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January 23, 1961     The Jewish Transcript
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January 23, 1961

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Monday, January 23, 1961 THE TRANSCRIPT 3 Capital SpotHg-h-t By MILTON FRIEDMAN (Copyright, 1961, Jewish Telegrapiuc Agency, Inc.) WASHINGTON--This month's Presidential inaugura- tion recalls the role of Jews in the inaugural events of 1789 when George Washington, the first President, was sworn ,in. An appropriate comment on the first inaugural was made by Mordecai Sheftall, a Savannah, Ga., Jew. He pre- dicted that "an entire new scene will open itself" to Jews in the new nation. Sheftall's words proved prophetic. Subsequent ratification of the Federal Constitution pro- duced a country in which Jewish citizens enjoyed full equality for the first time since the Imperial Roman edict of 212 C.E. The Sheftall vision was further implemented in recent weeks when President-elect Kennedy named two Jews to serve simultaneously in the Cabinet. A search of dusty records revealed that Manuel Jo- sephson, president of the Philadelphia Mikveh Israel con- gregation, urged major Jewish communities to unite in a 'oint congratulatory message to President Washington. '?tdladelphia was joined by New York; Richmond, Va., and other cities. Separate congratulations were dispatched by Savannah, Ga., and Newport, R.I. The most famous of the congratulatory letters was the Newport greeting. It was signed by Moses Seixas, leader of Newport's Yeshuat Israel congregation. This congrega- tion, now called the Touro Synagogue, is now a U.S. Na- SNATIONAL couNcIL Y Y " o,,,W,SH WO.,N INEWS OF THE B NAI B RITH LODGE ls-lpbnh!i:i: eat lz o'clock noon CASCA LODG N. i/meeting DE E o 1822 GREATER SEATTLE B'NAI B'RITH LODGES AND CHAPTERSinl thympGeeogita,]. HR;li%hfof ttlheil/ --1--..- ---- - -.-...-mm.....-- II | thtee L..r program for the afternoon will | KI::ULAK IVtl:l:/INl IL be a special showing of "Fash-! " Ill I/% P i! IP E'11" IF" B 1 It lU ions by Helen Rose," presented ....... RII[ limb RMI RtR  I Ill i/ iil i [] mnf Imi I!1 lllll --il I through the courtesy of Best's lnursaay, eeruary2,s:15p.m. IL, HIL-|H I[ L-IIlil Vglll/lJ'|lVl Apparel. Best's own models will wear the fashions created by Helen Rose, the famous designer who creates for many of the movie stars and for the Ice Ca- pades. This meeting will look toward the 1961 Angel Ball being planned for November, 1961. !Luncheon cost will be $2.50 with a garment-on-a-hanger or $3.50 without. The garments will be used in Council's Thrift Shop and credit will be given to th donors toward the Angel Ball. Everyone is welcome to at- tend the February 9 luncheon meeting for which reservations must be made in advance A call to any of the following Seattle Section, National Council of JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER 1017 Fourth Ave. ELECTION OF DELEGATES TO THE DISTRICT GRAND LODGE CONVENTION CENTURY 21 REPORT Community Center News Joint Cascade Lodge And Chapter Affair Scores Big Success The joint Cascade chapter and lodge dinner meeting was OF THE OTTO PREMINGER PRODUCTION t "EXODUS" FROM THE BEST SELLING NOVEL BY LEON URIS THURSDAY MARCH 2 8:30 P.M. BLUE MOUSE THEATRE Donations- $ 5.00 PROCEEDS TO 7.50 B'NAI B'RITH , 10,00 tional Historic Shrine. Siexas' brother was Rabbi Gershon Jewish Women members will MORNING LECTURE SERIE an unqualified delight. The 25.00 SERVICE FUND Mendes Seixas, a Revolutionary patriot, of New York reserve a place at the luncheon: Mrs. Joel