roster has been argumental quite satisfactorily We now mlmber more than 150 members in good standing, an increase of 2{)0 percent since the first of the year. More than 100 new members have been enrolled since the new adminis- tration came into office. But with all of that, isn't it a shame that Seattle with a Jewish popula- tion nunibering close unto 15,000 shouht have only a Zionist enroll- ment of 19 percent. This is all the more signifigant when it is considered that today more than ever before, Jews everywhere are professing an interest in Palestine, and leaders re- gardless of various shades of relig- ious worship are rallying to the ban- nor of the Jewish Homeland. It is the ambition of the present adminis- tration to have 250 members in good- Bill and Betty make mothers value IKieetrle Cooking During the growing years of children--all mothers realize how fast the hours slip away,,, Ask any mother who is Cooking Electrically and she will gladly tell you how she benefits by using an Electric Range ,,, She will tell you of food properly cooked at the exact hour needed ---of intense heat ready instantly for emergency .--of the extra hours she spends with the children ---of the absence of all kitchen drudgery and worry--andofeeonomy. A Hotpoint--Crawford- Westinghouse Electric Range in your kitchen will solve all cooking problems. PUGET SOUND Power  Light Compar 7th and Olive e-3-c MAIn 5000 or Any of Our Stores READS JEWISH CEREMONY PREPARED BY RABBI New York (J. T. A.)--Fannie EXECUTIVE BOARD Brice, 8tttge and screen comedy star, FredBorgman LeoA. Meltzer former wife of Jules W ("Nicky") A Freeman P.A. Rickles Arnstein, and William S. Rosenberg, N. Glesin Emanuel Rosenberg L. D Greenfield Dr P. Schonwald known professionally as Billy Rose, SamuelGreengard DrH.A.Schoffman song writer, were married Friday J Kaplan Max A. Silver afternoon, l,'elu'uary 8th, in the pub- A. J. Kotkins A. Spring EimonL. Wmnir lic recet)tion room in City thdl by Mayor Walker. The Mayor stood l)ehind a colonial desk, under a picture of Lafayette, to standing before the end of this year. perform the cereniony. He rest1 both This is easy nf accomplishment, if the short civil ceremony and an each member will but take the re- English version of the Jewish mar- sponsibility upon himself to do his snare towards that cause. Let us riage text supl)lied by Dr. Nathan Krass, Rabl)i of Temple Emanu-El. take our rightful place in the Zionist When the Mayor had concluded lie Organization of America, by boost- leaned across t'he table to kiss the ing a membership commensurate bride. with our general Jewish populationl Mr. Roscnberg, offering the Mayor' Sol Esfeld, chairman, the $2 marriage fee, said: "Suppose * * * I give you the $1 now and the other 1929 Dues Now Payable. dollar if it's a success." Statements have been mailed to all At the License Bureau Miss Brice members for 1929 dues which are now gave her maiden name, Fannie due. The membershi I) fee for the full Borsch. She is thirty-seven years year is $6.00, which carries with it the old, and Roscnberg is twenty-nine. suhscription to the "New Palestine." Members are urged to mail in their checks. We have no paid secretary who cangooutandeollectthem. Here and There The head office has requested that we render an accounting by March lot. and it is hoped that our report will show no delinquencies. If you have not already done so, please mail your check to 500 Bigelow Buiulding, and a new membership card for the year 1929 will tie sent you. JOINT MEETING WITH HADASSAH, MARCH 13 The next event of the Zionist or- ganizaion will be a joint meeting with the Seattle Chapter of Hadassah Women's Zionist organization. The presidents of both organizations are working together in preparing a pro- gram, par exeellen(.e. Some of the features nf this joint gathering will be current events by speakers from both organizations, a h'vely open-forum discussion, com- munity singing, vocal entertainment and the topics of general interest. This will be the first combined gathering of the men's and women's Zionist organizations, and a large attendance as well as an interesting meeting is expected. First Open Forum to be Held at Meeting, Wednesday, March 13th By P. ALLEN RICKLES, Chairman Open Forum Committee The first open forum of the year will be held by the Seattle District of the Zionist Organization at its meeting of March 13th. This will mark the beginning of what the organization hopes will develope into a public forum for the discussion of problems of vital interest to the Jewish people, ! and particularly those in which Zion- ists are directly concerned. The subject selected for the first discussion is "Will the Zionist Ideal be Lost by an Alliance with non-Zion- ists thru the Jewish Agency." From the subject itself it becomes at once apparent that this first open fortim will tie an extremely interesting one and will bring forth all of the argu- ments that have been presented of late on both sides of this question. The subject of discussion is one of the most disturbing problems that has confronted the Zionist Organiza- tion, in the last few years. On the one hand, we have such dis- tinguished Zionist leaders as Chaim Weizman, and Louis Lipsky, who pos- itively insist that the alliance with non-Zionists thru the Jewish Agency is the proper and correct method of achieving the Zionist ideal; while mi the other hand such an outstanding and active Zionist as Rabbi Stephen USSIAN JEWS ASK GERMANS FOR MATZOTH Berlin (J. T. A.)