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January 8, 1975     The Jewish Transcript
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January 8, 1975

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Page 8 The Jewish Transcript January 8, 1975 Oversized, C00\\;*erpopulated---the Arab Gol a ths of Rabat Most Israells are ready to give up territories In return for a peace settlement. What Irks them is the failure of the doves who stand on the sidelines to realize what a costly sacrifice this Is going to be, according to David Krlvlne in the Jerusalem Post. Listening to left-wing talk, one gets the Impression that Israel Is currently a widespread empire (the word "imperialist" Is com- mon parlance), and that the Arabs need this land. The truth is that even Greater Israel--including Sinai and Golan--compares In size with her Arab adversaries as Corsica compares with France. It is the Arabs who are gorged with territory, not the Jews. If we take all-Palestine, omitting Sinai (that is, Israel plus West Bank plus Gaza plus Golan) the area comes to iust over 10,000 square miles, less than half the size of Lake Michigan. Larger Arab States Listing the Arab countries that press for Israel's withdrawal, we find that Jordan is 31/2 times larger than Israel-Palestine, Tunisia six times larger, Syria 61/2 times larger, the Yemen Republic seven times larger, Muscat and Omen 71/2 times larger, South Yemen ten times larger, Egypt 35 times larger, Libya 52 times larger, Saudi Arabia 76 times larger, Algeria 84 times larger, and Sudan 89 times larger. Some people may be under the impression that the Arab states are heavily populated and need sizable areas for subsistence. Statistics (for 1970) Indicate otherwise. The number of inhabitants per square mile in Libya is 2.75, Saudi Arabia 7, Muscat and Oman 7, and South Yemen 10. Algeria has 14 InhabVrants per square mile, the Sudan 15, Iraq 51, Jordan 55, the Yemen Republic 66, Tunisia 75, Syria 80, Egypt 82, Morocco 86, and Kuwait 90. The figure for Israel is 374 inhabitants per square mile (again, using 1970 figures). Assuming that immigration continues to flow in and the number of inhabitants reaches seven million persons by the turn of the century (including one million Arabs), population density In Israel will then be 873 persons per square mlle. Building Restricted Arguments have broken out already inside this country over the disposal of the piteously limited acreage available. Meir Zorea, chief of the Lands Administration, opposes point.blank the Minister of Houslng's plan to take over 7,500 acres of agricultural land for housing during the next five years, Zorea polnts out that the country has only 1.4 dunams of formland per head of the population as It is, and that Is a minimum In his view. Yet 'it Is only a matter of time before the 7,500 acres and much more is used up--to house the multitude of Jews who are waiting patiently In Russia for permission to emigrate to Israel. That Is why the Arabs devised the new "Palestlnian" ethnlclty. If they. have territorial sovereignty over a continent bigger than all Europe, at least the Palestlnlans View Ridge Pharmacy SERVING View Ridge -- Hawthorne Hills Wedgewood -- Ravenna Wedgewood Rock Fre. Dc, livery--OpPn 7 Doys o Weel, Daily I0 o.m. to 10 p.m. 7501 35th N.E. 98115 LA 4-1800 Black Sea TURKEY ALGERIA LIBYA Population * A LG E R I A 15,270,000 EGYPT 34.839,000 I RAQ to.070,000 JORDAN 2,470.000 KUWAIT 910.000 LIBYA 2.080,000 MOROCCO 15,830,000 Mediterranean Sea JORDAN EGYPT Density (in- habitants per square mile) 14 82 S U D A U. S. R. \\; \\; ETHIOPIA MUSCAT AND OMAN SAUDI ARABIA 51 SOUTH YEMEN 55 SYRIA 90 TUNISIA 2.75 YEMEN 86 ISRAEL *Figures are from the 1974 World Almanac. centration of Arabs having to live in a country where another ethnic group constitutes the majority. Pressure Building Israel has therefore proclaimed herself as ready to negotiate a territorial compromise with Jordan. But creating a separate Palestlrtlan state bet'Jueen, Israel and Jordan would generate pressures that must build up into an explosion. Assuming a maximum Israel withdrawal (to the 1967 borders), the size of Arafat's state, including Gaze, would be 2,410 square miles. This is smaller than the Hebrides, smaller than the Canary Islands. The West Bank has no railway, and is separated from the Gaze coastline by Israel territory. For her part, Israel would find herself in a tactical trap. The "waist" between Haifa and Tel Aviv is eight miles wide, from frontier to sea. Every Israel air- field would be within shooting distance of Arab guns. If we wanted to avoid this suicidal propinquity and negotiate "secure and defensible borders," we would come up against the Incapacity of Arafat to make any IRAQ IRAN can be described as a land-lacking nationality. No End But then, where does this end? There is no reason why Arafat should not create a G.L.O. next-- Galilean Liberation Organization. Many political innocents will be moved to tears by fervent Arab pleas for a return