Fuss and Mrs, Max Ifd prepared by.the ladies Of City's Shearith Israel synagogue. _ Mrs. Jerome Gronfein, GL. Weinstein, announce the thirdl the chapter was first rate. The In Newport, Moses Seixas also served as master of 4-9841; Mrs. Hy Pollack, fourth lectures in the Jew. perfrmance of James Weldon FOR RESERVATIONS CONTACT B'NAI B'RITH OFFICE AT MAIN 2-1501 King David's Lodge of Freemasons. He was co-signatory 4-6269; Mrs. Louis Bess, GL. ish Community Center Morning 'Jhnsn's "God's Trombones" SYDNEY P. ROGERS of the Masonic inaugural greeting to Washington. 4-5924; Mrs. Bob Friedman, GL. Lecture Series. On February 6, by the Contemporary Players 4-1103. Richard Silver, Executive Di- 'under Keve Bray more than CHAIRMAN On behalf of Newport Jewry, Seixas requested George Tbe nominating committee of -ector of the Seattle Committee lived up to its advance billings. Washington to "permit the children of the stock oI ADra: xe Seattle Section National on Alcoholism, will present a It was a truly inspiring per- ham 4a approach you with the most cordial, affection and ouncil .f Jewish Women. will[,m ........ u, au"^holism and discuss, formance. . esteem for your person and merits. Selxas stressed to present its slate of officers fort,,Jews and Alcoholism." Thel.. Atthat meetnlg, dele.gat to Veterans Comm,ttee Solle Rlnqold BrlnaS Back Reoort xr...,+^.. 'u. th .Tow "mrived as we have hitherto the year auu1-62 at the Febru-i+aitlnnnl nride that Jews have tile JJisnict Grand lodge L:on- , .... ,, I _ .t ,t# n ary open meetm The next vention to be held m Las Ve as lve t, arry a 1- .... * .'--" ..... .--l-le ri-hts of free citizens we now.. g ihad in alcohol moderation and g Jar AntI.D00famafmn taau Meet -behold a Government erected by the majesty of the people, ovm{ezg after,tteFashl!sobi',ety have begun to be chip-[xt, isummel' ' weie nmnl_lated. Hosattal m January I ............... . . ...... ,_:_L ,^ .-^ ..... .; ........ ,,o+;,,,. in am-  . .. $,=v, wm u= ,,==,-,ped away Mr Silver will deal l =t u, wm uc ,cu a ne . t-..  .- .[ one -,ngold, cna,rman oI tlle &nti-x)elamadon eague a overnmen wmcu u uGuy ,v,o ,,, o,,,,,,, . r-- P.tlal lviay .uncheon ] ...... " : . .. - -IFebruary 9 meeting Those Tile veterans t..ommlttee Ilof B'nM ,,q+h ,,a;nnnl h,,, 1 ..... * ..... , *,.,,,,, h= t2 .... 4{ ...... ;fnPa h11f o'ouorouslv affordin to all lib- "  . iwltn mls most interesung and . . . " . _' .... 2. T r.n 3 B'n"; ..... .. r, ....... r, ,,,o rc,l',,, ,, ........ ' ' ..... " ......... ' '" the VA .......... ' ......  ........  ...................... erty of conscience and lmn?unltms of cltzzenshlp--deemmg CARAVAN TO OLYMPIA ] On February 20, Muriel Maw-{Edde Barrat, Larry Porad, Dal Brith.. gave. a party at . which he participated This year's sessions were distin- every one, of whatever nation, tongue, or language, equm There's still room for a few ,, ,,,,a Wahin-ton attorne,, Rycnter, Morrie Steinberg, Sid Hospim mis monm. ,. muslcat -._:_L _1 , .. ;. . .......... tO be the work of the Ieat God, who ruleth in the armies an opportunity to meet the gov- tures begin promptly at 10:30 billing at this meeting A highly Charles Lesser, committee chair- monies were featured in a nationally televised orogram o .... s[i inlabitants of tile earth doin  ernor and our legislators and tolam. Tickets are $1 for Centerlq uadliea representatixe of Cen- nlanand BrotherMurry Marcus. beamed across the nation by CBS, titled, "A Question of  heaven ann among :ne. . ,, '  see both houses of the legisla-ln;embers and $1.25 for non-! tury 21 will report on