--The importation (if matzoth to Soviet Russia for the forthcoming Passover holiday is re- quested in letters received by Jewish rcsidents here from their relatives in Russia. It was pointed out that due to the lack of flour it is impossible to prepare unleavened bread in Russia. BOYCOTT AGITATION IN BULGARIAN TOWN DIRECTED AGAINST JEWS Sofia (J. T A.)--Posters urging the l)opulation not to purchase merchan- dise from Jews were placarded about the town Karnal)at in connection with the approaching Greek Ortho- dox festival. The Jewish community lodged a protest with the Minister of Justice and Metropolit Stephans. The Metropolit issued an appeal to the population to ignore the anti- Semitic campaign. BARON DE ROTHSCHILD TO COME TO JERUSALEM capitol 0300 Versus Religion" RABBI JAMES G. HELLER OF CINCINNATI, HAS INTERESTING SUBJECT IN ADDRESS GIVEN THURSDAY AT SAN FRANCISCO CONVENTION. San Francisco, Feb. 14--Let the I behaviorist and the lihyshoanalyst] bewarcl They may lie able to tree science for the dissection and des- cription of matter, lint they cannot use it to tell men why to live or how to live. In this fashion did, Rabbi James G. Holler of Cincinatti, Ohio, answer Dr. John B. Warson, foremost ex- ponent of the Behaviorist School and Dr. Sigmund Freud, famous authority on psycho-analysis, in an address delivered at Teml)le Emanu- El here today on "Two Physcholo- gists versus Religion" as part of a symposium on "Judaism and the Individual Man," conducted 1)y the 31st Cmmcil of the Union of Ameri- can Hebrew Congregations, the offi- cial organization nf Reform Judaism in America. Where Conflict Lies. Rablii Heller told his listeners that real conflict is not between science and religion. "Life," he contended, "is not amen- able to science. It resists its methods of treatment. The real dualism is between thought and action. All action is non-rational--and life, too, is non-rational; while thought is a mechanization, an arrangement after the fact a tool perfected by life for certain purposes. "Moreover, Freud and Watson are old fashioned " he asserted. "Psy- chology such as theirs," he said, 'qs under the overwhelming influence of Newtonian physics. That is of the past, and of the past thcir conclusions based upon it will also be." In his opinion, the emergence of these two t)sychologies at about the same time is due to "no fortuitious combination of events. Both in- i fluenee the masses of men not as sys- tems of psychology, iu indicated, but insofar as they treat of those great considerations which are basic to both religion and philosophy, life and thought, man and the universe. "Like Ominous Background:" "They are" he declared, "partial- ly responsible for the profound pes- simism that is like an ominous back- gronnd to the garish colors and vi- vacious noises of the life of today." Rahbi Holler advanced the sugges- tion also that these psychologies Jerusalern (J T "A )--Baron Ed could flourish because we are living " " " - in an unphilosophie age "This new mund de RothschiM, the father of the I .... ,, - ", , ,,. " meriany he contelmeu is im old Jewish colonies, is expected tel : ...... ! / - mln(uul o[ its origins therefor,: 'come to Jerusalem for the I assoverl '.. our tge lurns upon religion as the holidays, according to word received [  ,  .; nrs anti easiest prey However here. He will be accompanied by his ,, . ", . . son James snalow may be the reasoning behind Natlian Sirius, American Jewish I .... philanthropist, is also expected tel come to Jerusalem for the Passover I]nne R MIrnl, [qiLAtl when the Nathan and Lina Sirius avulo u. tVlU]ll Ol{lltl;U Ilealth Center will be dedicated. I !"! g" .t 1 t. At Mr. Straus's home in New York i rlr Alflcl/l[irchlfl I va at & SU Igr Igt iI U IML Ikl I$ &ltJ iill doubt was expressed whether he will, P proceed to Palestine this spring. TO CONSIDER FATE OF POLITICAL PRISONERS London (J. T. A.)