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February 4, 1957     The Jewish Transcript
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February 4, 1957

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Council Asks U, $. To Admit Egyptian Jews NEW YORK (JTA) -- The United States was urged this week to exert leadership within the United Nations for a solu- tion of the Arab-Israel problem and to ask for a United Nations inquiry into the Egyptian treat- ment of Jews. Resolutions to lhis effect were adopted at the concluding session of the executive committee of the National Council of Jewish Women• "We further ask that our government announce its willing- ness to expand the current Hun- garian refugee program to in- clude J e w s deported from Egypt," one of the resolutions stated. THE TRANSCRIPT " g S " " K,n aud's V,s,t By Theodore Kaghan Reprinted from the New York Post, January 9, 1957 President Eisenhower's crusade to save democracy in the Middle East is getting off to a royal start with an invitation to that great bulwark of freedom, King Saud of Saudi Arabia, to visit the White House and kick around a few mutual problems. The king arrived Jan. 30 and for three days Administration salesmen will give him the treat' ment on Ike's new Middle East Doctrine in the hopes, apparent- ly, of convincing him that no potentate in all Arabia has a bet- ter friend than Uncle Sam. The treatment will start with a stag dinner at the White House, but it is unlikely that Ike will Page Seven resldent of t Education, V/ National J tver. He is ell-known, fr cal center  st diseases sial k leading InS€ nuels was # e Denver Ce ann of the Del ttion, vice-ptq r Chamber te Denver Sf d trustee of of Life U/ I aeyrank ,VIV all-Jewish sl last week 1 knne Fraak ed for the fir! 'the Habirn :e the Gern ;s, which we drama to ff recalled tt! rector for r s. The play echo hid fro years in rtain, a call! ther, the o Iy tic to survi¢ to the audi' said that tM proposed  nk Forest i L Established Memorial, d! ¢oung israe stablished a r. llnmanuel Jakobivitz, Chief abbi of Ireland, who is now m e United States, will make a ,uOn-wide lecture tour under  auspices of the National Jew- ," Welfare Board's Jewish Cen- er Lecture Bureau. JEWISH WAR VETERANS TO INSTALL The Jewish War Veterans, Post 0. 686, will hold its annual in- Stallation of officers on Tuesday, 'eb.ruary 12, at 8 p.m. at the [ elsh.Community Center, 1910V n Avenue• To be installed are ae following: Command-er, Mich- el Senior Vice-Comman- Green; er, Sam Steiner; Junior Vice- ander, Nathan Grinspan; ,,uJUtant Moe Dinner; Chaplain, VSon I. Goldman; Judge Ad- l}c ate, Victor Offman; Surgeon, • ' Norman Clein; Quartermas- ter, Sol Fisher; Patriotic Instruc- tUp . • ,, Irving Broches; Officer of "*e D 8- ay, Charles iYl. Lesser; Color ergeant, Abe Bridge; Color larers, Jerry Shore and llarry fvy; Color Guards, Irving -telle and ltarold Bartman. lLabbi Joseph .Wa ner will be ,featured" speaerr for the be'ung, and refreshments will Served. (reh e Commander, Michael m.en, states that plans are being ]?e to form a women's auxili- BERNARD F. ROTHENBERG Funeral services for Bernard F. Rothenberg, 71, a partner in the Stone-Rothenberg tailoring firm, were held in the Arthur A. Wright & Son chapel on Jan. 31. Mr. Rothenberg died Tuesday after a long illness. He had lived here ince 1909, when he came from Minneapolis, his birth- place. Mr. Rothenberg had been as- sociated in the tailoring firm since 1914. He was a member of the Elks Lodge, B'nai B'rith and Temple De Hirsch. He was a Ma- son and a Shriner. Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. Leonard Cohen, Seattle, Mrs. Bernard T. Smith, Los Angeles, and Marjory Rothenberg, with the United States government in Japan; three brothers, Charles William and Samuel Rothenberg, and a sister, Ruth Rothenberg, all of Minneapolis, and two grand- children. Golda Meier Hospitalized NEW YORK (JTA)  Mrs. Golds Meier, Israel's Foreign Minister, became suddenly ill this week and was admitted to a New York Hospital, accord- ing to the Israeli delegation to the United Nations. Her doc- tors reported that Mrs. Meier was suffering from exhaustion and prescribed a complete rest for a few days. lean so far toward Saudi Ara- bian custom as to provide the dancing slave girls the King is accustomed to at home. The question of slavery, anent either dancing girls or less color- ful household chattels, will prob- ably not come hp at all,.since it would likely: embarrass King Saud and cut into tae time neces- sary to discuss more important things. The fact is that King Saud, in addition to floating on one of the most fantastic pieces of oil-sup- ported real estate in the world, is also the world's foremost patron of slavery. This particular honor was paid him most recently back in February, 1956, by the Anti- Slavery and Aborigines Protec- tion Society, in an official report used at the Geneva UN anti-slav- ery convention last year. Instead of discussing the price of slaves on today's Saudi Ara- bian market, talk will probably center on the price the king wants for the air base we built at Dhahran, where American mil- itary chaplains don't dare walk the streets wearing the cross and no Jewish GIs are allowed. Saud reportedly wants us to shell out something like $300,000,000" for six years rent, plus key money in the form of 90 F-86 Sabre jets. The price of slaves, of which there are said to be 500,000 in King Saud's bailiwick, is a bit more reasonable, according to the latest quotations. A girl under 15 will bring anywtmre from $550 to $1,100, depending on her con- dition and on how far from home This student volunteer from Hebrew University has gone to an outlying lsraeli village to teach family of Yemenite immigrants. The University's Deprtment of Secondary and ltigher Education is supported by the NattonM Council of Jewish Women. IntegratiQn Battle Intensifies PreSsu0000 on Southern Jewry ,. ' NEW YORK (JTA)--A warning that increasing tension in the bitter battle*0ver school desegregation in the southern states will step up pressure on southern Jews was made to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency here by a nationally known authority on racial and minority problems. The nature of the twofold dilemma--the increasing use of anti- Semitic hatemongering by well-known bigots involved in the fight for white supremacy and the increasing insecurity of southern Jews caught between local pressures and their tradition and affiliations with national Jewish organizations--was described by Alexander F. Miller, national community services director of the B'nai B'rith Anti- Defamation League. Tracing the background of the use of anti-Semitism in the cur- rent struggle, he noted that a number of Southerners had be- gun to make use of the bigot's equalJon of Judaism, Zionism and Communism ahnost immediately after the rebirth of tension which followed the Supreme Court decision on segregation in the schools• Then, too, the ADL official pointed out, White Citi- zens Councils, in their early stages, often made use of anti- !Semitic material in publications which they were distributing be- cause they also contained anti- :Negro material. Turning to the problems of Southern Jewry, Mr. Miller pointed out' the possibility of OR she had to smuggled. MRS: FELISA F. deKOHA 'l$1r K (JTA)--The Amer- NEW YORK (JTA)--The New under 40 canbebring $400, Aand an as a whole. He stressedgr°uPthat Argentine Jewish women's leader man gro.wing insecurity of the a: aRT Federation announced York music critics hailed the pi- old woman who still can putter Southern States, while their eco- election of Dr William Ha- ano playing of 14-year-old Dan- around in a fair to middling way nomic adjustment has been suc- has received a National CoUncil of Jewish Women fellowship for 1 Cultur as president. Dr. Haber is a tel Barenboim, Israel concert pi- brings $105. cessful, carry little power on the training in the United 8tater. [ is the gift  "--e and AII ?t/W. Ssor of economics at the anist who made his debut at Car- King Saud, who is the darling local or state level ..... the drama.' ¢trbcr.  