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January 23, 1961     The Jewish Transcript
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January 23, 1961

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Monday, January 23, 19'61 J j Lower FerliJJly Resul] , Between You and Me our u.N. NEWSLETTER Our Israel Newsletter y BORIS SMOLAR Ill By SAUL CARSON Of Mixed Marriages By'EL,A.U SALPETER ,Copyrigl, t, 1ool. Jow00sh ,no., I'1 (00op00r,00ht. A00onoy. 00no., Says Science Survey m UNESCO Reports Antz-Semztism NEW YORK (JTA) Ameri- (Copyright, 1961. Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.) THE ANTI-SEMITIC FRONT: Jewish organizations " " " " can Jews were found, in a re- , this country are now paying attention to Hungarian Fas- ,,..,, .... search study reported here to JERUSALEM--The furor in many American circms ..... T , ..... cmt groups m New York that are conducting anh-Sermtm Ill Kampan, ,n ermany share with American Christians! over the misinterpreted statentobcYomNler.t?rOs n activities...They urge that these groups be kept under UNITED NATION,S, N. Y.--West Germany isnow pay-a Pattern of maximum fertility about zne auty oI urt cox w " - - , - ............ h 2 ...... F'cntmual surveillance . . . Members of these groups hax e mg speclal attentmn to the resurgence and possible ram- m common faith marriages and }otedtc:eralYw:rr:tlSmPenein[s "S asnateVVerl infiltrated a considerable number of decent I-tungarian or- ifications of anti-Semitism, according to an official UNES- lower fertility in mixed mar- "" s , , .... I ganizations in New York and other cities They have CO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural riages. was made As a matter of fact, the phrase uongress oz . . ,, . . . The findings were reported .... ................. t also orgamzed, armed and umformed Hungarian Sharp- Orgamzatlon) report currently being studied here. But-- to a session of the American he urnlng FomL wnlcn was colneG oy /,lOi-11s1; Jeaaers " " " " n hi in en r a si ni ............ exactl in Ishter Troops m several mtms along the Eastern sea- a d t s po t has be noted he e s g ficant--the re- Association for the Advance- rnonms ago, seemea m nave some USlllCa-lon - y , .... .... - ...... - - ............... ooara, mcmamg iew York.../-k number ol unsuspecting port snows that Germany itself is responsible for having ment of Science convention by connection wlm ne quesuon o: lmmgrauon here was ..... itler .... . "2 i promment American pubhc hgures have been lured mto'lneglected anh-Semitmm and the H record in regard Prof. Jack C. Bresler of Brown a wine consensus among ne aemgates  merman m- . ....... ., . .......... expressing approoauon oi mese ascist groups . . Theto anti-Semitism for far too long a period. University. Prof. Bresler stud- cluded mat Aliyah must oecome one o me wo cenrm ' " . , . ............... Amerman Jewish Committee has estabhshed that these l The report is one presented to the UN s anti-bias unit, fed 1,000 Brown University and points in Zionist achvmes :me omer aemg Jewish eau- Fascist elements are centered around the New York' ......... . - . , me uocommission on rrevenuon o mlscrimination and Pembroke College alumni. He traced the origins and religions catmn in the zaspora) ,, ,, , ...... weekly, Free Hungary, which publishes unbridled anti-  Protection of Minorities, which is now holding its annual It is still premature to determine wna me pracucal democratic and anti Jewish -ro'-a-anda The ma'oit h - ............ s If " - P P g . ] " Y]t ree-week session. A year ago, the subcommission asked of their parents and grandpar- resuhs oi this consensus win De. however, me zaet 1 ents. t stresstthei need fre ic his itself e of IHungarians in this country are far from the I-tungariantUNES O to make such a study, as a result of the plague He also found that marriages that speaker after speaker rose re- neo-Nazi elements... Hungarian Fascist refugee groups are, of swastika-smearings and other anti-Semitic manifesta- of men and women of the same eering Aliyah from the free countr'es-- " " P - also reported by Jewish organizations here to cooperate lions touched off by the desecration of the Cologne ,yna- faith but with different national "  " " " "1 ....... ' sents a turmn omt It s enough to remember the react on g P with native anh-Semltes m Latin Amemcan countrms . . I gogue on Christmas Eve, 1959. Now the UNESCO report origins, even if generations re- of some of the American delegates (including those repro- The anti-Semitic propaganda in these countries is often has been circulated as an official document by Secretary moved, also produce fewer