--The fate of the several hundred Zionists who are held prisoners by the Soviet authorities may be a feature in the discussion of the political prisoners in Russia which was placed on the agenda of the Executive Committee of the Second Labor International. The Executive Committee is meet- ing this week-end in London under the chairmanship of Ramsay Mac- Donahl, former Labor Prime Minister. Several Jewish Socialist leaders are among those attending the session. They are Jarblum a member of the Poale Zion, Otto Bauer of Austral, Modeligeliani of Italy and Naphtali of Germany. The last three are mem- bers of the Executive Committee. S. Wise, and a number of the-leading European Zionists, are equally as certain that Weizman and the Zionist leaders have abandoned the Herzl ideal in their alliance with the non- Zionists. The discussion will be led by two speakers on each side, who will have ten minutes apiece in which to pre- sent their arguments. After that, the subject will be open for discussion by the membership. The chairman ?C tuher ?? ennt ef r Ue d c?yaneg s 1Pg e number of the members participate in this debate. In order that there might be no misunderstanding as to exactly what the agreement is, that was entered into between Weizman and Marshall, an exact copy of the Pact between these two men has been received by the chairman and he will have it at the meeting. This is the agree- ment that has given rise to the pre- sent form of the extended Jewish Agency and the one that was ratified by the Actions Committee of the Z'ionist Organization of tl)e World at its Berlin Conference. The meeting will be a joint one with the Hadassah and one or two of the women will tie asked to lead in the discussion. The success of the open forum will depend on the number of members who take part in the discussion. If this first one, proves interesting enough we will have similar open forums at each of our meetings. The object of the open forum is primarily to bring to the membership the vari- ous arguments that have been pre- sented by both sides, on important Jewish questions It serves a further purpose, in that it enables a number I of members who otherwise never have ,ortunity of expressing their view, to do so during the ',ourse of these discussions. The members are asked to remem- ber that the first discussion ill take place on March 13th and in the mean- time, to carefully read the New Pal- estine, the Jewish Transcript, the daily Jewish papers and all other Jewish periodicals, as they are all now carrying arguments on both sides of this question. By doing this, each memher will be prepared to properly participate in the discussion. New Y ' " ork (J. . A.)--Loms B. Mayer, Vice-President of the motion icture producing company, Metro- oldwyn-Mayer of Los Angeles, will be appointed United States Ambas- sodor o the Republic of Turkey, the Jewish Morning Journal, a Repub- lican paper, states that it had learned from reliable sources President-elect Hoover has decided to follow the precedent established by Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson in sending an American Jew as the United States Ambassador to Turkey. 'h e appointment has already been made andMr. Mayer has already re- signed from the presidency of his company, the paper states. Louis B. Mayer was born in Kovno, July 4, 1885, son of Jacob and Sarah (Meltzer) Meyer. He was educated in the public schools of St. John's, New Brunswick and later brought to Boston where he married Margaret Shenburg in 1903. At the age of 14 he entered the business of his father, that of raising and salvagingwrecked ships. He purchased a theatre in ttaverhiI1, Mass., and later became supervisor of all motion picture theatres in that town. He entered the motion picture distribution field in Boston and was distributor of the film "The Birth of a Nation." He was elected vice-president of Metro-Pictures Corporation and was in charge of Metro releases in the New England states. With Nathan H. Gordon he founded the Gordon- Mayer Film Corporation which later merged with the Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer Film Corporation in 1924. He is a member of the Central Republican Committee. 62nd Dis- trict and a member of te California State Republican Committee. He is a personal friend of Mr. Hoover. Mr. Mayer is a generous contributor to Jewish causes. BIDGOSC DECIDES IT HAS POOR JEWS; ACCEPTS AMERICAN'S $100,000 FUND Warsaw (J. T. A.)--Deciding that a $I00,000 gift provided for in the will of an American woman for "poor Jews" in the city is too large a sum to tie frowned upon, the City Council of Bidgosc, formerly Bromberg, in the i !province of I osen, voted to accept the gift. Reversing its former decision, the City Council after a prolonged de- bate as to whether or not the fund left by Mrs. Leonard Cohen of Wilkes- Barre, Pennsylvania, was to be ac- cepted, agreed with the local Jewish community that there are "poor iews" in the city for whose benefit the American endowment fund might be put into operation. In previously rejecting the fund, the Council said there were no poor Jews in the town. Leaders of the local Jewish com- munity came forward with the argu- ment that the, re was an old folks