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February 9, 1934     The Jewish Transcript
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February 9, 1934

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PAGE EIGHT THE JEWISH TRANSCRIPT, SEATTLE FEB. 9, 1934 Bishop Applauded By 1,500 At Temple Center Meeting (Continued from Page 1) lash of persecution, are tied by strong Jewish Transcript following his talk bonds of friendship, Bishop Shaugh- Bishop Shaughnessy applauded The nessy said. Transcript's recent stand against participation of Jewish children in Christmas plays, declaring: "The one thing Catholics and Jews have in common is their uncompromising adher- ence to their respective faiths. And we respect each other all the more, I think, because we refuse to attenuate or dilute our faith. "I admire and applaud The Transcript's stand against Jewish children participating in Christmas plays and singing Christmas carols. It isn't for you to join in the cele- bration of Christmas, a Christian holy day. Good-will certainly does not call upon Jews to participate Christmas plays any more than it calls on Catholics to adopt Jewish religious practices." Frank and outspoken, the spiritual shepllerd of the Catholic Diocese of Seattle, explaining his views on good-will, declared to his interview- er with a smile: "I'd like to convert every Jew in America to Catholicism. But I know that I can't. So, as a Catholic Bishop, I desire that the Jew be a GOOD Jethat tie live up to the full measure of the Jewish faith. It is better for Judaism--and for Catholicism, too,--that you be a good Jew, rather than nothing at • • . i alI. . a person without rehglous be- lief." There will always be an undercur- rent of anti-Semitism in America, Bishop Shaughnessydeclared• "An- ti-Semitic and anti-Catholic senti- ment will never die completely," he said, "Even in Germany, however," he declared, "the main onslaught of Hitlerism has worked itself out, for the most part, I think. Of course the seed of hatred and bigotry has been planted, to sprout for many years. I don't think it will ever be completely uprooted." Jews and Catholics, as minority groups which have both known the Ill GalaxF of Stars IRENE DUNNE CLIVE BROOK CHAS. FARRELL WYNNE GIBSON ZASU PITTS NILS ASTHER IN TWO BIG FEATURES "'IF I WERE FREE" "'/IGGIE APPLEB¥, MAKER OF MEN" WINTER GARDEN TWO BIG FEATURES VINA DELMARS "CItAI00CE AT IIEAVEN" with GINGER ROGERS ::::::::AND:::::::: "BIG EXEflJTIVE" with RICARDO CORTEZ "The Pope has often pro- tected the Jews," he pointed out. "And though I know that certain Catholics have been intolerant toward Jews, they weren't true to the real precepts of their religion." In his talk, Bishop Shaughnessy declared: "In the hearts of both Catholics and Jew spring up the same aspirations unto a common; God, a common love for our fellow- man and a common devotion to the basic principles of charity. Their is no need for either Catholic or Jew to yield in his faith. "But we are identical in that we both believe, and always shall, in The Ten Command- ments. As I wrote in The Jew- ish Transcript several months ago, the Ten Commandments are our common heritage. And on this common ground, we can stand shoulder to should- er, Catholic and Jew." Bishop Shaughnessy lauded the B!nai B'rith as "an instrument to build up Jewish unity" and recalled the affection in which Jews held his , the late Bishop O'Dea. Noted German Leader, B. B. Official, Dies BERLIN--Dr. Alfred Goldschmidt, general secretary of the German B'nai B'rith and member of the cen- tral executive of the Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith, died here this week of pneu- monia. He was 69 years old. He had been a member of the Cen- tral Union executive since its crea- tion and was the author of several books, including a history of the German B'nai B'rith movement. Vatican Bars Use Of Anti-Jewish Book VIENNA--Osservatore Romano official organ of the Vatican, this week revealed that orders have been is- sued to German Catholics banning racial anti-Semitic literature in the German Catholic churches. The Vatican, it is said, ordered the Catholic Bishops to prohibit the reading of Theodor Fritsch's "Handbook on the Jewish Problem" in churches. Catholic public lib- raries were ordered to remove aI1 such books. Jewish Group Gets $30,000 A bequest of between $30,000 and $50,000 was ordered given this week to the Jewish Welfare Society under terms of the will of Mrs. Edward C. Neufelder, wife of a pioneer Seattle merchant and banker, who died last fall. The sum represents 21 per cent of the $245,000 estate Mrs. Neufelder left. The will was probated before Superior Judge John A. Frater. "Because expenses of ad- ministering the will and vari- ous other fees must be de- ducted from the total amount left by Mrs. Neufelder," Miss May Goldsmith, Jewish Wel- fare Society executive secre- tary, explained, "the Society's share of the estate will be nearer $30,000 than the $51,450 it would receive without de- ducting expenses." The bequest, largest ever received by the Society, will be set up as a health and recreation fund and only the interest on the principal will be used, according to present plans, Miss Goldsmith declared• No ex- pansion of the Society's activities are contemplated because of the i grant, she said. Miss Goldsmith is herself the recip- ient of $2,000 under terms of the will. . Of W. Professors Voice Protest Of Hitler Policies (Continued from Page 1) I dously. And I think the rise of suchi organizations in the United States as the Silver Shirts is a horrible thing. It's the Ku Klux Klan come to life again." Professor McMahon, expert on labor problems, severely criticised Hitler's new labor policy of refusing workers the right to strike or or- ganization as "slavery." "Hitler," she explained, "is the result of the Versailles Treaty. German nationalism, which is the tide carrying tlitler, is focussed in abrogat- ing the Versailles Treaty. Take from Germany the burden of the blame and cost of the war and Hitler will be ended. "Hitler opposes the Jews," Dr. McMahon said, "because the intelli- gentsia of Germany is made up mostly of Jews. It was this group which opposed the war. It is this group that provides the leaders of idealism, of social advances and it is this group that Hitler fears. "Many Germans," she said, "back Hitler simply because of his stand on the Versailles Treaty, although they disapprove of his other policies. In Hitler's lanaticism they see hope of ending the treaty, for a fanatic can sometimes accomplish what an in- telligent statesman wouldn't even attempt." Instructor Guthrie criticised Hitler persecution of Jews and the Nazi "cold pogrom" which is aimed-at leaving 600,000 German Jews without a Iivelihood. "Anti-Semitism is anti-soc- ial," he said. "Elimination of Jews from German life will be harmful to Germany; it will not advance her culture. The whole idea of Aryan suprem- acy and perpetuation of a 'pure German stock' by elim- ination of Jews and steriliza- tion of defectives or anyone convicted of a major crime is unscientific, and based on emotionalism. "Anti-Semitism, wherever i springs up, impedes progress in science and culture. The mere fact that Jewish people were active in German professional and University life shows they possess a drive and an interest that contributed to the advance of German progress in these fields." Instructor Guthrie revealed that he has been an interested student of the question of "racial superiority" for the past six years. Wise Conducts Rites For Montague Glass NEW YORK -- Funeral services .were held at the Free Synagogue this week for Montague Glass, noted auth- or, playwright and creator of "Po- tash and Perhnutter," who died at his Westport, Conn., home Saturday of a cerebral hemorrhage• Rabbi Stephen S. Wise conducteh services for the g6-year-old author, who was born inManchester, England and came to New York in 1890. Mr. Glass' widow, a non-Jewess, survives. They had no children. Tel Aviv now has a population of 85,000. Practically 99 per cent are Jews. Canadian Jewry Organizes At Meet In Toronto To Fight Anti-Semitism (Continued from Page 1) sell or advertise as being kosh- er food that is not kosher; launching of a vigorous cam- paign based on the publication of facts and figures to combat anti-Semitic propaganda ; and appealing to the Canadian government to pass legislation giving any individual or group defamed by anti-Semitic news- paper attacks the right to take civil action and obtain redress in court. The Congress also inaugurated a $250,000 campaign for the relief of stricken Jewry abroad, established a bureau of Jewish social and economic research to plan for the better eco- nomic adjustment of Jews into Can- adian national life; voted to continue the boycott on German goods and appealed to "all just and fair-minded citizens of this Dominion, of every race and creed, to join with us in de- nouncing this un-Britlsh and un- civilized practice of anti-Semitism." Before the adoption of the resolutions debate on a clause of the Congress' constitution precipitated a serious rift a- mong delegates. Trouble was caused when the delegates adopted a clause making it one of the four fundamental aims of the Congress to "assist the Jewish Agency in furthering German Exile Brands Hitler (Continued from Page 1) organs of public opinion are abso- lutely controlled by the Nazis, that world opinion universally decries the barbarism which is Hitler's creed. The Germ_an people have not been allowed to learn that Germany is isolated in the family of nations as never before. "The whole German nation is ter- rorized. In my opinion, the big majority of the German people are against Hitler, despite such childish gestures as the recent Reichstag elections, when a vote of 40,000,000 )ersons was announced in the face of the fact that Germany only has 38,000,000 voters. In this farce elec- tion, prisoners in the concentration camps even were forced to mark their 'Ja' for Hitler. "For the Jews, there is no hope in Germany. Some go to Palestine, 20,000 to France, 30,000 more to other European countries. But most of Ger- many's 600,009 Jews, deprived of their livelihood, are left to starve and live in wretched misery, fearful of what each day may bring." Herr Rocker, personal friend of Heinrich Mann, world-famous author and Nobel prize winner, and the late Jakob Wassermann, who died in exile recently, was asked, "How long will Hitler reign?" "I'm no prophet," was his reply• "But the answer will be found in the economic situation in Germany. Hitler cannot intoxicate the German: people forever with demonstrations and parades. "He must some day face these facts: World opinion is against him. The boycott