of their national home in Galilee (capital: Nazareth) as well. The Jewish state will, bit by bit, dwindle away to nothing. Recognition of Palestinian, as against Arab, rights means ac- ceptance of the following prin- ctple: that wherever Arabs dwell, the Arabs are sovereign. The population of the West Bank and Gaze together in 1970 was 965,000, or 0.88 per cent of the population of the Rabat powers. If we add another half-a-million Arabs In Israel, and one million Palestinians outside Palestine who might conceivably be induced to return if they had autonomy, that is still only 2.25 percent of the Arab people. The rest have sovereignty in more than a dozen Independent Arab states. Today 80 percent of the Jews live in countries that are not under Jewish sovereignty. Can one or two percent of the Arabs live under a Jewish flag? The answer, It should hastily be said, is no; and we accept that. Israel Is prepared to waive a part of the national heritage In order to avoid any substantial con- I ARABIA ii concessions whatever, because his own diminutive prlncipality is a geographic farce even as It is, without considering any of the modifications that Israel would require. Did you ever consider a meaningful life in Israel? We at the ISRAEL ALIYAH CENTER offer information and assistance in making your dream a reality. Write or call: Israel Aliyah Center, Inc. 46 Kearny St. San Francisco, Ca. 94108 Tel: (415) 392-3970, 392-8998 Recorded Message: (415) 392-3420 Density (in- habitants per Population * square mile) 700,000 7 8,000,000 7 1,510,000 10 6,680,000 80 5,380,000 75 6,060,000 66 3,200,000 374 There are Jews, and even Israelis, who have long been clamoring for a surrender of what they consider to be ill-gotten gains and a return all the way to the 1967 borders. To refresh our memories and theirs, let us take another look at comparative figures: Israel (.1967.bOrders) *: 8,017 Israel (present borders, excluding Sinai) 10,870 Jordan (without the West Bank) 35,468 Syria (without Golan) 70,784 Golan 444 Egypt 386,559 Gaza Strip 140 All the Arab Rabat powers together 4,562,340 Israel-Latin Trade Increases Tel Aviv (JTA) -- Israel Aircraft Industries exports to Latin America will reach $50 million this year. The items supplied include sophisticated weapons for land, air and naval forces. Also included are Arava and Westwind Executive planes and electronic machinery. Show Goes On Tel Aviv (JTA) -- The Chen Cinema on Dizengoff Square displayed a big sign recently, It said, "The Show Must Go On." The old bromide expressed defiance of Tel Aviveans who queued up by the hundreds at the movie house where a terrorist hurled grenades that killed two spectators and himself and injured scores of patrons. Temple Singles Group Attracts Diverse People More than 80 people attended a recent Jewish cultural evening, sponsored by the new Singles Group of Temple De Hirsch Sinai. Held in the new youth lounge of the Schoenfeld-Gardner Chapel building, the event featured Sephardic and Ashkenaztc foodS, Israeli music and dancing, and a no host bar. The group attracted single young adults from various parts of the city, blending the many diverse backgrounds of those present int08 wonderful evening. January's event features a cocktail party in a well-known Seattle art gallery, with live e!i tertainment. Two open boar.d meetings and one event are he= each month. Call membership chairpersons Laurie Pored (232-3239) or Rickt Sidel (283-1790) or the T emple office (323.8486) for more in- formation Eichmann's Deputy Advises Damascus Tel Aviv (JTA)--Alois Brunner was a deputy of Adolf Eichrann and directly responsible f% deportation of 56,000 VienneS Jews to Nazi death camps. He is now an advisor on jewish affairs in the Syrian Propaganda Ministry. in Brunner's presence Damascus has been known for some time. Efforts by Austrian authorities to have him extradited were unsuccessful. Brunner turned up in Vienna i March, 1938 and soon earned the name of "Monster of Vienna." , In addition to deportation 0T Viennese Jews, he participated !n extermination of Jews in SioVl t and deportation and death $ 100,000 French Jews. hanged His brother, Anton, was as a war criminal. Soviets Pipe Guns To Palestinians Tel Aviv (JTA)--The recent viS of Yasir Arafat to Moscow res ulteu, in a direct pipeline of sovie weapons to Palestinian terrorists i The weapons include the late model Kalachnikof automat assault rifle and mobile anr aircraft missiles and launcher; "Strela" or SAM-7, carried with shoulder harness. The Kalachnikof can fire grenades to 250 meters. The SA 7s will defend terrorist base against Israeli air attacks. Argentine Anti-Semitic New York (JTA)  The provisional president of the Argentine Senate assumes the presidency during the absence of Maria Peron. He was among three senators.a a recent Buenos Aires meeting ot o right-wing, anti-Semitic groUP a which the crowd chanted ,,JeWS'u the gallows." Yamah00 School of MUSIC Children 4.8 .,11111111 523.5308 Locations throughout greater Seattle ! J