chil- senting Hadassah) at the 23rd Congress, eight years ago--used as a weapon against the United States .... One of General Dag Hammarskjold. dren. He reported that Catholic- Catholic marriages produce the when Mr. Ben-Gurion issued the call, "Send us your Sons lth e Latin American countries where the anti-Semitic For the study, UNESCO's national commission for West greatest number of children. and Daughters" to realize the change that has occurred movement is active is Mexico . . . The key organization Germany is reported as having furnished "a particularly Next come Protestant-Protestant in the atmosphere, there is Editora Librera, headed by offices of a publishing detailed report on the incidents, which reflects the special marriages and then Protestant- Typical of this new atmosphere was the speech of Mrs. firm of the same name, which specializes in hate litera- attention paid to them by the Government and press of the Catholic marriages. Last in for- Bert Goldstein, wife of Rabbi Israel Goldstein, who said ture... In Argentina, the major neo-Nazi organizatipn is Federal Republic, as well as by non-governmental organi- tility are marriages in which the hat many of her friends told her how they envied the fact the Nationalist Union Movement, with about 15,000 mere- zations." The German report is credited with "concern to mates are of the same faith but that the Go]dsteins have finally come to settle in Israel. bers. . . Its leader, son of a fomer Argentine Cabinet investigate the origin, nature and extent of the acts in in which one partner was the Or the speech of Ezra Shapira, who read out a letter from member who strongly supported Hitler, is also associated question" and is given further credit for "the production child of parents of different his daughter to one of her friends in America, explaining with a rabidly anti-American publication... AntiiSemitic of a wealth of official documentation for which there is faiths. the full life she is living here after settling in Israel. movements in Latin American countries also receive anti- no counterpart elsewhere." In reporting that Jewish mar- Summing up the first third of the Congress (the ses- Jewish publications imported from the United States and riages followed the same gen- Having stated this much; UNESCO goes on to under- oral trends, Dr. Bresler said he sions devoted to fundamental ideological questions) Dr. distributed from a "clearing house" in Santiago, Chile. [lying causes. What are some of them? UNESCO answers: '' had studied fewer Jewish sub- :Nahum Goldmann warned, however, not to misinterpret , . . this " ro Aliyah" atmosphere as identical with the solu- " "Educational action was obviously needed to alert the jects and was therefore less cer- P " rising generation to the nature and dangers of Anti-Semi- tain of the findings for the Jew- lion of the problem of Aliyah from Western cou,ntrms. THE EICHMANN TRIAL: Experts interested m the It should not, therefore, be asked in several months time, " +-;-  lf Ei- ....  ,,; ,   i tism. In Germany, however, coalitions of interests con- ish group. He also said that his " " " " " "s I ..... corned to conceal the past for many years, hampered, and investigation found lower fer- tility whenever the marriage how many mmlgrants have come, he said.. This ., a!recte d the anmhllatmn of 6,000,000 Jews m Europe, esh- nullified any stock-taking of this kind. The systematic crossed ethnic groups. dangerous approach ihere are shli oigamzauona mE " " - mate that the trial may last from three to six months . . . massacres of Jews remained largely unknown. At the most culties to overcome. The Prime Minister asked why ]00.- The fact that the trial will take place in Israel is now varied levels, the recent past is considered an awkward BrazJHag ewry Leaer 000 young Jews should not come here, for say, a year. This meeting with much less opposition on the part of some topic that should be dealt with very cauhously." " is a good slogan. But can you imagine how many teachers Jewish groups in this country than immediately after The report cites two unimpeachable witnesses to the onored:  Swedish U, in secondary and higher institutions of learning will be the capture of Eichmann . . . This because some efforts fact that German education has neglected the subject of needed here in order to teach the 100,000 young people have been made recently by Germans to disprove the his- anti-Semitism in the schools, "the only places where a sys- who will come here? How many forces will be required toricity of the execution by the Nazis of 6,000,000 Jews... tematic effort could have been made." one of these is the i for