has caused a 40 per cent drop in German exports. Despite doc- tored figures, unemployment still continues in Germany at the same levels as in pre-Hit- ler days. The Nazi regime made the worst blunder of its career when it attempted to fight the Catholic Church, and today both Lutheran and Catholic churchmen are lead- ing a fight against the Nazi creed. And finally, secretly but surely, an underground fight is being waged to restore Germany to sanity and rid her of Hitler." In speeches Sunday, Monday and Wednesday at the Workmen's Circle Hall, and Tuesday at Lincoln Center Herr Rocker ridiculed Hitler's race superiority theories, pointing out that Hitler himself was not born in Germany, had a Czech mother and an Austrian father and is not "Nordic." Herr Rocker, who speaks sever languages and talked during his Seattle appearances in fluent Yid- dish and English, is on a tour of the United States and Canada under auspices of the Workmen's Circle, Jewish Socialist organization• the development and upbuild- ing of the national homeland in Palestine." Led by Rabbi Maurice Eisendrath of Toronto, who said he could not support this plank and remain true Prepare To Attend Talmud Torah Bazaar, Urges Michael Berch By MICHAEL BENCH Chairman, Talmud Torah Bazaar Never before in the history of the Seattle Talmud Torah has the future existence of the institution been so entire- ly dependent on one money- raising affair as is the case to- day, prior to the Talmud Tor- ah's fourth annual bazaar, which is to be held in the school auditorium February 18 to 25, inclusive. The beau tiful Talmud Torah structure, erected by Seattle Jewry over four years ago and housing today close to 300 pupils besides serving as com- munal center for various or- ganizations and Jewish public functions, is burdened by debts which must be paid promptly or the very exist- ence of the school is threat- ened. Practically the largest annu- al source of income for the in- stitution is the annual bazaar which has already become an established communal event and to which all Seattle Jewry is eagerly looking forward. It must be pointed out, how- ever, that due to the early oc- currence of Passover this year, and the consequent necessity of arranging the bazaar earlier than usual, only a very short time has been left before this outstanding annual event in the Seattle Jewish community takes place. Much work re- mains to be done, and we ex- pect all Jews and Jewesses who are in sympathy with the cause of Jewish education to lend their support now. For the maintenance and support of this communal center of Jewish learning, the pride of Northwest Jewry, we must assure the success of the 1934 bazaar. to his principles as a religious but not a racial Jew, the militant minority demanded that this clause be amend- ed. Rabbi Eisendrathexplained that the question was not whether the Jews should assist in the upbuilding or whether one was a Zionist or not but whether the Congress should set up an additional Zionist Organiza- tion in Canada. After Rabbi Eisendrath had walked out of the Congress hall and sup- porters of the plank had become ex- cited, cooler heads prevailed, and a compromise was reached which a- mended the disputed plank to read that "the Canadian Jewish Congress assist the Jewish Agency for Palestine in its work in Palestine." The words "national homeland" were deleted. S. M. Jacobs, member of parlia- ment from Montreal, was chosen president of the Congress, which will be divided into western, central and eastern divisions, with an executive for each• Jewish communities of less than 50 inhabitants cau select one delegate to the Congress. In com- munities of over 1,000 there will be one delegate to every thousand. Norman Thomas Leads Boycotters' Protest (Continued from Page 1) among the hundreds who took part in the protest parade, which lasted an hour. Comnlenting on the demonstration, Mr. Thomas said, "Through enforc- ing the boycott of German merch- andise we hope to attain fairness for the German working classes and an end to the persecution of Jews." Emma Goldman Comes Back To Rochester ROCHESTER, N. Y. (W. N. S.)-- Back home in Rochester which she left 42 years ago as a fiery young an- archist, Emma Goldman found her- self in America again this week, 6n a temporary visitor's pass after an absence of 14 years dating from 1920, when she was deported. Miss Goldman, who came to Ro- chester in 1891 as a refugee from Czarist pogroms, is to make a lecture tour of the United States, speaking on non-political subjects. While in Rochester she is visiting her sister, Mrs. Samuel Cummins, and her niece, Mrs. Stella Ballantine. PLEASE BRING THIS AD Special for Saturday, Monday and Tllesdl|v GENUINE LEATHER OR COMPOSITION HAND RUBBER HEELsA L F S 0 L E S 13 .,o,, ' !iiiiii!i!i!iiiii{iiiiiiiiiiii. ° MEN'S HATS 00iiiY00i!iiiii00 ECLIPSE SHOE REPAIR -I%V£;',' lli.':::i:Keis:4 lfWl.lfit' DIVE' T North Side i.,I.l,"lt xv tit,lt.;, ,..i. of Street WEST Coking Coal Mining Co. 1119 RAINIER AVENUE V PRospect 0237 COKIN6, LUMP-NUT, PEA 1O 95 Hi-heat, 80% coking within itself. Very clean,  n '-.- low in ash, Washington's very best coal, none li v better, this is the opinion of our custcmers. l Guaranteed to hold fire over night. Five sack sample, $2.25 delivered. PFR T0N For Thursday, Friday and Saturday ... 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