pro,l'ess More help is needed wml m,s Chairs: Challenge to American wnasoever seemem o lm goner. . Cure in session An added fea- combers For information honel t date and Iuture pmns. The committee..o. _ whose work is very,Education,,, and was viewed on lnousing. ....... evcral regional Doara Jews of America were thankful "for all the_blessingstture will be a visit to the State tte"il.og-am Office, MA. 4-8431.1exp sitin will be a landmark grauiying. Ioanuary lo. Greetings were re- chairm ...... re able to reoort 1 a uil . . . in the histoly of out city This of civil and religious liberty . . . under an equa and be-ILibrary, b "ding with beauti-I I ..... . - " . " , .. - , .. . ,celved _ from, President. Dwlght.. cirri-" ...... rlgnts aax,-an-ces in thmr- =U |! 9. lsennower, as well, nl wtnch l , ni,,n Administration" Blessings of the Divine Power werelful art work incorporated intol riPEN LECTURE llSa line ume to get posted on ] I etama on League ...... respective states. It made nle b o .  its architecture " detais invoked on the first President. i . ..... I An open lecture by Di'. Ar-i All members ar- uroe' ,, K tr" ....... N resv Ir ......._lne declared__ __^__that the mree uni ....... reel proud :o ue able In te'li . . zor reservations or mls uup wier H r ch t  . o .ac_s .:ew e:,:, i-::m i:::?,t:.s representm.merican what we have accomplished in Washington rephed to Newport Jewry, in 1790, thatlo..  ...... h,t.  an ,thur Laga , eb ew s lar.ntond th ..... ; h .... i,  at on --- 'tlcunrlare pal c a y me , . ,, ......................... un ,'mploymenl Uuesllo , . " ." - ,:the State of Washington, and "The citizens of the United States. of America. havenkinda right t2. Se)mu"}anlan' 22db71st andThe JewPhllspher:2na rnen"Spmza!thermiosopner, film "Exodus," being, . spon-,. RARITAN N. J. (J:A)--The',Sel gf the.eaguels.award; ]what further improvenlents are to applaud fllemselves for havmg given to ma ex-I S.C., Mercer Island, or call Mrs. I ..... '-eld at the "ewi-h Com isred by the Seattle B nal B rith Anti-Defamation' ' ' League ofl ....... mer ieature oi tms 5 ear s Iplanned." c oIth wm oe n , amples of an enlarged and liberal policy, a poll y w " Y Kaplan at AD 2-8389 ...... -l family on March 2 ....... B nai B rith" has approved the annua meeung was me traai- . . ,, 1 " munny toenter on nursaay, ltiona ......... t The national connmssmn of imitation. I * * * . I January 26, at 8 15 pc. I_ --- - ' ' r ho t uacoo 2lson memorlai . personnel policies of the 0 t Le-t ...........  *- +,-^ .... ]meetmgs were also addressed President elect Kenned is aware that not only the EVENING BRANCH NEWS Dr La awier has been con t Heart Attack lakes ": . . '. ' o I.urer ................... oz me ,e,o- " Y ' I . g . Phaimaceuhcal Corporation f " ..... eague xt was.lbY" Label A. Kat?,_, Inlornational_ Jews greeted the first President Messages similar to the The Evening Branch of the ducting a series of lectures at! Y gt'hN,a- ' this city, which has been uplleldld .. , "e .......... IPresldent o[ Bnal Blutl He I " " " ' /. ' " "='''I --...v....-... . eil'el a y en Lluoert i=t i National Council of Jewish t r on Judaism He Jewish greetings were addressed to Wasnlngton by Roman ,tbe Cen e . .......... by a New Jersey court on its ......... . . "icalled for "more mature d ia- iriulnpney oI ivllnneso/a, till  , ,, Catholic congregations, mWjin WmlethndoztsF:;rg:2rar r recently lectured at .theP}'t- I kna:irYseatleiae:C2iel g'uddVel; clnnmateCntentin" " aganlthat" itt emplo3 eesdes not, diS-,olll new enate ...... majority wnz'p ana i: 'logue}  , ,in, _nlace ,f ll"sentlmentalAlne" lea  land dew,sn tommunity uener assistant majority leader It " the grounds of race, religion or, ........ . ...... ,, " !Jewish community and that of The importance of religious liberty and equality is .as7 at 8 p.m. at the home of Rabbi I on ,,einoza,, and was acclaimedl f a heart aihnent on January " s , ,, slogans betwee I t e r" n as cerLalnly a lnrnl, COnl sacred o the new President as it was,to the brave Vir-]and Mrs. Raphael Levine, 2830 ,,, t v entire communit,, i 9. He was a partner ill the Fos- co[of', i11e' ......... ' .... "1'Israel He also stated" that tile glnlan who founded our country. Cascadm Avenue. Mrs. Levine Vr nformto,, ,,hone thel ter'Hchbelg Co., manufactur-  nea xungoia, to near en . '. " ' ' *'   " The company had been suedl ......... ",]aspiratmns of American Jews by Shaena remmelman, an 18-  ...... Ifor a strengthened communlW ttlas been given many honors for]Progra m Office'o) te Jewishlers f ladies' sportswear here. ' . rnumpnrey state ma su'ong ann .. - elore enga,lng in tile acuve , ' 1 i promp a c  1 o n Dy l-reslctellt _..,L_  .... z- h:-.. her oil paintings and art work, Ic,,,,m,,nit,, Center MA 4-8431 I ..... 5 ear-old Orthodox Jewis g rl,. "  .......... w,d b-, bur fre,, societ-  " .tl I dismlssed" ' IKennedy would represent the I ........... "  "" i QUlti$ i,ilrli IU rl E e ] n " " "c ........  ' ' ' Imanulacturing b u s i n e s s, ivir ,,  and the v ii g Bran h ,s for- , . , %vho claimed she was i .,all"  .......... to h ve her s- ak on I '$Hochberg traveled as a factory because she insisted on taking/irst steps ahead in. 1961. leading I -- --- to new gams in civil rights It .... Mme-00ecoraer tu!ae . a . pe . [ ISRAELI FOLK DANCE Irepresentative over Oregon and time off for religious reasons. I " . i V,fln fhe SlcU --. = - t(lrltlii ..,,:,itlllt ar appreciation anct create an ut. ....... ru llo"" i r was encouraging" to those of us =''"  " "" _'1 '|lr..N ikur ho]Jm Meetings oil painting for their program.I ^ .......... . r.; oslWashingt, n for many 5ears. He The fn'm clamled that its per- t ...... ....... I who heard him to be tol  *'--, uur unsnlne cnairman lvlar- -..'-  I h ..,{11 I- ccom,,anio. + hot , ,a u ,a--,s .o,,o /was oorn m ranlord, bonnec- sonneI pOllCleS nact been prev1- . u ,,i .... ' there is an excellent tm Pick visited the follomg -=-' Young Israel (the youth pro- ." $.? .... ? _. o[=_'," \\;::.'lWil! begin on Wednesday, Janu-]ticut and attended school in ously drawn up in consultation . -" possibility i ........  . wurntzer spine zgan Oy IvJ.IS W . t cutive n Wll.  !7-- " gram of Congregation Bikur F"ank E1  ',ary 25, at 7:30 p.m., at tile Je "/New York City. In the earlyw,- uc ................... xxw, aau u: r=-! hat ....... exe " actio  ,.mene.mtnevarmus _, nospltals last ct" ia i taken in the fle'ds of discrim we Kela Cholim) has, among its multi- *__1 I' '' " ...... lish Community Center. Classes*hart of his life he was era- spe religious t" d'tion and " . - - " .. One o[ tbeinFinel; 1VeFmeral Hema arious ,,..+h';*; .... ..... o,  ,e=ular, ses- oTneT.,,h,on paintingitl be crealear, i,,,, Yt wm''':'' be s"eared toward fun and t pioyea =" ........... oy tne oraen iviin ten. "differing observances and cus-lnatin in employment, housingl Seattle General -- Marn ARTHUR A. WRIGHT- ....... sion every Sunday at 1:15 p.m.. . [prlze"'t ...... durlng:' ""Yme evenmg- :'" '2"-lTne exhibition ....... performances and aredllLat,r ....... con-; ........ , ..... *, he lived in'.toms." Poday, the corporation l and voting rights. Some of us iBlaker; Swedish--Joseph Car. ......... or learnmg to play tne muslcail ...... 