home which needed repair and there were other Jewish institutions to aid the sick and needy which required as- sistance. Because of the phraseology of the testament of Mrs. Cohen the fired had to be intrusted to the City Council for administration. February 15, 1929 Young Men's and Young Women's HEBREW ASSOCIATION SEVENTEENTH AVENUE AT EAST UNION STREET these tendencies, they have touched many hands 'm(l turned the course of many lives. It is our duty to con- front tlmm and to understand them." His brief against Dr. Watson cen- tered Ul)On the, litter's departure from his original intent;ion to con- fine himself to animal psychohigy, from his ultimate assertion that "man is a machine." In his attack upon the behaviorist, tie declared: "Watson begins liy contending that the 'old psychology is--doin.iuated by a kind. of subtle, roll. g, ious lrhiloso- phy. His own, we must el)serve, is dominated by a decidedly un-subtle, anti-religious philosophy." Answers Watson. OFFICERS President ...... I.xmis Cohen First Vice-Premdont - - George Sidol[ Second Vice-Pros. - Sanford Seidenverg Secretary ..... Joseph Kosokoff Treasurer ..... Chas. Savin Soargeant at Arms - - M. Schneider "Night Club'" 17 Sunday, Feb. By Louis Cohen Annually the organization enter- To Watson's contention that the rains the community with varied days of religion and the social sci- Valentine entertainment, so the com- ences are numbered, Rabbi Holler mittee in charge have a new form of answered that he gathered it follows ithat "those for whom religion is not amusement modcled closely after the being replaced by experimental ethics famous New York "Texas Guinan." cannot be counted among the educat- That is of course with the exception ed." "The fault of such thinking as that of prices. The unusual lighting and of Watson " Ral)bi Holler continued, decorations were made possible by a "i h .... s t at it is shallow and illogical, careful study in color and lighting It has no vahm as science or philoso- effects. Even the most devoted night phy. It makes an appeal to many be- club attendant will gasp with amaze- cause of the general i'nability to read ment at the unusual and colorful such works critically and because of panorama that will greet his or her certainosubtle but general prejudices sight. The entertainment will be which predispose men toward such wried and the best obtainable. The views." music will lie the best ever heard at Watson's psychology leads to mini- the "Y." This is saying a great deal feat absurdities, in Rabbi Hollers' for the "Y" has had some fine or- opinion. "It leads," he said "to the chestras. The chorus, composed of a destruction not only of introspective group of beautiful girls in gorgeous psychology, and o'f religion--which costumes, will offer most unusual and is the belief in the supernatural shin- interesting song and (lance numl)crs. ing through the natural; but also to Tables set to advantage, will offer the destruction of science." Turns To Consider Freud. Turning to the Jewish psycholo- Dr. Goodman Announces gist, Sigmund Freud, Rahbi Heller answered Freud's direct attack on Removal of His Office religion, which Freud defines as that consisting of "certain dogmas, as- sertions about facts and conditions Dr. Frank Goodman, antiouncing of reality telling one something that the removal of his offices in this issue one has .not oneself discovered," to 332 Stimson Buihling, has recently Ores: Ihs bias causes him to ignore the deepcst cause for religion man's returned to Seattle, following an search for meaning in the universe absence of six years. Dr. Goodman, and in life, which exists as a normal who is the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. possession of almost all men's in all Goodman, 306 25th Avenue, has many times." To Freud's proposal in his new friends in this city, having been a book, "The Future of an Illusion," resident here for some years. He is to replace religion by the results of a graduate of Broadway High School, rational mental effort, Rabl)i Holler after which he attended the Univer- declared: "Like Alexander, Freud is sity of Washington, where he took looking for more worhls to conquer, the two-year pre-medic course. Fol- He would now psycho-analyze all lowing this he studied medicine in mankind and cure it of its greatest the east, laterspecializingindentistry neurosis, religion." in which branch he graduated. For the past six months. Dr. Good- man has been associated with Dr. G A ti S it L L. Ballou in the Stimson Building. erman n - em es Since his return to the city, he has C #i 0 S i :publis.hed several articles in local 0m e wn eres magazines on the care of teeth and their diseases. He has also affiliated OfT C d himself with the dental staff at the en 0mman ments Educational Center of the Councilor __ Jewish Women, where each week he HERE THEY ARE, READ THEM volunteers his services for a morning. His offices have been furnished with AS THE, HITLER ORGAN, the most modern and complete dental TRANSMITS THEM. equipment that is obtainable. Berlin (J. T. A.)