them?" It is feared that, in due course, scholarly books may even German Republic's Minister of the Interior, Dr. Gerhard "This is the situation in regard to all immigration mat- appear giving a more pallid version of Hitler's "final solu- Schroeder. He, according to UNESCO, "acknowledges that ters," continued Dr. Goldmann. "Ten thousand Jews con- lion" of the Jewish problem... And it now becomes more young people in Germany are ignorant of the Dast " He stitute 10,000 problems. This is not mass immigration; it and more clear that, only when the trial of Eichmann is .... - is individual immigration requiring individual treatment, held in Israel, will the enormity of the Nazi crimes against 1 rebuts the charge of neghgence leveled against Federal We must also create a suitable attitude in the Diaspora. Jews be securely established... The Israelis are assuring] authrities''' calls attention "to the difficulties faced by But we shall not succeed in taking short cuts in this re- that the trial, which opens on MarCh 6 in Jerusalem, will teachers in teaching historical and political subjects," but spect or see fruits in a year's time. The Government, too,be conducted so fairly that no reasonable person will ques-lals concedes that "many teachers have failed in their duties." will have to increase its activity in the absorption of immi- tion the objectivity of the court... Although more closely I Somewhat more forthright than Dr. Schroeder is the grants, for the forces at its disposal are infinitely much confined for security reasons than prisoners usually are,' greater." Eichmann enjoys now some unusual privileges... He has second of the witnesses, Dr. Eduard Orth, Minister of The furor over Mr. Ben-Gurion's statement tended o a large room, a private bath, and is given full permission Education and Cultural Affairs in the Rhineland:Palati- cover some significant issues and, at the same time, to to publish whatever he wishes . . . Important is also the hate. This educator, says UNESCO, speaks of "indiffer- ence or fll will on the part of German parents. In other] underscore others. Thus, while the American press and fact that there is no political or other pressure in Israel for I " " " - many'of the American Jewish leaders were busy with the Eiehmann's execution . . . The average person in Israel l wrds, perceptive readers of the UNESCO report here: CASSS TRIPL I: XXX discussion whether Mr. Ben-Gurion can and should inter- feels that life imprisonment would be as adequate a pun- point out, the German parents--rnany of them former pret the words of the sages, few bothered to look up exact- jshment as the death sentence . . . Some think it would Nazis themselves, or at least willing tools of the Nazis-- I DRIVE-IN ]y what he said. be an even worse punishment . . . It is anticipated that wanted the entire subject of anti-Semitism swept under Open  to 3 In fact, the Prime Minister made it clear that he was Eichmann will argue in his defense--as he repeatedly the rug. WILMFR M. CASTEEL 924 Puyallup BR. 2-1477 speaking only to the small segment of Orthodox Jewry claimed--that he merely obeyed orders . . . However, the Not only were the teachers and the parents at fault. TACOMA whom he wished to remind that, according to Jewish tra- same defense was offered at the Nuremberg trials and re- Educators on the highest levels were also culpable. These dition, some oi God's commandments (Mitzvot) can be jected there... In Israel itself there is the precedent of men who supervise education, and determine what is to fulfilled only in Israel. This, in one way or another, has the Kfar Nassem case, where local inhabitants were shot go into--or be left out of--textbooks, had failed to analyze Greetings to All Our been said by representatives of the religious Zionists in down by Israeli soldiers when appearing in the street after the underlying causes of anti-Semitism. UNESCO goes on America, both before and after Mr. Ben-Gurion's state- curfew hours . . . All those guilty of this killing pleaded to report about some sample surveys which showed: Jewish ]:ries ment.'As a matter of fact, those who listened to Mr. Ben- that they obeyed the orders of their superior officer . . . "Sixty of 226 12-to-16-year-old pupils at One German Gurion's speech, and watched the reaction of the delegates Nevertheless, they received sentences as high as 17 school had never heard of the persecution of the Jews. TROVANi'S when he delivered it, did definitely not have the /mpres- years... Only a quarter knew that Hitler had ordered their annihil- ation." - JUNIOR BOOTERY making sion that the Prime Minister was doing more than * * * "At another