2n :_ ,_ '. . o mgn scnom nays an Los Angeles, then moved to!issued a statement from the felt that the appointment of airoll; Providence--Hugo Loewj; & N, rt.. ' 1 ,, " " flute pamung, a mx u mcn lane- ' hi c AE mst'ument the Chahl ( - lrls only Center members P. re he VmNIED H .... ' I scape will be a worthy additi6n g ", 'lPrtland, Oiegon, w he , ADL declaring Negro, Robert L. Weaver, as,Group lleaHh--Jack Jaffe; Rest- AVOID FUNERAL PROZLEMS recorcter). Tnis group, organ- , , ,, .....  .... is requirea. }manared ono of his brothers 'So_ '"" ..... n, J.* r._rJ,*hn housmg and._ home_ finance di-ful Manor,, --Joe Gardnel," Vet- . NO.a BUS L,E sms HE.E ized by Mrs Sholom Rivkin, is', m any nome. rueo  wil_go I The instructor will be Zelig]lingere-stlops for a number of Pharmaceutical Corporation, rector, ,voum produce swift ac- erans--Sam Brown, VietorOva- Loca;6 a[ li7ralCe 70 ' U tile l'auonaL u..... .Jew- HILLS OP ETERNITY CENETFI',Y taught by Leanu (Mrs. Ira) ........ : .: .... ]Yampolsky Forlnformatlon analvearo A,+,.  .... ;.-- Portland with our cooperation, estab- tion against discrimination in dia. " - iS- rl women Israeli s..,luergarten " . o. aL O.V411= , h wst J Q?oAn " A,q%BttL%  Karp, educator and musician of . . registration phone Mr. So! Fran-]Mr l-r,,,.hh,., ......  to Seattle lished a code of personnel prac- -- rnones: /. x-:::uu and A/. x-taa/ .... . . pro3ect - ": ,,. . .... I .......... t, ....... our community rurmer rotor- =. -' ..... .- Kel, w. ,,-,hl. with: his famil, over 30 vears tice which we believe conforms = ..... ........ oe " " " "' " JEW SPORTS .---. lnation can oe oDtanlea uy ca s- _ ...... - - .... ,ago to the spirit of democratic think- in th obtamed by canmg vn's. erma S IN g e Synagogue. Mitchell, EA 3-1368 You need YOUNG ADULT COUNCIL I He was active ill the Temple ing. The company's code out- 406 not be present to win. This The Young Adult Council of De Hirsch. The An:erican Jewish laws discrimination among its Smith Tower MAin 4.7232 Free Customer Parking in Morrison Hotel V01)I00A I The Only Vodka 3 IIi I bottled i Washir gton is 3 STAR VODKA $ The quatt Vodka at N( LI MONIST[If Rabbi Shalom Rivkin to Tk to Loan Soc]e|y A meeting of the Hebrew Ladies' Free Loan Society will be held at the home of Mrs. Anna Goodman Davis,.4424 54th RE., on Thursday, January 26 beginning with a snack lunch- eon at 12:30. The speaker will be Rabbi Shalom Rivkin of the Bikur Cholim Synagogue and vocal solos will be presented by Mrs. David Funes. Hostess of the day will be Mesdames Jacob Young, Isa- dare Pincus, I. F. Jacobs and Hyman Selesnick. eo.Hazi Scandinavian Sentenced for Remark STOCKHOLM (JTA) As- sat Oredsson, bead of the Scan- dinavian hen-Nazi party of Malmoe, was fined 50 crowns for saying to a Jew in public: "You damned foreigners should go to the gas chambers, Heft Hitler." A waitress in the restaurant where the Nazi made the state- cent also testified that Oreds- son was intoxicated. He was fined despite a denial he had made the remark. FRED AND MINNIE BERGMAN CONTINUE SALE OF ISRAEL IMPORTS at OFF Hu,dreds bare taken advantage of this exciting event Large selectio still available $3.00 Mezuzas and Sabbath Covers ............ $1.50 $5.00 Kiddush Cups and Wag Plates ............ $2.50 $7.50 Bar Mitzvah Talis ................................ $3.75 $).50 Candlesticks ...................................... $4.75 $10.00 Passover Plates ................................ $5.00 Vases . . . Bowls . . . Sterling Silver Items . . . Yemenite Embroidery . . . Bezale] Brass and Copperware . . . Beersheba Handwoven Rugs Negev Linens, .. Antiques ALL AT 50% OFF ISRAEL IMPORT SHOP 2217 Fourth Ave. MAin 2-2354 (etween Blanchard and Bell) WEst 5-3919 Mondays thru Fidays from 10 A.M. -- Sundays from 11 A.M. meeting is open to non-members but room is limited If you wish to come please call Mrs. Mitch- ell on or before February 1. Your reservation is important. Mrs. Franklyn Clark is chair- man. Assisting her are the Mes- dames Bertha Mitchell and Har- old Saperstein. Hostesses in- clude the Mesdames L. S. Young, Henry Hoernlein, Saul Shapiro, Sadie Follette, and Elsie Wets- kind. HERZL MEMBERSHIP DRIVE PROGRESSES The Herzl Conservative Con- gregation has invited the un- affiliated Jews in the metro- politan area of Seattle to get acquainted with its manifold program and join as members to participate in its many ac- tivities. Meetings have been set in the homes of various officers to which prospective members may come to learn about Herzl and the Conservative movement in Judaism. On January 23, at 8 p.m., a meeting will be held in the home of Jack Berch, 1829 40th N., and on January 24, at 8 p.m., in the home of Harry Schwartz, president of the Congregation, 1639 Interlaken Blvd. On Janu- ary 25, at 8 p.m., a meeting will be held at the Bellevue branch of the Herzl Religious School. Aaron Maslan, chairman of the Membership Committee, can be reached at Ca. 4-1580. BARNETT JANNER KNIGHTED BY QUEEN LONDON (JTA)  Barnett Janner, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, and Labor member of Parliament, was knighted by Queen Eliza- beth II this month. His name appeared on Queen Elizabeth's New Year honor list. An outstanding leader of British and world Jewry, Mr. Janner, in addition to heading the Board of Deputies, is also active in many other Jewish or- ganizations. He is vice-president of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Ger- many, a member of the execu- tive of the Anglo-Israel Associ- ation, and a member of the Ac- tions Committee of the World Zionist Organization, the Jewish Community Center recently installed the following officers: Ted Hurwitz, president; Roberta Bender, vice president; Sandra Fischler, recording sec- retary; Rae Scharhon, corre- sponding secretary; Marilyn Plant, treasurer. In addition, Nadine Slay and Bob Bril!. serve as Seattle rep- resentatives to the Tri-City Council. Ed Goldstein also of Seattle is president of the Tri- City Council. The Y.A.C. has announced a regular program of Sunday eve- ning social and cultural activi- ties, together with mid-week programs of bridge, dancing and discussion groups For information phone the Program Office of the Jewish Community Center, MA. 4-8431. THE CENTER-SINGELTONS The Center-Singletons, for- merly, the Cordials, a single adult group for men and women between 35 and 50 years of age, announce a new slate of offi- cers: MKton Hecht, president; Irving Mesher, vice president; Clara Miller, secretary; Edith Rosencrantz, treasurer In addition, the following serve as members' of a Program P 1 a n n i n g Committee- Betty Becker, Minna Becker, Dorothy Gittlesohn, Louise Hoffman, Ike Levy, Ruth Rosenstein, Leslie Streicher and Pearl White. T h e Center - Singletons a r e planning b i - m o n t h 1 y affairs with one affair on Saturday and one affair on Sunday. For information phone the Center Program Office, MA. 4- 8431. ORT Sponsoring Party on Jan. 30 A luncheon-card party spon- sored by aRT will be held at noon on January 30, at the Car- nation Milk Co. Proceeds will