--The following are the Ten Commandments of the German anti-Semitcs as published here in the Hitelerist organ "Der Angriff," by Deputy Doebbels, the Berlin leader of the Hitlerist Party. Here they are: 1. "There can be no positive fight- ing against the Jews. The Jews are a negative, and this negative must be wiped out from the German calcula- tion, or else it will put the calculation out for all time. 2 "It is impossible to argue with Jews on the Jewish question, because it is impossible to prove to anyone that it is one's right and duty to put him out of harm's way. 3 "In fighting the Jews, one must not allow them to use the methodE which are permitted to any honest opponent, for the Jew is not an honest opponent. He will exploit your hon- orableness and your chivalry to trip you over. 4 "The Jew has no right to any my in German affairs. He is an alien, md outsider who merely enjoys our hospitality, and always abuses it. 5 "The so-called religious mora- lity of the Jews is not moral, but an introduction to deceit. That is why it is not entitled to State protection. 6 "The Jew is not cleverer than we are; he is only more cunning. His system cannot be destroyed econo- mically, for ecomonically he fights under an entirely different moral law to ours. It can be destroyed only by political methods. 7 "A Jew can never insult a Ger- man. To be libelled by Jews is only an honor for a German who fights the Jews. 8 "The value of any German or of any German movement is increas- ed in proportion to the opposition from the Jews. If anyone is fought by the Jews it is all in fiis favor. Any- one who is not persecuted by the Jews anyone who is praised by the Jews, is useless and harmful. 9 "The Jew always regards Ger- man questions from the Jewish point of view. That is why the truth is always the opposite to what the Jews says. 10 "Your answer to anti-Semitism must be yes or no. He who shields the Jews commits a crime against his own people One can only be a slave of the Jews or an enemy of the Jews." TO ASSIST IN CHALUZIM TRANSPORTATION Berlin (J. T. A.)--A decision to aid in the transportation of Chaluzim Palestine pioneers, on their way to Palestine, was reached by the ex- ecutive committee of the Hicem, the combine of the Hiss, Ica and Emig- direkt for Jewish emigrant welfare work. The sum of 300 pounds was allocated by the Hicem for 60 Chaluzim who re- ceived their agricultural training on the training farms of the organization. TRUSTEES M. It. Friedman Phil Tworoger I. Keislor Sol Esfeld H. Edelson B. Ordell Ben Cohen a great deal of room for danciug. Food arid drinks will be served by pretty girls in costmne and prices wiil be most reasonable. Reserved tal)les are now being sohl and it behooves all those who intend to come to this affair to reserve their tables now. No more will be admitted thau can be seated. The committee desires to avoid the confusion attendant at the last Cabaret and no one will be ad- mitted after the tables are sold. There is a possibility of this being done before the affair so get your tickets now. The committee states that it would like to see a great many of the "Old Timers" on hand and it is hoped that as many as are able will attend. Make arrangements to come. You'll get just a whole lot of fun out of it and have something to remem- ber. Sunday Feb. 17th is the, date. Girl's Gym Last Monday evening the girls gym class met in sp'ite of the poor weather. And in spite of the handicap there was a large, enthusiastic turn-out. There were a number of new faces present and they promised to come to the next Men'lay class with some more new girls. So far gym has been a lot of fun and the members have en- joyed themselves immensely. This coming Monday a record breaking at- tendance is expected. Get your' share of this fun. It will do you a great deal of good. Fred BABBITT Is a Man of Integrity and Honor He is a man you can tie to; fearless In the performance of duty, a lifetime church- man, a manof family. He has an enviable record of nearly 30 years in the Railway Mail. Deeds, not words, count. Let's Babbitt-ize the City Council James SCAVOTTO Candidate for Councilman Seattle needs men of Mr. Scavotto's business ability and integrity to ad- minister its affairs. Mr. Scavotto is American born. He has resided in Seattle 21 years. He is a successful business man. Every Ad In this Paper Represents money spent'L by a commercial firm to I00Y" express a message to you J- Every advertiser helps to sup- port this paper. You can co- operate with the Transcript and help it maintain and de- velop its high standard by reading the ads. Mention of the Transcript to an Advertiser will help the Transcript All be sl The 3501