school, only one in three of 13-year-old 708 St. He[en$ a side remark which does not justify any particular excite- rnent. J.D.C. EXPERIMENTS: Everybody knows about the and 14-year-old pupils had heard about the concentration The excited reaction in America, however, raises the relief and rehabilitation work which the Joint Distribu- camps and the gas chambers. On the other hand, a great Also grave question of whether it is a healthy phenomenon, lion Committee has been doing for years in various parts many knew that the Jews had killed Christ. Seventy-six Lakewood Center when a large and respected community, such as the Amer- of the world... But few actually know about the contri- percent of the pupils thought that the Jews had certain TACOMA ican Jewry, suddenly gets so excited over a headline in a buttons made by members of the JDC medical staff to undesirable moral traits." newspaper (be it even the respected New York Times} .medical science . . . A bibliography listing articles and What of higher learning in Germany? Says UNESCO: that it cannot wait to find out what was actually said and reports which reflect the work of the JDC in the field of "At the higher educational level, Germany, although in what context? oes this extreme nervousness befit a medicine for the last 15 years has now been published.., rich in learned societies, has today only one university GREETINGS community which is apparently the most prosperous and It throws direct light on the scope of the JDC experiences center engaged in research on National Socialism as a most flourishing in all the history of the Jewish Diaspora? in various areas of medical aid given to Jewish communi- whole, the Munich Institute for Zietgeschichte. The Insti- Farrester Inc. ies in Europe, Israel, North Africa and Iran... The ma.ny lute does excellent work. But its researchers and publi- FJf|een Me 0 ear "father of the hydrogen bomb." selected papers and reports listed in the publication--.cations appear to be limited by lack of funds. Further- REALESTATE--INSURANCE While many other scientists col- written by JDC physicians, nurses, medical supply work- more, they elicit little interest even in university circles." Jn01ude Five U.$. laborated in the development of ers--deal with all kinds of medical activities conducted On the-15olitical side , neo-Nazism is far from suppressed. HOMES--FARMS the H-bomb, his work is credit- by the organization... These include nutrition, maternal UNESCO says outright that political groups "which pub- BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Jewish Scientists od. according to Time, "with the and child health, mental health, care of. aged, fighting of licly profess anti-Semitism" cannot be ignored "particu- basic and original insight that parasitic diseases, trachoma, tuberculosis, and even train- larly as they appear to have considerable means at their 917 Pacific Ave BR. 2-8325 NEW" YORK. (JTA) -- Five made the finished product pos- ing of medical and auxiliary staffs.., The selected reports disposal." One of the groups named is the Deutsche Reich- Jewish scientists were picked by sible" - also reveal the extent of research in which the JDC has spartei. Since the UNESCO report was written, this party TACOMA Time Magazine among 15 Amer- Dr. Rabi, 62, won a Nobel been involved in certain medical areas while conducting elected two deputies to the Rhineland-Falatinate State ican scientists named as "Men Prize in 1944 for his expert- its medical aid program among Jews in many countries Legislature---and the so-called Socialist Social Democratic of the Year." They are: ments in molecular physics, . . . There is, for instance, a report of the Study of Star- Party in that State has enlisted the aid of these two neo- Isidor Isaac Rabi, Austrian- which were vital to American vation made by a team of doctors in the Warsaw Ghetto Nazi deputies in electing a "Socialist" as Speaker of the born son of Jewish immigrants, atomic research. He is now on brought up on New Yorks' low- the faculty of Columbia Univer- who subjected themselves to the terrible conditions which House. er East Side; Edward Teller, sity. Dr. Lederberg received the they studied This report became well-known in the Furthermore, UNESCO finds: "In Germany, various Hungarian-born physicist; Josh- Nobel Prize in 1958 for his dis- medical worlcl'but is almost unknown in the Jewish quarters are concerned to whitewash the Nazi'past. The tm Lederberg, son of New Jersey covery of bacteria infected with world . . . There is a report on nutrition studies made in memoirs of prominent Nazis are very popular and are fre- RabbiZwi H. Lederberg; Donald certain