go to the Tel-Aviv Aronsyn Gayngalswski Center, a modern co-educational technical school specializing in high industrial skills. Admission is $1.00 and will include a door prize. Mrs. George Wachtin, Tel- Aviv project chairman; Mrs. Lazarus Finkelstein and Mrs. Hymen Jaffe, luncheon co- l chairman, request that you make lup yopr own table and bring [our OWn cards. Committee, Glendale Golf and Country Club and the Washing- ton Market Week Association Mr. Hochberg is survived by his wife, Mrs. Helene Hochberg, his son, Donald H. Hochberg and three grandchildren, all of Seat- tle; three sisters, Mrs. Charlotte Pecora, Mrs. Rose Wolff and Mrs. Charles Ehrlich, all of Los Angeles. Seattle Hebrew School Will Have Open House The annual Back to School Night Open mouse of the Se- attle Hebrew School is sched- uled for Thursday evenmg, Jan- uary 26, and will begin prompt- ly at 7:00 p.m. There will be no afternoon Talmud Torai class on this day. Class vtsi't in all day school grades, kindergarten through Grade 9, and afternoon Tahnud Torah, Grades 1 through 6 are part of the program. At this time parents and friends of the school will h ave the opportunity to meet the faculty, learn of the school's curriculum and achievements, and view the work of" the students. Visitors are advised not to bring chil- dren. The junior high graduates of I the day school department will I act as guides during the open] house evening. TWO  C--arged I With Murder of Jews BERLIN (JTA) --Two for- mer officers of the Nazi SS, the Hitler Elite Guard, were arrest- ed here on charges of partici- pating in the mass murder of about 30,000 Jews in the Soviet Union b'etween July 1941 and April" 1942. The men are ex.Colonel Os- wald Schaefer and former SS Major Wilhelm Wiebens. West Berlin police who arrested the men here said they were living in West Germany until now un- der their own names. Both men are accused of having been members of a special SS group, known as Unit No. Nine. which employees on the grounds of race, creed or color; and our in- quiries confirm that representa- tives of all faiths and creeds are on the staff and management of Ortho. The facts show the com- pany's employment policies in- clude safeguards against dis- criminatiml. The Ortho policy recognizes the importance of re- ligious holidays of the various faiths. "Our inquiries furtlmr show that the company enoys an ex- cellent reputation in the field of intergroup relations In our opinion, its policy on religious observance is near ideal." Herzl Men's GI.b Honors Allen Rosen Allen Rosen received a distin- guished service award for long and aithful service to the syna- gogue and the Men's Club at the Herzl Men's Club Sabbath on January 20. Stan Boreson, star of TV fame, will headlLne the entertainment for the Father and Child Ban- quet to be held Sunday, March playing aggressive ball in the Community Center league. They ended the firs round of play with three wins and two losses. Ed Lowinger/iind Mike Zetin, Ihigh point scorers for the team, will play on the All Star team against the league leaders. CANADA TIGHTENS LAWS ON HOUSING OTTAWA (JTA)--Persons or co r p o r a t i o n s discriminating against lesseesor purclmsers of homes financed by ihe Cana- dian Governnlent under the Na- tional Housing Act will be se- verely penalized if the discrimi- nations are based on race. reli- By HAROLD U. RIBALOW (Copyright. 