versity of Michigan at Ann negie Hall last week. He played of the American Arameo Oil in- i Southern Jews are caught in a HAIFA, Israel: Dr. R. Paunez e distribute ' withnationalthe Symphony,United NatiOnSunderInter-the terests from which he gets royal- vise made up of local pressures, who taught chemistry at.the In- :riod. -  ties amounting to about $300,000,- on the one hand, and the force ...... llitU v AVIV (JTA)The munie- baton of Leopold Stokowski. 000 a year, is said to be jealous of of their tradition and teaching stitute .of T.heoretjcat 'n.ysics a of Ramath Gan renamed a , zne university ol zegea, In lun • ' treo, . --- the leadership Egypt s Nasser ex- and the positions adopted by the ........... " r|eTs 1) , art the town in honor of WASHINGTON (JTA)--Rabbi ercises over the Arab world, national organizations to which gary, unui ms ngnt to xreeaora ,,|: " ona , , last December, has been ap gill MaslO ¢llti . s Sulk, discoverer of the Louis Finkelstein, of the Jewish But King Saud s differences tcY '*affiiaed/on' the other .... - field of ci| Was'°lni° vaccine• Another street Theological S e m i n a r y, joined with Nasser are only of a tribal e added: ............. pointed Research Fellow m .Ins Liberties, ' la| tl0ri,, meal for the French Na- with clergymen of other major sort. When it t:'6#t0'IsraLcd, he$ I  ' Faculty of Science of Technmn, ecto  of | 1 '. o mark the aid France faiths participating in the Pres- right there out front screaming n  a €aa,'nC ¢€-€umldln the Israel Institute of Teehnomgy. • epartment :|  to Israel. dentml mauguratmn ceremony, away wth the rest of the Arabs. [ ,,,i,, , ,,,t,a, c..^,., t Dr. Paunce has pubhshed more • " "-I a  ...... ' ...... r-" 1954 thal this : ..r  ..--- ...... " ' than a dozen scientific rn, in it w aj| '' worthy ally of ours came out'sn!p sana wor-suy pla5 v.: the field of quantum chemistry. - :'-- 7! : .... (::::":: " h A ued between $z,oou ana oa,uou • • • Pn,,h,. A :*,| f::::,::::.w.:.:',:':' wzth the statement that t e rabs . Together wth hm wife and three- ........... z ' '" ':"*::*:::'::';:::::::::: ":"" are available for ersons wno are dlr.,..- | $!: should et together and be ready P . . [year-old son, he fled across the J, • , , interested ,n a prolesslonal ca • d the A,;| i to sacrifice 10,000 000 of their . .  .  [Hungarmn frontier to America ion on | 50,000,000 population to wipe out reer in a #swish. t.;ommumw t;en: [on December 10, •leaving behind _ ,, Aazil| i Israel Whether this subject will ter of YMHA,  was announce J all.of his personal possession in- be allowed to come up is a' moot bYoatrhe " National Jewish Weizare[cluding a valuable scientific 't as geneS/| " point, but if we re out to buy • . .... [library. • -. :*:il " : ; Arabs who knows but what we 11 ] The scnolarsnips ann worK- I nzauon, ,  ,^ ...n  o11 few s [study plans will be used in con- ] ....... . u= a=,. , o  . h s udents' ro througnout ne country, ann van [}  __ 1¢i Just where King Saud stands nection, witht e t . P " [ ...... +-, ., JWB " to sz:en tl¢':| ]ll:*lll on communism is not quite so lfessional social work eaucauon.[f ..... :f-' :" • _ .... ,,  F£P.| -- " ':;,: " .. . ,h,o ho tnnds on slav- I They are part ofa major ezort I me scnoiarsmps range xrom ai.e as ,0| 17 ,'a r"''o'1 "'ni--undoubtedlv [to alleviate the critical shortage[S200 to $1,500 a year for two ]t aoes'.l::| '. "" ' ;r"--'*--:'--.'" . +o h't to [ of trained professional group [ years, while the work-studyplans ilm k put him on the right track. But l workers andin YM-YW.HA'sJeWlsh Commumty [ prowde[per centfr°mof the70 salaryper centoftOa _l_-_100 • that, ;1! iellahlen ............ the fact remains that recent re-/Centers across ran, x hi:| y'W. • eaueauonat infectors o! uonservative congregations are .,..o h., ,h, .q,,,a hrnh]nnS / the nation Snonsors of the scnoi- | ginning w o r K e r. worK-stony mdmCti: [ e:il'!ta YYa::ual ot :daur ;Ar:lnglg ! s::R:a°d ! ! v ........ • - Y;Cvecnhtsiii!lli:ntab!t!m:]m:fde!? " harman ; aaak aapping out a series of nation-wide field trips they will "'. ...... : ....... , - " t d lans are lans make t possble for stu •  CALL I 00I:AT DAVE COE'S FUEL CO. STOVE 01[ ! xperienC, i  'l ,'''lJla- ' 't/--/ " Can't Beat" DIESEL o I AUTOMATIC SERVICE ' - :m, : WE. 0156 "We Cover the Town" 10043 16th S.W. 1.