viruses that may suffer the mellahs of Morocco . . . There are reports on expert- quently published in mass-circulation periodicals. Many Glaser, son of a Jewish store- hereditary changes. He is at the merits in school feeding in Iran and North Africa... One readers see the Third Reich as an era of great achieve- .: ...... keeper in Cleveland, and Emilio School of Medicine of Leland group of papers deals with the varmus aspects of tubercu- ments and great hopes, brought to nothing by the Fuehr- Segre, 55. Stanford University. Dr. Glaser losis care, reflecting the JDC concern with this condition er's tactical errors. Such apologies for the Hitler era enter Dr. Lederberg, 33, and Dr. received his Nobel Prize only Glaser, 34, are the youngest this month, sharing it with an- among Jews... Numerous reports and surveys reveal the thousands of homes, and are a major factor in shaping the among all of the 15 scientists other" American scientist. He complexity of needs calling for health and medical care public's ideaabout the country's recent past. picked by Time as 1960 "Men of developed the so-called"bubble- provided by the JDC to needy Jewish communities in "Side by side with this 'passive nazism,' there is a spe- the Year."Each is a Nobel Prize- chamber" for photographing many countries . . . Many papers also deal with medical cialized, frankly Nazi and anti-Semitic literature which is winner, as s Dr. Rabi. Dr. Teller. atomic particles. He is now at and health rehabilitation experiences of the JDC in Israel being circulated on an increasing scale." This literature who is 53, is the man called the University of California, where it maintains its Ma]ben institutions . . . The total "is devoted to glorification of Hitler, denigration of the Berkeley. Italian-born Dr. Segre impression one g.ains from the summaries of. the listed JDC democratic ideal, and the ioropagation of racist theories PATRONIZE THE also is a Nobel Prize winner, documents is that in its medical and health programs the and the old anti-Semitic myths." He helped perfect the slow neu- JDC has displayed serious planning and great UNESCO points out in its report that there is anti-Sem- TRANSCRIPT tron process basic to the devel- sional medical skill itism elsewhere, outside of Germany. But certainly, in the ADVERTISERS opment of the atomic bomb. " ' " view of many delegates here, Germany's conscience is far from clear--as yet. Hitler may be dead--but Hitlerism still Casablanca Meeting West cold war. Adopts Resolution Israel had not been on the lives, in Germany. ' Against Slate of Israel CASABLANCA (JTA)  A resolution declaring hat Israel ex- is "an instrument of imperial- :"2 .... lliiiii::i::ili ....... ism and Colonialism, not only in ::!::i: :::!i::ii!::i::;: the Middle East, but also in Africa" was adopted here at the summit meeting of five African states that call themselves "neu- " re ard to t _ trt- !ii:i::-i;: LIBERTY JEWELERS JOHN H. FOX, Proprietor Ultrasonic Watch Cleaning by the Latest Most Advanced Method MOST ELECTRIFIED CIT' " Cleaner--Better--Faster 524 South llth BR 2-0184 RIO DE JANEIRO (JTA) Professor Fritz Feigl;. president of the Conference of Jewish Communities of Brazil, has been notified that hehas been elected to membership in the Academy of Science of the ancient Uni- versity of Gotebor'g, Sweden.: Prof. Feigl, a world-renowned chemist, is on the faculty of the University of Brazil. aenda or the conference, but Mr. Carroll involved a second the resolution was pushed Charge Canada Banks bank which refused at first to through by Gamal Abdel Nasser, President of the United Arab With Bias AgaJnsl hire a recent immigrant because Republic Observers here he was a Jew, then offered the | Jew a job which the man re- pressedtion of thethe opiniOnNasser thatresolutionadop- Jes in Emllloymont fused to accept. was a slap at Kwame Nkrumah, TORONTO (JTA) ' Char- Milton Friedman, executive President of Ghana, and Presi- tered Canadian banks discrimi- director of the Jewish Vocation- dent Modibo Keita, of lIali, hate against Jews when it comes al Service, told the sess'ion that both of whom have had good to hiring personnel, a Federal since his organization wai relations with Israel. Other lead- Labor D e p a r t m e n t official founded in 1947, "we have nol ers attending the conference, in charged here today at a meet- succeeded in placing applicant addition m Nhsser, Keita and ing of the Toronto Labor Con- in chartered banks." "We are Nkrumah, were King Moham- terence on Human Rights. Three aware," he added, "that some reed V of Morocco and Presi- banks denied the accusation. Jews are employed in low-level dent Toure of