1961, Jewish Telegraphic Agency Inc) HOLMAN AND THE "LITTLE MAN" Nat Holman is one of the giants of basketball, and prob- ably the greatest Jewish personality the game has eve known. Now that he has retired from CCNY, he is trav- eling around the world "selling" the hoop sport in the Fa East >Iolman himself was one of the original Celtics, a member of the fabulous five. He was a fine shot and %0 ,outstanding floor man. Needless to say, }le was tall for his time bu for modern basketball, he'd be too small. Thus it is interesting that in Tokyo he came up with an unusual plan. He asked that the Olympics have twc sets of basketball teams, one for small men and one foI men over six feet tall. Holman said, "Small men as a unit can't possibly earn- pete agains the big men. Lack of strength as well a height rules out the little guy." When Holman coached the CCNY teams, he also had the problem of handling short men who had to face up tc huge players of Middle West or West Coast teams. Nat' ability to convey the principles of ball-handIing was ob- vious, but the game soon were to the huge men and ball- handling lost out to the game of rebounding and high- umoing. Perhaps there is somethin in Holmmfs sugges- i6n,although it is unlikely anything will ever come of it. STATE DEPT. BACKS MACCAB1AH Well, the campaign is on to get enough money to send 100 American athletes to the sixth Maccabiah Games in i9. More details will follow Tel Aviv, to be held from August 29 to September 5, 1961. later. The February 5th breakfast l The goal is $250,000, it was announced a a recent luncheon. will be a special "ban voyage" iFunds raised thus far assure 30 athletes of their trip tc Israel to compete in the Jewish O13 topics. It has De ' affair for President and, Mrs. I , --n esti Harry Schwartz who are leav-lmated hat the cost of a single athlete is $1,500 inchjsiye ing on the 7th of February far,of costs necessary for coaches, equipment and other help. Europe and Israel. Everyone is] Kenneth Rabin of the State Department attended the most welcome. I pening luncheon, and endorsed American participauo The Mmfs Club sponsoredt n the Games. He said that "The Maccabiah Games fit wen basketball team coached by Phil I It0 the aims of the Department of State's exchange pro- Sul,nau and Arnold Sadick are gram, which are to increase international understandin and goodwill between other nations and the United States." Nice of him, but the money is being raised through private channels. For that matter, so are Olympic Game, funds. had been assigned by the Nazis to exterminate Jews in East Eu- ropean countries, gion, color or origin, according to new amendments to the 8end your out-of-town friends Housing Act, it was pointed out The Transcript for a year. Sub- here by the Canadian Jewish scriptlon price is $3.00. i Congres. FIGHT TALE Not long ago, Georges Carpentier, the "French Orchid,' v.isited London and it reminded a British reporter of th fight between the Frenchman and Ted "Kd" Lewd, th world welterweight champ of that time, and one of the important Jewish boxers in the annals of the game. Car- pentier, you will remember lost to Jack Dempsey.}n th United States, and he was'the sentimental Iavorlte, sl- though Dempsey flattened him quickly,: . . . Carpentier and Lewis met in 1922 {gd.tfis is llow bewl., " ' , , nChm- Ca, entier al ,'ecalls it: t or t\\;\ o minutes I as pu  '  "P ' . over the ring, when the referee stopp-d us boxing anc spoke to me. I dropped nly hands, looked at the releree and it was then tha the Frenchmafflift me hard On the chin. I went down and ust could not. get up in time, al, I   cious" Lewis is still angr.,; though was never unco s about that unexpected punch even though it was thrown nearly Iour decades ago.