Guinea. G.R. Carroll, director of the clerical positions, but none has The resolution, among other Federal Labor Department's obtained these jobs through our I things , appealed to African Fair Employment Practices Di- office." TACOMA states to oppose the "new" way vision, said: "I know they (the Sydney M. Harris, national by which "imperialism" was banks) most definitely do dis- chairman of the Canadian Jew- trying to "create bases" in criminate against Jews." He told ish Congress, B'nai B'rith Pub- Africa. This phrasing was con- the meeting that, while some lic Relations Committee, told of BONNEY WATSON sidered a reference to Israel's Jews may be employed by a case in which a bank in Vic- tchnical assistance program in banks "in lower echelons," he toria refused employment to a FUNERAL DIRECTORS West Africa, particularly in knows of specific cases of anti- Jew four years ago. In hat in- Ghana Jewish discrimination, stance, said Mr. Harris, the Prior to the close of the con- In one case, he said, the man- bank's home office sent letters or 9 year funeral terence, King Mohammed V ager of a bank in Western Can- to all its branch managers, services available to all pledged himself to do his "ut- ada told a high school principal warning them that the institu- families regardlesl o[ most" to defend "Arab Pales- not to send Jews for jobs in the tion's persounel policy was non- income fine." He promised that the con- fnstitution "because we don't discriminatory. But the commit- terence, along with Arab rulers, hire Jews." That manager was tee has "always been given the will defend the "rights" of the subsequently dismissed, Carroll ;repression," Mr. Harn's stud', 1702 Broadway Arab refugees from Palestine sid, but only because he had that an anti-Jewish discrimna- 2-0013 and their ."right" to be "re- stated the discriminatory policy tory policy existed in the char- stored to their country." I publicly. Another case cited by tered banks. ! Teen Agers Oonolave C( In Miami Formulates B] Views on Judaism M, MIAMI, Fla. (JTA).Teen- 1 age members of the Greater Dox Miami Jewish Community Cen- I 22, ter agreed that to be a good  and Jew, one must be observant, I wh ethical, charitable and respon, i ing sible to the community, f i org This was one of a series o i abi] conclusions reached at the sew dev enth annual Teen-Age Conclave con sponsored by the Center. Some rau: 375 delegates from 31 teen-age Iv clubs in Dude County took part. sec] They also decided that pride of Sta faith is not enough without Yo deep knowledge of the Jewish the faith and that adherence to tee one's faith gives a feeling of se- Co curtly but there should also be Yo ethics and standards along with I cit faith. I h The teen-agers agreed that re- ] of ligion belongs in the church, }[ onl the synagogue and the home and f the that religious practices should t im be eliminated from the public all schools. The young people add' her ed, however, that the schools set should teach the Bible as litera- ant ture and history, along with on other major religious writings. I They proposed that moral and ho ethical readings should be sub- iYia stituted for daily prayers in the "w school, which is a widespread rec practice in Dude county schools. U.S.S.R. Reported To Have 30,663 Jewish Scientists NEW YORK JTA).--The So- viet Union now has 310,000 i scientists, of whom about 10 per !cent--30,663--are Jews, accord- ing to the USSR's 1960 Statisti- cal Handbook. The number bf Jewish scien- tists, as well" as the number of scientists in general in Russia, has risen since the last census in 1955. Five years ago, there were 224,000 scientists in the USSR, with 24,620 of them identified as Jews. Breakdowns of compari- sons between 1955 and 1960 show that Jewish scientists have increased in numbers by 25 per- cent in the last five years. 00BEETINfiS FRANCES HALL BEAUTY SHOP Permanenh--Tintlng--Cold Wave| Shaping 9o4 s. 4, . -4ao TACOMA I Johnson Candy Co, Quality Chocolates I ! r 924 So. K. BR. 2-8504 Also the Handy Sixth Ave. Shop-- 6611 6tff:Ave ...... TACOMA Central Bank 6th Ave. at Pine MA. 7-8191 K St. at S. 12th FU. 3-2555 Traffic Free Customer Parking Established 1925 GRIFFIN FUEL CO. Call Reddy Griffin- MA. 7-31S1 FLYING A HEATING OILS 24 Hour Service--Radio Dispatched 1910 Commerce TACOMA MA. 7-3151 P. X. SOOPER MARKET BELLEVUE'S ECONOMY SHOPPING CENTER BELLEVUE and LAKE HILLS Buckley-King Funeral Service S. 1st and Tacoma Ave. TACOMA BR. 2-2166 Greetings Dr. William Rdemaker& Family ! 1215 S. 11th TACOMA United Fruit and Produce Co. 1104 Commerce Street MA. 7-7466, Tacoma SUTHERLAH FIXTURE CO. S. 47th and S. Adams TACOMA GR. 4-846 FUEL OIL SERVICE CO.